Friday, January 3, 2014


This stunning life-sized angel stands aloft a dresser in the master bedroom.  I have wanted to paint it  grey but Handsome Husband asked me not to.  He rarely has an opinion about my decorating, so I am happy to let the angel sentinel wear its gold leaf gown.

This image does not do it justice.  I took this photo at night time, so the color is washed out. It is so beautifully detailed.  I love waking up and drifting off to sleep with his graceful countenenace watching over us.
It is a reproduction of an altar angel from a church in Italy.

Each New Year's Eve, at the stroke of midnight, we light votives at the base of the angel, for loved ones who have passed, or those who need an extra prayer, and then one for all those in the world who suffer, human and animal.

Finally, we light a votive for all our friends and loved ones, including all of my blog friends!

Then we make our way outside and look to the stars.  This year we counted twelve twinkling stars to match the candles flickering inside. We were outside a long time before we counted twelve, the sky was so overcast.

There is something magical about finding a correlating star for each votive.  It feels as if Heaven itself 
 is reassuring us that our prayers were indeed received.

"Mom.  That star just winked at us! I bet it was Daniel!" Gracie whisper yells.  Daniel was our beloved FIV kitty who passed away this year.

"I think you're right sweetheart." I say, all the while thanking God for this moment.

We stay outside a bit longer.  Wearing only our pajamas, we spread our arms to the sky and let the brisk winds blow the cobwebs of last year away...time to start anew.

This has become our tradition.  

A sleepy little voice asking, "Mom?  Is it time to light the candles yet?"

The candles radiate so brightly that they form together to become one ethereal glow at the base of the angel., dainty, almost invisible plumes of smoke carry our prayers Heavenward...

We can hear the raucous celebrations surrounding us; neighbors igniting fireworks, banging on pots and pans and engaging in their own traditions.

No matter if our traditions are peaceful or boisterous, we share the same path on a journey into the New Year...


What traditions do you have to carry you into the next year?




  1. What a beautiful tradition....the angel is so incredibly gorgeous!
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!

  2. That is such a beautiful tradition and I love that Grace is learning it so early...she will likely keep it going as she gets older.....that is a great way to start the new year!! Happy and healthy 2014 to you.

  3. What a lovely custom you've initiated to usher in the New Year, Andie! Dignified, prayerful, mystical, but not a bit sanctimonious. A lovely gift for your child who doubtless will treasure memories of these occasions her whole life through, and hopefully pass them on to her own children someday.

    I know that the beautiful memories I have of all the lovely things my parents did for Christmas and other special times of the year have come to mean more and more to me with the passing years.

    I'm sure you are well aware that your angel looks for all the world like a traditional representation of our Jesus with wings? At least that's the way it struck me. I'm glad you and Handsome Husband decided to keep the gold leaf intact.


  4. I really like the idea of lighting candles for those prayers you are sending up on New Year's Eve. Maybe I should try to do this every month for a year so I can remember to do it next year on Dec. 31. Thank you for sharing this with us. Happy New Year to you and may you and your family be blessed.♥♫

  5. You are making such wonderful traditions and memories for your daughter, as to make up for the ones you never had. Happy New Year, Richard and Sissy

  6. Lovely tradition. You are a gentle soul. Happy New Year!

  7. Your husband and mine are cut from the same cloth. He rarely speaks up, so I have to put extra consideration into his words if he offers an opinion.

  8. So sweet for you and your family.

  9. Andie,
    Your families New Year's eve tradition is very inspiring. We too prefer a quiet evening of a dinner and champagne and a reflection and memory for ones who have passed or need healing wishes. Your angel is so impressive and huge! I normally would say yeah go alter it, go paint it, but guess what I agree with your husband.
    New Year's eve in the city is pretty insane, amateur fireworks being set off to frighten our precious fur kids, pots and pans being beat to a hammered effect and all the idiots on the roads after a night of drinking and celebrating.
    We like you light candles for our loss one and for those who needs loving healing wishes.
    Best of 2014 for you and your family, oh yeah, here's too tons of Craig's list finds that leave us all drooling!

  10. Dear Andie, Your angel is glorious! A very special find !
    I wish you and your family all the best in the year ahead!

    The Arts by Karena

  11. Wow what a beautiful angel, love her, Laura

  12. Love your traditions, they make life special. Not painting the angel is the right thing to do...the right thing.

  13. Just for you I Posted a pix of me with the new dreadful darker haircolor on today's Blog Post! *LOL* It's not that it really looks all that bad, it just wasn't at all what I wanted or asked for so I was very disappointed since the New Year Make-Over was supposed to make me feel Transformed in a Good Way that I liked and didn't have to 'Get Used To'! New Year's Resolution suggestion for Andie, have at least one Image taken... for Gracie. I'm certain she wants to remember you in a Special Way years from now and preserving those Moments in Time thru the Eye of the lens is a Wonderful way to do that... because we can Forget so easily as Time marches on. I look back so fondly at the Images of my Parents from my Childhood, it resurrects Memories from those Eras that without the Images would be blurred by Time. Happy New Year my Friend... Dawn... The Bohemian

  14. It was quiet here Andie,
    most preferred way to bring in the new year as weil. Andie, your angel is so awwwww! Inspiringly divine.
    Really I have said this many times, open house at your home would sell charity tickets for a charitable organization fund, I would be first in line for my ticket. So excited to see a bit of your sleeping room, truly your sanctuary where your prayers are surly answered. What a place to rest in it glorious beauty.
    Really thank you for the past year of your sharing beauty, and all that you inspire, opening your heart, and best welcoming us in.

    Andie I treasure your gifting, so unexpected, and so freely given heartfelt. I have plans for the beautiful gazebo, and it has to be just right. I think of you often more then not, and all your beautiful words of selflessness you encourage us with.

    Andie, I hope someday I can add to your life the beauty you add to ours.

    Prayers go out to you and yours.
    A wonderfully blessed New Year to you and your family.

    Come visit my post and see the very last photo of our puppy, I.G...Italian Greyhound, Pia Bleu and the French wire creation I have created in likeness of our new addiction to our family.

    lots of love dear friend.


  15. Hi Andie,
    Popping over to thank you for your comment on our dining room.
    I feel like kindred spirits and so getting your feedback means the world to me, so Thank you
    Oh and a very happy new year as well! I look forward to much more genius coming my way from a Divine Theatre! XO

  16. A lovely tradition, Andie!! The angel is beautiful - such a presence! Happy 2014!! Can't believe January is half over. Hope you all are well! xoxox, Loi

  17. What a lovely thought! I'm sure the tradition will carry on with your children too!

  18. Hello Andie

    Such a special and unique tradition. I love how your remember your loved ones and thank you for praying for blogging friends too.

    I wrote a longer post a few minutes ago but it poofed into mid air

    Happy to have found your blog and to be your FB friend

    Helen xx


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