Saturday, February 11, 2012

Too Much?

  No husband should have to come home to a boring asphalt driveway after patrolling the city for 12 hours!  Wouldn't you agree?  There are just enough Persian rugs to cover the entire thing!
Just kidding!  We were finally able to move these from the garage.  It is difficult to tell, but the smallest of these is ten feet long!  They are so very heavy! 
I wish I could have taken a photo of my neighbor's face!  You know they are always curious as to what the heck I am up to! She drove by twice and pretended not to look when I looked up and waved!  Tee hee!
The rugs were all rolled up and stacked in the first bay of the garage.  I was going to take them directly into the house but decided, at the last minute, to bring them into the driveway and let them air out.  I'm glad I did because a little mouse had carried eight tons of birdseed into the largest carpet!  No damage, just birdseed husks. Phew!
We grew more excited with each carpet we unrolled.  It has been ages since I bought them on ebay and I had forgotten what they looked like!  Romantic arabesques, clouds and medallions cover each one.  The colors range from deep reds and turquoise, to muted greys and creams. To think, that from a humble sheep, vegetable dyes and the hands of an artisan in a far off country, 50 or more years ago, these rugs were born!
We carefully measured each carpet and I wrote the dimensions on back. Then we rolled them back up and brought them in to be vaccuumed.  
Gracie helped me measure the rooms in the house, now it's time to place them!
I bought these on ebay before we even moved into our new home.  There is  a rug for each room and they all fit perfectly!  How's that for fate?  Now we get to move all of the furniture out of each room and place each rug! 
It's my fault.  When we moved in I was so excited to get the furniture into each room that I never even thought about the rugs.  So they sat...and sat.  Then I became involved with the gardens and the details that make a house a home.  I knew the rugs were going to be a huge undertaking (Get it?  Undertaking?)

Just to give you an idea, this rug is over 14 feet long. It was the heaviest of the group!  Two days later and I am, once again, walking upright!
The rugs are stacked in our breakfast area, where six kitties and a certain puggle sit strategically, like fuzzy little chess pieces!
 Six stray cats on ten Persian rugs...

I finally feel like things are coming together.  This was the bottleneck, so to speak.

Have you had any recent turning points?


  1. I love these rugs. They will make such a big difference in the looks of your room. I make patch works out of them in my rooms, down to the smallest spaces. they add a richness to a house, like nothing else. They will last for ever, get more beautiful with age and feel so good, just roll around on them. Happy valentines Day, my favorite Girl. Richard and Sissy, from, My Old Historic House.

  2. Wow!! So good to have them, and so much! You defenately have an eye for it.
    I love to see them in your house.

    Have a nice weekend! XO

  3. I can see why you put this off. What a huge job. You will be so happy when it's all behind you and I'm sure all the effort will be well worth it. Can't wait to see them in your house!

  4. Are you sure you're walking upright? That is a lot of weight to be lugging around!! Now moving that furniture will be easy, IF you have bare floors and put something like old towels under each leg and slide them out of the way. Can't wait to see them INSIDE.♥♫

  5. Wow, I am looking forward to see these gorgeous rugs in place...
    please make it soon?!...xo Colette

  6. No turning points for me but I have to say I love seeing all your rugs on the drive. That must have been a real eye opener for your neighbors. I can't wait to see them placed!


  7. Love your rugs...I bet that was a sight for the neighbors. They are all beautiful. It probably was a good idea to air them out a bit....

  8. LOL! At first I thought you had fiddled with your snap! Look at all those gorgeous rugs! Lucky you! And your house is just gorgeous! I can just see your neighbor trying to peep at your rugs without letting on.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. That is absolutely hysterical!!! My next door neighbors would have never been able to contain themselves...they would have slammed on the breaks and stopped to get the scoop on what I was doing! The rugs are so gorgeous...I can hardly wait to see them in the rooms! Hurry up already :o) LOL!!!!

  10. Andie, you deserve the red carpet in front of your house, the Treasure Hunting Queen you are :-)

  11. You have some beautiful rugs Andie, and excellent taste. Yes, they can be extremely heavy. I had one very similar to the one in the front years ago. I'm forced to have a turning point almost daily. lol There's always something to be pushed, pulled, moved, or redesigned. I love the little bit about your neighbor. Mine are the same way. They are accustomed to seeing items on my lawn. lol

  12. Well, I quite liked them in the driveway, very innovative, lol!! You would feel like a movie star every day, walking to the door on a red carpet! These are some gorgeous rugs. I much prefer them to wall-to-wall broadloom. So much warmer and richer looking.

  13. Hi Andi!, Your neighbor was just jealous of your gorgeous rugs! They are beautiful and I bet the rugs are wonderful in your home. Hugs, Sherry

  14. Gorgeous rugs! You certainly don't need to go to the gym after dealing with them! Hope to see photographs of them in their rooms soon!

  15. These rugs are gorgeous! You are so right it is an "undertaking"! Persian rugs are very heavy...and awkward. I am sure they will look fantastic in your home. They are beautiful!

  16. Hi Divine Theatre your rugs are beautiful! You are so lucky to have so many. I have not had any for a long time because of pet’s but now that my beloved dog is gone I have been slowly buying antique rugs.

  17. They are gorgeous. They remind me of the rug we bought off of ebay in our family room. The prices were amazing. I am laughing about the neighbor. I get the same reaction, funny though, they don't wave back either LOL!

  18. Beautiful rugs, Andie. I'm amazed you found these on eBay. Funny sight to see them all laid out on your drive. LOL


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