Saturday, August 27, 2011

Duchess: The Sequel

Duchess spent two days at the veterinarian's office after she came to live with us. As you may know, she spent the past EIGHT YEARS in a local shelter.  The day before I adopted her she spent time at the shelter vet so you can imagine my surprise when my vet told me she had five infected teeth, both ears were infected and her remaining eye was so infected she could not see!
When I went to my vet to retrieve her after her two day stay, the technician told me that "shelter care is not the same as regular care".  How could that be?  The shelter vets charge a discounted fee but does that mean the service they render is acceptably incompetent?  This kitty and many other animals may be suffering under the "care" of veterinarians whose job it is to keep them well!
Unacceptable! All the more reason to adopt a shelter pet (or seven)!

She currently is not feeling her all-time best but in time she will recover and gain much needed weight.
She is a loving girl.  Very trusting as well.  I cannot imagine the suffering she has endured!
She has been in the upstairs guest bathroom since Thursday after her surgeries.  She looked so sweet in her iron canopy cat bed but I have no photos.  You'll have to take my word!
I, however, slept on the tile floor next to her.  My back feels surprisingly good, though!  LOL!

Faerie Princess and Atticus slept near her on the bed in our room this morning but Duchess didn't want them to get too close.  She certainly is a bed hog!
I wish to thank everyone for their well-wishes.  I have been busy with the little angel so I may not have responded to everyone as I would have liked...

To those in Irene's safe.  You are in my prayers!



  1. Andie, Duchess is such a pretty kitty!
    After all her boo boo's heal she will be a Happy Cat! Its too bad they don't take better care of their animals at that shelter!
    Poor animals can't talk and tell anyone if something hurts them! Duchess will have a good life now.
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. She certainly has come to the right home, bless her little heart! I am so happy she found you! She must think she is in heaven! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  3. What a happy story for Duchess!! She so deserves a good home!

    I want people to know that different shelters have different standards of care. The shelter where I volunteer has extremely high standards and that's why I keep going, because I'm so impressed with what I see. They have many protocols in place for cleaning and for isolating sick animals from the general population in order to control the spread of diseases. Other shelters may try their best, but may have limited resources. However, I'm impressed that your shelter never gave up on Duchess!

    I hope you keep posting updates about her!

  4. Such a precious sweetie.
    I am so glad she is home and recovering in your loving and plush environment, Andie.
    Poor baby.
    TLC.... sounds like you have that covered in a huge way!

  5. Hope it all goes well for her Andie!
    It sounds like the SPCA has limited funds so i guess they have to decide what needs most attention. Our Humane Society here has no vet they are taken to animal hospitals for treatment but then our shelters have such limited funds.

    Duchess is staying in such a beautiful bedroom!
    All the best to her recovery!!
    Pamela xo

  6. Like you I had no idea that animals weren’t receiving proper care in shelters, that’s just wrong. Your poor baby I hope Duchess is feeling better quickly. I had to laugh at you sleeping on the floor next to her I’ve done that with Dylan dog a few times but I would like to think all animal parents do this too. Take care of your new girl and enjoy your Sunday!

  7. Poor Duchess, what a start to her new life. I hope she is getting better quickly and she really couldn't have a better home now. It sounds as if she is already settling in well and soon she will be having so much fun. I love the sound of her bed :-)

  8. She had rough past, but now she will have a lovely life with you and your family and hopefully it will make up for the past. Big hug for Andie with a big heart :-)

  9. Oh sweet poor girl. I'm shocked that her care has been so neglectful at the can they sleep at night?!
    Well, she's safe and surrounded by so much love and care now. It's so nice to see her on the fluffy bed, bless you Andie!
    xo J~

  10. I agree that inferior health care for people or fur babies is totally unacceptable... if a Doctor/Vet is treating a patient, it is their duty to do a proper job and intentional negligence is a disgrace whether they're getting paid or volunteering. *insert rant & blood pressure rising*

    That said, your connection with this precious one is her miracle... and very likely will be yours too as I'm sure she has much to offer in the way of unconditional Love that will be absolutely PRICELESS!!! Healing energy and vibes being sent her way... and the Bohemian Cat Boys, Rusty & Morris, say Hi too!!!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. Had no idea this could happen to animals at a shelter.

    Though have been at hospital with elderly friends and see the horrendous care they get when THEY ask for help, sometimes it arrives....never.

    When I go ask, the help appears. Amazing. And not isolated incidents.

    Sleeping on the tile floor? Good girl, knew I loved you !!

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  12. I cannot imagine anyone not treating animals fairly...our Cappie (a shitzu) is 14 and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure yesterday. We are devastated. We don't have children so she is a huge part of lour lives. My husband and I have spent a lot of time sleeping on the floor beside her in the past when it storms because she is petrified. We must be kindred spirits.


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