Sunday, July 30, 2017

This, That and the Other...

Funny.  It didn't seem like I had been gone very long. 

Rather than try to explain where I was, I figure I will do it with pictures.  lol  

These are all the projects I am currently working on...well the ones I stopped to take photos of, anyhow.  
There are lots more.  Lots and lots. 

Also, my account was, once again, hacked.  They didn't do anything with it.  They just had control of it and I didn't.
Interesting hobby.  Hacking things just to hack them.  

Then Handsome Husband fought the law of gravity and the Law won.  
Eight staples in his handsome head. 

 He fell out of bed.  Nothing more.  He asked that I mention Ninjas may have been involved to make it seem more manly.  
If you see him please indicate that I mentioned Ninjas. 

Then that whole thing with me passing out on the expressway due to carbon monoxide poisoning.  No Ninjas were involved.  

...and months of relentless vertigo, not from the carbon monoxide. Or Ninjas. 
On the bright side, we have had brain scans, chest scans, scans of scans and scans of those scans.  
They found nothing amiss.

The home that Craigslist built...

Back courtyard...a work in progress...

...and the library.  The desk formerly belonged to Rush Limbaugh's uncle.


Delores "hiding".

West garden path and perennial border...

Painting garden furniture...

Painting indoor furniture...

Trimming the parterre...

Remember when the parterre was a wee baby?

The chest from my last post finally made it up to the master bedroom!

Front terrace

Working on a Craigslist chest makeover...

Adding ormolu to the secretary...

...and more ormolu...

Cleaning up the mystery thing...

We named this chest "Belle" after Beauty and the Beast.  It reminded us of the beautiful set.  

Hoping this post finds you in good health and good spirits!

I am off to try to train Ninjas to dust and trim hedges.  
I mean, if they insist on hanging around they may as well be useful.  




  1. Oh, my! Glad you all have survived AND thrived! What wonderful results from your creative touches.

    1. Thank you, Rebecca! I hope that is the end of those types of surprises! lol
      Good to see you!


  2. Olá tudo bem?
    Está tudo lindo e seu jardim belíssimo. Amo seus móveis.
    Bjos tenha uma ótima semana.

    1. Tão feliz por te ver, Anajá! Eu espero que você esteja bem.

  3. Oh Andie. Your name is beside 'nesting' in the dictionary. It is all beautiful. I do remember that small parterre and how it has grown is astounding. So sorry about the crazies that have happened. I definitely could do without those. And little daughter must be growing up too. So glad nothing showed up. No time for that. Hope all is well now.

    1. So nice to see you, Donna! Life happens. lol
      Hoping you and yours are well.


  4. Awfully glad you've returned to the Land of the Living, Andie! I've been REALLY wrried about you –– and I see from this latest report I had good reason to be concerned.

    Eight staples in your husbands head after falling out of BED would certainly give ME cause for panic and distress.

    Vertigo attacks are no fun either. I'm prone to those, myself, –– one of them resulted in a fall that tore out my corneal transplant and could have resulted in total blindness, Thank God a neighbor jusgt happened to be available to rush me to the ophthalmologist for emergency repair surgery. It's a long story, but even though I can still see, the quality of vision has been diminished to about 40% of what it would have been, if I'd not had that fall.

    After that, which occurred eight years ago, I walk with a cane wherever I go.

    I also keep MECLIZINE on hand at all times. It helps immensely to restore the sense of balance after one of those vertigo attacks begins. I don't know what your doctor recommended, Andie, but I urge you to try MECLIZINE if you haven't done so already. I's very freassuring to know it's within reach should you need it.

    Sorry I kept trying to keep your blog alive while you were gone. Maybe it was too presumptuous of me? Apparently, your other friends and admirers don't appreciate what I try to do since they never respond in any way. That's all right. YOU have always been more than kind to me, and i appreciate your good opinion very much.

    I think the Queen Anne highboy looks WONDERFUL in your master bedroom. Useful too, isn't it?

    The parterre also stands out. It's downright BRILLIANT. I just can't imagine where you find the strength and energy to MAINTAIN these things so beautifully,

    I just hope you are not stressing your body too much with so much hyperactivity. No one wants you to get ill. You know we love you.

    1. Sorry to hear that you suffer from vertigo. It is the opposite of fun. I am grateful to your neighbor. That had to be frightening.
      My vertigo is a horse of a different color. Meclizine does not help. I stay as active as possible. I have learned to fight my intuition and actually get up from bed and ride my bike several miles to reset my balance. I am not looking forward to Winter, when that will not be an option.
      I think many folks post once and never revisit or do not realize they can follow comments. I prefer to have "on site" conversations, as you do.
      When I regained control of my account I was excited to see your posts. I hope I saw them all. You are, indeed, loved and respected.



    2. Thank you, dear child. Maybe Meclizine is taking the easy way out, but I'm glad it helps me to "reset my balance." I live alone, and cannot drive anymore, so suddenly losing balance can be very frightening –– and dangerous.. I can't magine how you could fight this with vigorouos exercise, but if it works, –– more power to you.

      As for winter exercise, is there a part of your beautiful palace that could acommodate a stationary bike without it destroying the decor? I'm a lot like you in that even my LAUNDRY room is decorated so that it looks from the hallway as though it were just another pretty room. I SHOULD dedicate' a spce for gym equipment, but CAN'T STAND THE SIGHT OF IT. I do have the garage, but it's not air-cnditioned, and where I live you HAVE to have A/C or you can't survive. The neighborhood association would PROSECUTE me if I tried to turn the garage into another room. Part of the agreement you must sign to be part of this development demands that each house MUST have a garage.

      I shouldn't be impatient when my posts are ignored. If I had a nice family around me, I'm sure I wouldn't need to spend so much time on the net. I have to admit it's a substitute for personal companionship. At my age, however, solitude can be a good thing.

      Anyway, glad you're back, but PLEASE, if you "disappear" again, say SOMETHING to us to let us know you're still all right.

      Take care,


      Do you have a basement? We don't in this part of the country –– too close to water. We'd always be flooded.

    3. Like you, I prefer to be away from the maddening crowds. As a mom, however, I have to breathe and take Gracie to all the places she needs to see while the magic is still light in her heart.
      I would make an exception if you were here.



  5. There is no end to your talents. Love your garden.

    1. Thank you, my friend. Though I think you can replace "talents" with "insanity". lol


    2. Andie! Many people mistake true genius for insanity. It's too easy to do, b ecause beniuses are definitely abnormal, but I think Scribbler is right about your many talents. Your vivid imagination, innate good taste, fervent enthusiasm, endless questing to accomplish more and more in surroundng yourself with rich, palatial-style beauty all indicate that you are a very special person –– maybe one in a million.

    3. You say that because we are so much alike. lol
      I wish I had your gift for the written word. I still think a book is in order.


    4. Thank you, Andie, I wish I had even HALF your energy and zeal. Do c tinue ti enjoy it while it lasts, but PLEASE don't go so far that you may burn yourself out.

      That would be tragedy for you family and for all of us who love you and draw inspiration from you.

      And what IS this about carbon monoxide poisoning? That's deadly stuff. I can't imagine HOW could that have happened to YOU?

  6. Perhaps the hacking was why I was receiving posts from your address, but they were another person's blogs. A couple of others have been scrambled the last few months, also.
    Have missed your and glad you are back with us. Carbon monoxide is bad stuff. Glad you survived! Hope the husband's head heals okay. Falling out of bed is easier than most of us expect, I do believe.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous projects. Thanks for being you.

    1. Good to see you, my friend.
      This social media stuff has a mind of its own sometimes, I think. lol


  7. Greetings beautiful soul,
    Just wanted to pop in to let you know all your creations are delightful and you truly inspire me! Have been reading your blog for several years but never commented until today. Just could not help myself. Happy to hear you and your Prince are recovering. It's insane how ones entire life can change in a split second. I have seen it happen so many times and am experiencing my Prince of 28 years was recently diagnosed with an inoperable malignant brain tumor. Totally understand your thoughts of "scans of those
    scans" .......... I always reflect back to the vampire on Sesame Street, as I once watched many hours with my daughter. His line ............ "Expect it when you least expect it"
    Thank you for sharing your life and creations on this blog. You are a divine theatre indeed!

    1. My heart is so sad for you, my friend. I wish I could just hug you.
      Thank you for taking the time to visit and talk.
      Please know that you and your beloved husband are in my prayers.

  8. Glad you are doing OK now! I see the stairs are sanded and on their way!! your parterre looks AMAZING

    1. I always think of you during those dark, guilt-ridden moments of my stair painting failure. lol

      Much Love,


  9. By the way, Andie, an anagram for FAILURE is AIR FUEL.

    I hope that helps to turn a negative into a positive with those stairs. };^)>

    I just KNOW you will succeed eventually. After all look at all you have accompished already. That should give you all the encouragement you'll ever need.

  10. Thank you for sharing your life and creations on this blog. You are a divine theatre indeed!


  11. Now I get it why i rec'd this 2017 edition today! I also had other people's blogs coming in, purportedly from you. Have been missing the real you. Now I see an earlier message from me here. Thought i might be losing my memory, now I'm simply confused!
    So glad you survived carbon monoxide and hope for full recovery. You are such an inspiration. We need your vision in our lives! (I know, selfish, but what can we do...) The parterre is so beautiful!!!!!!
    Wishing better days for you and your loved ones. MJ


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