Friday, March 27, 2015

Brightening the Entry

I didn't even know I was going to do this project until I was up on the ladder with my paint brush!

It took about an hour to gild the five and a half foot tall trumeau mirror I found on Craigslist...

...and it made all the difference in the world!
I just had to share!

Again, I use a stiff bristled artist's brush

Rub N Buff,  Gold Leaf.

I use a drop of lavender essential oil to keep the gilding wax fluid.  It is also very soothing!

I didn't want too much color for this small space.  It could be overwhelming.

The angels are five feet tall.  The commode and the mirror take up over nine feet of wall space, to give to some perspective!

The entire vignette, except for the angels, cost less than $300!
Yes, the mirror, the candle sconces, the iron urns, the crowns and even the commode...

Craigslist photo on left and the finished trumeau mirror on right.

I used multiple layers of color and washes, beginning with Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Chalk Paint  in Cloud, then washes of white and black acrylic craft paint.  I just played with the finish.  You really can't make mistakes! They just add to the patina!

Originally, I painted the mirror a solid grey.  Often, I will do that to better see the shape, so as not to be distracted by color. 

It was pretty this way but the gold leaf pulls the mirror into the entire room.
Don't you agree?

It really brightens up the space and makes the entry very welcoming!

 Raise your paw if you approve!

Thanks, Tallulah!  She's always so agreeable!




  1. Fabulous...just the right touch! Midas that is!

  2. Now I picture you with a paintbrush in one hand, your Rub 'n' Buff in the other, flitting from thing to thing adding a touch of gold to most everything. Makes me smile!

  3. I love Tallulah...english bulldogs are the only dogs I've every had the pleasure of sharing my life with. They crack me up and are just wonderful little warrior beasts :) Your piano from your last post and your mirror from this post are both stunning. You have an amazing gift and you use it well.

    1. I totally agree with you about English bulldogs, Lisa, even though at this point in me now-aged life I'm only a cat person.

  4. I am now a rub and buff fan for life. The last gallery I was with the framer used it all the time to touch up frames and for restoration!! Beautiful Andie!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. Paws up totally gorgeous! I love that mirror, what a find and the makeover so beautiful. What a glorious entryway!

  6. I wasn't going to say anything, but I thought the new entrance hall, as presented in your last post, looked a bit chilly -- almost forbidding -- with its total lack of color. What you done with your talent for gilding in exquisitely fine detail is JUST what the place needed. Perhaps the addition of a vivid, warm hued oriental runner would make a good future finishing touch?. The mirror now looks better than it ever has before in its life, I'm sure.

  7. Andie, what a difference a bit of gold makes. Ha! It is truly gorgeous! I think this is the perfect touch for your entry. It's all very elegant! Love the sweet Tallulah!

  8. Andie, you're so right...more beautiful than original and not too shabby then. Give Miss Tallulah a smooch for me; I'm dog/animal crazy but you knew that -grin-.

  9. a little gold goes a long way -the mirror went from cool to astounding!! LOVE IT!

  10. I would love it too, if you could fine a pair of faux marbre pedestals and a pair of small-to medium-sized Chinese famille rose porcelain lamps with pagoda or hexagonal shades in gold-colored silk Shantung to put on them flanking the mirror ensemble.

    You see how I long for bit of bright color -- but only as a series of accents to the overall elegance of the grisaille.

    1. Silk Shantung shades in celadon (pale gray-green) might work even better than the gold come to think of it.

  11. Tallulah takes the entire post away from the beautiful gold leaf mirror

  12. Hi Andie, I love your blog posts. I actually subscribe to get them via email. For several years now, I have looked forward to reading your posts and seeing what you have been up to. Your style is truly my style, however, I live in Alaska. It seems that style only began really coming to fruition in the 70's. Ugh... That is definitely not my style. No way, no how, not now, not ever! But... I have learned to adapt my style to be more French Country and cramming in Gustavian whenever I find something with good structure and bones that are romantic instead of stubby and chunky. Okay. I will stop. I tend to wax melodramatically. Sometimes people don't understand my humor. I just wanted to say I enjoy your blog and encourage you with a silly comment since I'm one of those that rarely comments unless I am feeling witty and think what I have to say might lend a chuckle to the blogger. I could come and say, pretty, oh and ah... but I do like to be meaningful. Keep posting sister. I'm reading in my emails.

    Blessing to you and yours and your beautiful home,


  13. Andie,

    I always enjoy your photo montages, but often wish you'd spend a little more time just TALKING with us here and at at our various blogs. We who love you don't feel you MUST perform a BRAND NEW MIRACLE every single time you post.

    Just missing you that's all.



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