Saturday, February 8, 2020

Long Time No See

Hi guys!  Remember me?  
Been a while.  
I apologize for my absence.  
Frankly, I did not have much to offer, Blogwise.
Also, I am very lazy.  
Not that I have much to offer now, but I will be sharing anyhow!  😂

No.  I never did paint the railings.  I am intimidated beyond measure.  
I do have paint and that's something. Right?

I figured I would start with where I am and deconstruct it as I go along.  

The family room got a  new look.  I grew tired of the leather recamiers.  They were stiff and not very comfortable, though they were pretty.  Kinda like a supermodel.  Not much substance.  lol
I found a French sofa on Craigslist and had it reupholstered in mohair, which is not as easy maintenance as leather but very sturdy.  

I think the room is more welcoming this way.  
The cats think so, anyway.  

Family room today

Family room before we purchased our home

It's amazing how comfortable it became after we crammed it full of stuff. 
Not as echo-y either.  

Hoping you are well!  




  1. Nice to see you posting again....we missed you! Your family room is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the changes you have made.

    1. I have to say i's more like a Great Hall than a mere Family Room. Andie's BARONIAL style is charmingly reminiscent of European Castles and the Stately Homes of England.

  2. Well, here you are again AT LAST, Andie! After a year-and-a-half's absence I was beginning to lose hope you'd ever return. SO glad you did!

    You've been missed.

    Your timing for a return to the blogosphere is perfect too. With Preisdent Trump's acquittal after three-and-a-half YEARS of relentless persecution on the part of hateful, totally disingenuous, power-mad, potential USURPERS the president's victory, accompanied by the highest stock market ratings in American History seems almost BIBLICAL in its significance.

    With YOUR return to blogging our joy is now complete.

    I know you were forced by vicious leftists to endure some terrible trials that must have been as frightenung as they were depressing. I felt for you during all that, as I'm sure many of your other friends and fans in the blogging community did too.

    WE love you, and WE have missed you, but I did believe you were overdue for a break and a rest of some kind for man reasons.

    You may be the LEAAST lazy person I know, Andie. Just look at all you've accomplished in the few short years I've known you. Incredible! by most recognized standards.

    Believe it or not, I've ofen thought of your desire to turn that enormous rectangular tank you bought a few years ago into a reflecting pool in your garden. The idea appeals enormously to me, and I hope this spring you may may be able to make that dream come true.

    At any rate, God bless you, Andie, and WELCOME BACK!

  3. By the way, what COLOR would you paint thise railings if you could ever get to it? Have you ever thought of BLACK –– or some version of black and white?

    Just a thought . . .

  4. Oh WOW...Your room is stunning, I love it all!

  5. SO welcoming! All the details (texture, colors, shapes) say to my senses, "Come in! Find a spot to sit! Look around! Don't miss a thing!"


    Give All to Love

    Give all to love;
    Obey thy heart;
    Friends, kindred, days,
    Estate, good-fame,
    Plans, credit and the Muse,—
    Nothing refuse.

    ’Tis a brave master;
    Let it have scope:
    Follow it utterly,
    Hope beyond hope:
    High and more high
    It dives into noon,
    With wing unspent,
    Untold intent:
    But it is a god,
    Knows its own path
    And the outlets of the sky.

    It was never for the mean;
    It requireth courage stout.
    Souls above doubt,
    Valor unbending,
    It will reward,—
    They shall return
    More than they were,
    And ever ascending.

    Leave all for love;
    Yet, hear me, yet,
    One word more thy heart behoved,
    One pulse more of firm endeavor,—
    Keep thee today,
    Tomorrow, forever,
    Free as an Arab
    Of thy beloved.

    Cling with life to the maid;
    But when the surprise,
    First vague shadow of surmise
    Flits across her bosom young,
    Of a joy apart from thee,
    Free be she, fancy-free;
    Nor thou detain her vesture’s hem,
    Nor the palest rose she flung
    From her summer diadem.

    Though thou loved her as thyself,
    As a self of purer clay,
    Though her parting dims the day,
    Stealing grace from all alive;
    Heartily know,
    When half-gods go,   
    The gods arrive.

    ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)


  7. By the way I love your pair of green Gainsborough Chairs, Andie. They really "make" the room.

    Did you find them on Craigslist too?


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