Monday, February 28, 2011

Craigslist Istanbul

Once again, Ye Olde Craigslist has turned up unique treasure!  Look at these striped velvet bolsters from Istanbul (or is it Constantinople?).  The ends are antique fez caps!

Detail of antique fez end cap.

Bolster alongside my wool Aubusson pillow to show colors.

I am keeping the red ones and I dunno what I am going to do with the green ones.  They are so interesting, no?

I decided they would look perfect with my newly painted fauteuils (foe-TURS).  What do you think?  The velvet leopard print is reflecting the light in such a way that it looks isn't. *Edit* I hated them together after all.  I am so capricious!
A little fuzzy.  (Get it?  A little fuzzy?  Tee hee!)  McGillicuddy loves the new chairs!

Okay, I really don't like the bolsters on the chairs.  I thought I did but it looks like Queen Victoria and Jimi Hendrix's love child...and not in a good way.
Where would you like to go, little pillows from a faraway place?

Back to neutral-ish...
Boy this room is orange!  All that hideous builder's oak just mocking me!  It turns out that the rugs require more than two people to drag them in from the garage. *sigh*  I really want to cover those floors.

Thank you so much for your input on the guest room bed!  I am sticking with #4
You cannot beat the price at $100!  It is being delivered on Thursday!
I may buy one of the other beds for Gracie's room.  I have the perfect corona to drape toile fabric from!

By the way, the irony of this post has not escaped me.  Istanbul is now Constantinople once again.  I think...


  1. I knew there was something special about you. That is where your passion comes from, the home.I was the black sheep of my family. My mother didn.t care, but my father??? So that made me work harder to prove myself....We will survive!!!!!!! Love and Big hugs and wet kisses from Sissy Dog. Mr. Richard

  2. Love the bolsters and how unique they are. I love the bed you chose.

  3. I really like that bed! Those chairs look great and with that bolster too, but that little fuzzy McGillicuddy is your best decoration!

  4. OMG Andie... those Turkish Pillows *clutching chest because palpitations are so strong*... you were right... L-O-V-E them! I think I could have been Queen Vic's and Jimi Hendrix's Love Child?! *winks* The Fez Cap ends are just a fab touch... I throw my Boheme' Pillows EVERYWHERE... and nothing matches... and I don't care... it works for us. *smiles*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. You clearly have a knack for finding interesting things! I love the paint job you did on your chairs and am looking forward to seeing the bed. I also love seeing some glimpses of your home. Fabulous! More please!!

  6. Love the bolster! Very unique (and I agree, not so attractive on the chairs). the chairs look wonderful and I am glad you chose #4!

  7. no!! not on those chairs! but they are beautiful!!! here you can easily find them!! portugal was for centuries arabic posession so we still have a lot of influences. those kind of arabic touched things are by no means a part of our culture, but since Marrocco is just around the corner we can easily have them here. in fact lisbon os filled with shops with objects like that and there's a huge anual international crafts fair where you can buy pretty much everything! i just love to go there! if i can find some photos from previous years i'll show them on a post!
    i have some of those together with indian ones and lots of saris in an outside pavillion. together with tea lights and a cup of tea on indian cups makes the perfect spot at night, specially when warmer nights just overlooking the swimmingpool. you can use them on your plain bed for a touch of exotic or on something with velvet for a touch of french boudoir!!
    anyway.... pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee do show some more of your house!! you amazing things!!!like that angel's statue, or your fireplace mantel or that column next to the chair!!...
    take care Andie,

  8. Your pillows are wonderful Andie, what a great idea. I see you’re trying to tease me too with your backgrounds, love your huge candlestick I have several old ones myself. My husband collects antique capitals as well and we’ve hung them on a wall to make a grouping, two are under pictures as well. What that stand on the dresser in the background I can’t SEE! Look at all your treasures in your home and so stylishly arranged. Show more of your home please it looks so chic! Love your new found chairs too!

  9. Those are very unusual pillows!! Love your pillows and your 'little fuzzy'. You're so cute today!!
    I'm still chuckling about your comment on the dunk and fife table and chip and dale chair! :)
    Too cute.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Your pillows are great... and your cat... is really wonderful... :0)

  11. Hi,
    Those bolsters are very cool! It may be difficult to find a place where they fit because they are so unique, but I'm sure you will. I love that leopard print, though, it's very beautiful. Your home is lovely.
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. Andie I adore these bloster what great history behind them...and the fabrics!

    Love, love! Empress of the Eye collects fabulous fabrics and pillows as well.

    Do come and enter my Artful Offering!

    Art by Karena

  13. Meant Bolsters of course!

  14. Love the way the blue bolster looks alongside the Aubusson pillow! Great find, and I'm sure you'll be able to place the green ones in their rightful place too.

    A lovely day to you!

  15. LOVE those pillows and your home is GORgous!
    When do you find the time to even MAKE sugar cubes, Andie.
    OMG. You are amazing!
    Seriously, did you buy all the pillows or are there more? :)

  16. You have the best luck on craig's. If only I could be so lucky.



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