Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day

Wreath on front door to honor the Inauguration of our Republic's 45th president. Blue velvet ribbon to signify reverence for our fallen police officers. May they rest in peace.



To those who asked about the piano.  The pin board is damaged beyond repair. Well, it can be repaired but we cannot afford to do so. We would like to donate it to a museum if anyone knows of one who would like it.  


  1. My dear I love the wreath on your door and the two very important things that it symbolizes! You have my admiration and respect. Blessings to you and your family. gerre lynne

  2. I echo Gerre's sentiments, Andie. I'm so glad you saw fit to mark the great occasion of President Trump's inauguration so beautiful with your characteristic elegance infused with creative vision.

    I have been filled with hope and growing joy since November 9, and pray the optimism I feel is rewarded by the performance of our new president and the people he has pledged to serve.

    "I'll never let you down," he said. I believe he meant it, but it's up to all of US to support him and encourage him, because he cannot fulfill the promises he made to us without our help.

  3. Fabulous wreath and prayers and support for President Trump and his Cabinet, family, etc.

  4. Love the wreath on your door. Love the blue velvet ribbon. I pray for the safety of our President and Vice President. I pray the hate will end...

  5. Lovely wreath, and what it represents is a meaningful commemoration. I love it!

  6. Thursday evening, I hung our flag from the front porch eaves, put up a patriotic wreath, and added red, white, and blue beads to all of our welcoming-pigs statues.

    So, the AOW household celebrated the Inauguration of our 45th President.

  7. OFF TOPIC but hopefully of Interest:

    A LIVE New York performance of Beethoven's Sonata #7 for piano and violin, Opus 20, #2 with FreeThinke (ME) at the keyboard is posted right now at WESTERN HERO.

    I hope you will listen, and make some sort of comment since you've known me only in the context of fiercely opinionated blogging.

    SilverFiddle was very gracious to post this concert performance at Western Hero.

    Not trying to "show off," believe me, I just hope to demonstrate that I am not all words with nothing of substance behind them.

  8. This is the only blog I have read where someone is praising our 45th president with complements. He will Not let us down i'm sure, he has the best interest of the United States in his deeds.
    This country has been so off track for several years and they don't know right from wrong and choose to do wrong more than right.It's plain the last administration didn't have the best interest of the USA in his deeds.

    Love the beautiful piano and wish it's life could survive in your home

  9. First time ever I didn't share your sentiments- and after just a few weeks- I think I was correct to be worried..

  10. Fabulous wreath and prayers and support for President Trump and his Cabinet, family, etc.

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  11. Cold He lay behind the heavy stone,
    Hidden there with broken hands and feet.



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