Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Hello, my friends! 

We are in the midst of celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas! Well, kinda. Our daughter has been sick the last few days and we have been pretty low key. 

She is feeling a bit better, so I thought I would take a moment to wish you all a bright Christmas season! 

We don't begin our decorating until right before Christmas, because we use fresh greenery that hopefully lasts until Epiphany!
Here is a small vignette in the front hall. Fresh bay garlands and wreaths. We made the glittered pinecone tassels. I will post a tutorial. It was simple and really fulfilling. They look so decadent! It smells like heaven! I promise to show more soon!




  1. Hello,
    espero que sua filha esteja bem. Quero desejar um feliz 2018 com muitas alegrias e felicidades.

  2. Oh no, feel better! Everyone seems to be sick. Love those pine cones!! Beautiful! We decorate early for our Christmas party (first weekend december) but everything still seems to be ok. I never take down until Epiphany either.....meanwhile all our neighbors trees are outside on the curb new years day LOL.

  3. Hi, Andie,

    So sorry to hear about Gracie. Terrible for a child to be unwell –– especially at Christmastime. I've been ill, myself, for the past two and a half weeks. Christmas and New Year's Eve were completely wiped out. A long series of vertigo attacks with almost no let up. Very debilitating! Fortunately, I had good help bring me food and check on me every day. Not much fun, but it sure has been RESTFUL. ;-)

    Better, but not out of the woods yet. See a specialist on the 17th –– the earliest appoitment I could get.

    I try to be a good sport about these things. Complaining never helps anyway, does it?

    Well, HAPPY NEW YEAR and God's blessings to all of you.

    1. I tried to post on your blog, but one must be a member to do so.
      I am so very sorry to hear of your suffering. I also have vertigo and it is life altering. I have done a great deal of research and made some discoveries. I have seen a specialist who was able to rule out serious problems, but vertigo doesn't care. Maybe we can help each other?


    2. Hi, Andie! The blog is OPEN again. I was unable to leave my room for two full weeks and have just gotten back to something-close-to normal activity today, so I thought it best to close the comments till I could get back to contributing to the place again.

      I've had vertigo attacks at odd intervals for over ten years, but NOTHING like this last siege, which went on for for over two weeks.

      We are not alone. The brother of a very dear friend in Nevada has been sidetracked by this. He's in his late sixties, and it's causing no end of trouble, as you can imagine. I've heard of others s well –– mostly friends of friends.

      I'm going to see a specialist on the seventeenth. I'll be glad to share what he tells me with you.

      Meanwhile, KEEP WARM! ;-)

  4. ______ Thoughts On New Year’s Day ______

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    No more to have to hide behind the walls
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