Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ornaments By Pink

I had to share this with my blog friends.

Photo of my angel, Shenanigan, on the left.  Spun cotton ornament, created by Maryann, of ornamentsbypink, on etsy.  Mary also has a blog, Ornaments by Pink.
Shenanigan will be living in Gracie's French Manor Dollhouse.
When the package arrived, I panicked and shoved the box into a cabinet. 
 I know how talented Maryann is and I knew her ornament of Shenanigan would be realistic and beautiful...that it would bring the memories flooding in.
Three days later I gathered the courage to allow Gracie to open it. She is far braver than I.  I burst into tears at the sight of it and I cried uncontrollably for fifteen minutes!  It was her! Maryann sent me a photo before she mailed the package and she kindly fluffed Shenanigan up a bit at my request,  (after this photo was taken).  It bears such a strong resemblance to my Shenanigan.
I cannot begin to explain the tremendous peace I feel when I look at it.  It takes the sting away, to a degree. A coil in my heart that was so tightly wound seems to have sprung, releasing some of the pain and grief.
I am busy gathering photos of Frannie to send Maryann's way. My heart is still so heavy with missing her.

 Maryann truly is a magician. There is more to her art than mere cotton, I tell you.  Her work has a soul.

Thank you, Maryann.  I don't think you will ever know just how much this means to me!



  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
    When my Kachina died last year a fellow friend blogger sent me a pillow she made with Kachina's photo on the material! I had no idea this was coming and burst into tears when I opened the package. I can relate to what you say about it taking some of the sting away!
    This is an amazing piece!!!
    Hope this gives you some peace Andie.
    Have I told you our dog has stopped drinking from the water bowl that she shared with Acoya? We have replaced this bowl with two different ones and she refuses to drink from it. She will only drink from her pail on the porch! Our dog trainer said she is grieving.
    Pamela xoxo

  2. She did such a good job, it looks just like your kitty! And I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your cats, i can only imagine how horrible it hurts! RIP Frannie & Shenanigan.

  3. Andie, I'm so happy that you like your little Shenanigan ornament! Its easy for me to make my little animals, but when I'm asked to recreate someones pet thats a hard thing to do. I have to tell you I have a cat sitting here on my table waiting to be finished. She's been sitting here for about 3 weeks. Just can't figure out how to do her face for some reason. I told my daughter yesterday afternoon, I just don't know what to do with her face. Now I'm wondering since I read this post, what Frannie looks like? If she turns out to be the same color as this kitty sitting here waiting to be finished, thats going to be something! Although many of my little ornaments sometimes wait for a long time for their finishing touches.

  4. I'm glad that this beautiful ornament is helping you work through your grief. It's like Maryann captured a little piece of her soul.

  5. Beautiful and special ornament. What a treasure........Sarah


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