Monday, May 28, 2018


I planted seven varieties of peonies in the gardens.  This was an exciting year; the first time they all bloomed!  

Clarence doesn't seem to care.   

Peonies have such an old world look.  

The vase is lovely but it os also difficult for the kitties to knock over.  lol  

Back to the gardens!

Enjoy your week, friends!  




  1. SO beautiful....I love Peonies!!!!

  2. Am waiting to see the garden. I have several peonies, and it is a shame they go so fast. That's a good idea to bring them in. Get to see them longer.

    1. I have to pull all the weeds first. lol

    2. No you don't. Just the ones that show. Ha. I chopped down a 4x5 foot weed yesterday that I thought was going to flower. Who knew a weed could grow that big? Love the dog picture in the header.

    3. Some of them are trying to take my cats and my child. lol

  3. My mother's favorite flower! She would have loved your exquiaite bouquet in the antique blue-and-white Chinese vase. It is Chinese, isn't it?

    So glad your garden is doing so well this early in the season!

    1. Thank you, Freethinke! Sadly, the lilac standards did not bloom this year, likely due to late frost.
      The vase is a reproduction. It was the only one I could find with a wide enough base to keep it from being toppled by a cat. lol
      I think your mother would love the "Coral Charm" peony. The colors are magical.


    2. How perceptive and intuitive you are, Andie! Mother loved all flowers but her favorites were those with yellow-orange coppery-coral hues.

      Never apologize for using reproductions –– especially with blue and white porcelain. When it comes to "breakables" reproductions are THE smartest way to go. };-)>

      Sorry my place is temporarily closed, but frankly it –– and I –– need a rest. There's just nothing helpful left to say about politics. We've been "stuck on stupid" there for a VERY long time. I don't know how the people who staff the ENEMEDIA can spout their poisinous nonsense in front of the cameras with a straight face. If I were they, I'd be ashamed to take my paycheck. I'm sure you know what I mean, right? ;-)

      God bless you, Andie, and please–– above all –– stay well.

    3. I've heard from my student in Beijing that peonies are the national flower of China.

  4. It was a good year for peonies here! I have a bouquet as well.....yours are lovely and you're right--so "old world".

    1. I have some silk blooms that will do in a pinch but there is nothing like an ACTUAL peony.

  5. Our peonies in Maryland are blooming, too! Woo-hoo!

    1. Oddly, the peonies bloomed before the lilacs!

  6. They are so lovely and I wish they lasted for a long time. I am sure you must of soaked them in water to remove the ants. Mine are all gone now......sadness.

    1. I didn't soak them. lol I am too impatient. No ants, that I can see!

  7. Your peonies are beautiful!

    We have three types of peonies here in our yard. The six bushes came down through the family -- from my beloved aunt's mother to my aunt to me.

    This year was a wonderful year for peonies here in Northern Virginia. Except that the raging "monsoons" caused many of the blooms to be beaten to nothing. But we had so many blooms, and not all of our peony bushes bloom at once.

    My favorites here are the deep magenta ones with yellow centers. Fairly rare, I think.

  8. IN HONOR of FATHER'S DAY, Sunday, June 17, 2018

    _________ A Father’s Prayer _________

    Ask not, my child, what I can do for you.
    Forgive what seems like stinginess today.
    A lot will be required to go through
    The process of discovering the right way.
    Help yourself. Don't wait for me, my child.
    Each one of us must learn to stand alone.
    Rich rewards like Love can't be beguiled,
    Seduced or bought. They must in toil be grown.
    Perhaps to you I sound a bit too stern?
    Remember that I've lived a longer time.
    A joy cannot exist until you earn
    Your way. To do it FOR you'd be a crime.
    Exacting though I seem, my little one,
    Respect me now, and –– later –– you'll have fun.

    ~ FreeThinke


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