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Once again I am calling on the Bloggers on High for advice, lest I lose my little mind!
 Another local Craigslist find.  $160!  It needes to be reupholstered, however.  That's where you come in! The photo is from Craigslist. The sofa is currently in my driveway.  I am hoping the fresh, cool air will remove the smell of Fabreeze!

 It doesn't actually need to be reupholstered.  The fabric is lovely and of high quality but I prefer something different.  I'm sure you understand! The cushions are down filled and the piece is very clean.  I would like to have it reglued just in case. Furthermore, it is actually a sofa, not a daybed...but I couldn't come up with any decent sofa puns.

The craziness began when I researched upholstery options for daybeds...
This is similar in shape to mine...too light colored for everyday use...

Too yellow...but I adore the chandelier!  The woman had one just like it for sale!

Love this color!  Mohair maybe?

I think I will paint the frame similar to this...


Same here...

Oooh!  Toile!

Maybe a nice Bosporus toile that hides stains?  With a grey-green finish on the wood?

This finish would be perfect!  I think?

This is going in Gracie's playroom, where we also keep a television set.  Here are some other items in the room to help you help me!
Not a very good photo of the handpainted woodland chest.  This is the Craigslist photo.  I just realized I don't have any photos of the playroom...probably because it is so cluttered!

Don't let the photo fool you, this armoire is gigantic!

French puppet theater...

Dollhouse...last year's present from Santa!  Craigslist find for $100!  See the details here!

There you have it! 
Can you help?


  1. I think something like the second pic from the left in your header would look great on the sofa. The color combo would compliment what is already there. I also like the idea of an antiqued green frame. Either way, I would go with a darker fabric. Maybe you could lighten it up with colorful pillows, or even use a contrasting fabric on the cushions. I'm curious to see what you decide.

  2. I just love it the way it is now. Of course that could be because my colours are cream, rose pink and duck egg blue. But anyway. I wouldn't go too dark, the one under the too yellow photo, the sort of teal blue would be nice, also depends what the rest of the room is like. Sorry not much help from me. hope you and the kitties had a good Christmas.

  3. Andie that’s really a great find and I’m with you I don’t like the smell of fabreeze. I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with your new find I love the look and sound of you going darker to offset all the gray. I know whatever you choose to do it’s going to look amazing! I’m excited to see the finished results!

  4. Oh My dear Divine. I love the doll house that Santa found for Gracie. I got a good deal too, at a local antique mall.$75.00. Not quite as big as yours. I have already ordered rugs and wall paper. You know how I love wall paper. Did you ever get yours in the dining room? I would suggest maybe a French Pillow ticking in blue and white or black and white for the day bed. Or a raw linen in natural. You could change it around with different pillows. It is lovely. I love them and have had many I have sold through the years. I hope you three had a beautiful Christmas. Sissy and I had a good time with my friends. If you are looking for doll house wall paper and carpets, go to This site is amazing. We send you love and Sissy Kisses. And maybe Gracie and I can swap dollhouse things, I will if she will. Richard from my old Historic House.

  5. That is unbelievably gorgeous. What a deal!

  6. Beautiful piece and at a fabulous price to boot!!

    First sprinkle the whole thing with a bunch of baking soda while it's sitting outside and let it sit for a few days then vacuum it up and that should remove any odors.

    Personally, I love your choice of the Bosporus Toile with the grey green finish shown. Lovely combination. However, to avoid too much "pattern overload" I would do the decking and outside panels in either burlap or linen which would go nicely with the background of the toile. I would wash the toile heavily to give it an aged look and use only the small black upholstery nails.

    In the mean time until it can be completely redone I think I would get the inexpensive linen looking fabric at Walmart (at 3 bucks a yard, you wash it and it works great for a great linen look!) sew some simple slips for the cusions with no piping since they're temporary and make a solution of dark tea and spritz a fine mist from about 3 feet away on the remaining upholstery. It will lightly age the fabric and tie it all together until it can be redone completely. Simple slips and spritzing can all be done in a day if you want to do something quick to hold you over until the big redo.

    Can't wait to see the finished piece! Wish my Craigslist had finds like yours. You big city girls really get the goods, lol!

  7. Hi Andie,

    Hi, I just awarded you the Blog on Fire Award on my latest post!


  8. What a gorgeous piece and an amazing price...can hardly wait to see your "after"!! Wishing you all the best in 2012 ~

  9. I was searching for 'vintage daybeds' this morning, and saw many of the same images! Drop cloths make superior upholstery fabric, and you could add printed pillows for quick color changes. Home Depot, or Harbor Freight Tools, have great prices. The green, and mauve, distressed finish is beautiful. Can't wait to see your finished sofa!

    Happy New Year's Blessings!

  10. You are killing me again. I absolutely cannot believe what you find on Craig's list. I'm moving!!!This is a fabulous find and will be gorgeous whatever you decide. Happy New Year. Mona

  11. AMAZING~! 160? OMG, that is GORGEOUS!!!!! AT any price but 160 is the deal of the century!!!! Without knowing what the rest of your house looks like, I can off hand see this in a beautiful toile or luxe velvet. Cannot wait to see waht you do!! Wishing you a joyful and healthy 2012!!

  12. Nice deal on the daybed - sorry I am of no help on the upholstery. The doll house got my immediate attention. The post you referred to was from 1/2011 - have you done any work on it since?
    Wishing you a Wonderful New Year!

  13. Dearest, IT IS YOU, IT IS YOU THAT WENT TO MY ETSY! Your bird is under construction. He will fly your way next week!!! LOVE YOUR FURNISHINGS HERE! Anita

  14. EXACTLY what I want for my conservatory, your French couch.

    You lucky girl, a great find.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  15. Since you plan to refinish the frame in a lovely color, I'd go more neutral on the upholstery. Thos gorgeous upholstery colors look best with a neutral color on the frame IMO. But I'm certain you're going to come up with a combination that will be so very YOU that it won't matter in the end what any of the rest of us weighed in with... Trust your judgment on what feels right. You still are the Craig's List Queen!!!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  16. Hey Andie - Linda from Haven on Hanover here - abandoned that blog as I am hardly in that house any more, sadly!! Starting a new blog - I hope to get caught up with your blog and hear from you once again. xoxo

  17. Wow what a pretty piece! In its current condition it would look perfect at my house!! lol. Just gorgeous. I would be afraid to use a busy pattern as you might tire of it...

  18. By now you've most likely completed this piece. Would love to see it. ;-)

  19. Hi Andie -

    Happy 2015! This is a very out-of-the-blue email but I figured it was worth a shot. You purchased the Woodland Chest (above) from me in Chicago in 2011. I have been trying to track you/it down for some time and am so relieved to have found your blog - the email I have for you from our initial exchange no longer works. In short, this was a bit of a family heirloom that I sold in a tight financial moment and have missed and deeply regretted selling since. I'm wondering if there is any chance that you still have it or remember who you might have sold it to. I know it's crazy, but I'm hoping to track it down again if it hasn't been repainted. Call it a Christmas miracle.

    Hoping this works!

    Feel free to call me - 415 577 8016 or email me at

    Thank you so much,



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