Sunday, September 20, 2015

One Thing Leads To Another!

Now that Summer is winding down I can concentrate on the interior, which has become a perpetual undertaking!  

I know you know what I mean. Don't tell me you don't. 

You labor under the delusion that your home is just perfect.  Perfect.  That you will never change it...then suddenly, without rhyme or reason, you cannot stand to look at it!  
It's as if madness has taken over and you are thrust into an alternate dimension, a dark place where your mind is so frenzied, ravaged by asymmetry or the wrong shade of grey, that you find yourself on a quest.   
For the only thing that will salvage your sanity is a thing, a brand new thing, a thing like no other thing you have ever owned.

Or is it just me? 

Well, my friends, let me introduce you to that thing!

This is the thing! 
This enfilade cabinet was part of the set for a television show made in Chicago, called Empire.  The set designer said they were clearing the soundstage. 
For $500, I have the French cabinet of my dreams! It is seven feet long and perfect for the entry!

The five foot tall mirror above it looks so small in this photo.  
I have not yet painted the enfilade, but I am fairly certain I will.
There is plenty of room for the five foot tall pair of angels! 

And another thing!

This pair of pillars, a Craigslist find, were originally found at Restoration Hardware. I painted them Vintage Market and Design Furniture Paint, in Dove. 

I have lots more to share.

Anything new with you?




  1. Good Morning Andie, My word you do manage to find some amazing pieces. I love your sideboard, but I think once you add your touch of magic, it will be even lovelier.
    Living in England, my home is much smaller, so my furniture tends to be a lot smaller in size.... that is why I love popping over to visit you to see your beautiful home..... it is always a treat.
    Have a wonderful day today.
    Best Wishes

    1. Over here in the States, Daphne, house hunters are always talking in terms of finding a house that will fit their furniture.

      That always strikes me as foolish.

      Unless you have treasured family antiques, it's much better to find a house you can love –– and afford –– and then buy furniture that complements the dwelling.

      Since I have always bought everything in junk shops, used furniture marts, flea markets, yard sales and (rarely) genuine antiques shops, my furniture has never cost anywhere near what most think it must.

      That makes Andie and I kindred spirits. ;-)

      I imagine your place must be very lovely. Small can be exquisite. Some of our modern, oversized "McMansions" are cold, draughty, cheerless, badly proportioned, barn-like affairs. I've always preferred houses built between 1700 and 1950.

  2. Hi Andie, Those pillars are amazing, adore them in your home and the color is perfection!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Painting Central Park

  3. i'm the same -it's always changing!! i'm always replacing / refreshing, etc. it keeps it fun!

  4. Your finds are amazing, Andi, and the staging absolutely stunning!

  5. Andi, your home lives like a meuseum, in the best of the best, and you are its curator and care giver to all its beauty. That mirror and angels don't looks 5 feet tall, and it's the size of the room and walls that allow it to settle in righ at home perfectly, demanding attention for its size and beauty.
    I instantly thought of you when I made a purchase for 2 hand forged IRON wall SCONCES having a European villa feel to them and again grandeur in the rustics, I was going to use them in my home adding a bit more of that castle feel, with a bit of theatrics like how your home acts out... your home speaks that language of awwww!
    I ended up placing the iron 1900's sconces in my etsy, if they don't sell soon perhaps I will get brave, hang them up over a gaudy oversized beefy side end table stacked with books and pieces of curiosities to pull off the look.

    You my dear amaze us all with your finds, you need to write a book in how to find grand pieces and where, as well as the art of display and designs.

    See you soon and all you inspire.


  6. It amaze me how you find all these treasures. You must have the handbook on finding large fabulous treasures. Like knowing a set designer
    I can't imagine that mirror being 5 foot tall ,it all works wonderful together.
    Someday you must have a live tour of your home for us bloggers who could drive to your home in a day


  7. I always learn something new when I come for a visit, like now I actually know what an enfilade is... well, sorta? Winks Your Home as always is Magnificent and your Thing just fits so well with all of your other Fabulous Classy Treasures so I'm Delighted for you procuring it... and with such provenance as well, what a Great Back Story that it was used on a Set! Sometimes I Love the History and Stories of my pieces as much as the piece themselves. Can't wait to see how it turns out once you Paint it... do Share okay? Happy Autumn from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. Beautiful new things! It's always fun to add something new to the mix! Enjoy! Hugs, Leena

  9. Please forgive me for saying this, Andie, but I have reservations about this latest change in "tableaux." Ever since those two angels appeared, something about them made me feel uneasy –– they reminded me of something eerie and disquieting from my past. Tonight I found out what it was.

    I just saw The Haunting –– that remarkably unsettling movie with Julie Harris, Claire Bloom, Richard Johnson and Russ Tamblyn –– again, and those very large angels in your hallway are so like the white statues in Hill House –– the ones that move ever-so-subtly when the characters are not looking at them directly –– I doubt very much if I could stay overnight in the same house with them. They are so large i find them overpowering –– almost menacing. It's almost as though you had brought part of a moonlit graveyard on a cold winter's night into your front hall.

    I'm sorry, my dear, I've never said anything negative here before, but this has left me feeling more than a little creepy since September 20, and I just had t get it off my chest.

    I'm sure it's just something personal with me. I've always had an inordinate fear of antique dolls. Probably a bit of atavism in play –– something that must have happened in a past life.

    1. That's so funny because these exact angels are in the remake. That's why I wanted them.
      They remind me of hiding in the Catholic Church as a child. The smell of the wax candles, the solitude, the architecture. They actually bring me peace.l;o9./;;;
      I left the last part of that sentence intentionally. It's a message from Faerie Princess.



    2. Has The Haunting been remade, Andie? It's such a great piece of work I doubt if it could be done any better. The house, itself, –– a genuine Victorian monstrosity from late-nineeenth-century England ––, is the real star of the show –– that and the incredible sound effects –– I could never describe them as "music."

      It started life as a novel by Shirley Jackson, which I read a long time ago. I think the movie is better. One of those weird things I don't like at all, but can't stay away from whenever it's shown on TCM.

      It's funny the way both of us like old churches. I've felt drawn to them since childhood, and I've always thought cemeteries were beautiful, restful places We lived near a very lovely cemetery when I was a child, –– a place full of big old trees, and beautiful bushes among the the graves. The place a had rushing stream meandering through it. The gentle murmuring sound of the water cast a spell over the whole place. My great grandparents are buried here, but that is not why I came to love the place.

      On hot summer days, I'd often take a bag of sandwiches and thermos of lemonade over there and have a picnic seated in front of one of the mausoleums –– each of which looked like a small marble temple from Ancient Greece or Rome.

      Wonderful to hear nothing but the sound of birds and cicadas against the background of the murmuring stream, and the occasional sighing of the summer breeze in the treetops high above.

      I have no fear of cemeteries. Spooky old houses are another matter. I would never want to be left alone in one after dark.

  10. WIKI in the 1999 remake of The Haunting.

    "The Haunting was panned upon its release, with most critics citing its weak screenplay, its overuse of horror clich├ęs, and its overdone CGI effects. Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a "Rotten" rating of 17%, with the critical consensus stating "Sophisticated visual effects fail to offset awkward performances and an uneven script". As a result of the negative reviews, it was nominated for five Razzie Awards. Roger Ebert was one of few critics to give the film a positive review, praising the production design in particular."


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