Monday, May 7, 2012

Look Ma! No Paint!

This may never happen again.  I am not painting this Dutch Armoire that I found on Craigslist for $80...not a drop of paint!  Oh sure, I considered it.  You know I did!  Too pretty just the way it is.

                                               One problem, however.  Where will I put it?
                                                                  I already have six.

          What if I remove the horrible bifold doors in the bathroom and place the armoire in the niche?


                                                                         Any ideas?



  1. Andie another great find. I need to hire you to be my personal shopper. You find the best pieces at the best prices. After a while you can start your own shop. How are the boys that were helping you move the stuff?

  2. It's gorgeous! I am so glad you are not going to paint it. My only suggestion is build an addition? lol...:)

  3. It's gorgeous Andie! Six? My friend that's funny and don't they have a program for things like this? I love your idea of removing the bifold doors, I didn't know they still made those things, do it, do it, do it!


  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who buys things with no idea where they are going - it usually ends up in a huge rearrangement - drives my husband crazy! You did well not to paint this lovely piece. X Sharon

  5. What a fabulous price! It's a beauty. I have is used for displaying a collection (I put glass in the doors) and the other two house TV's and books. I love armoires!

  6. OH you'll sure find a place for that beautiful piece in your home.

  7. What a beautiful find. I wish my local craigslist had even 1/3 of the items you have found. Your home looks lovely. I'm your newest follower. liz

  8. YES, i know where it should consignment shop in st. charles!!!

    cannot believe the price, you are amazing!

  9. It must go on a freight truck to my Conservatory.

    Congrats on this FIND.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  10. It's the idea of placing it in your niche!!

  11. LOVE the idea of in the bathroom! BRILLIANT! You find the best things on craigslist -i have awful luck here in DC (with a few exceptions).

  12. you found this for 80 dollars OH MY GOD that is gorgeous. what a steal.

  13. I herald the comments...$80??? I would more realistically find it here for $800. And, it can go on the truck to my place, please. It's insanely gorgeous.

  14. Oh Pulleease, may I come by and pay you
    whatever you wish to take that lovely piece off your hands???!!!

    Please tell me you have not since found a spot for it, Andie.
    I truly need this for my home!

    Honestly, I never find anything on CList! You are a magician I think.
    Maybe like Bewitched's Samantha? You crinkle your nose and pretty
    things just appear on there??!! Seriously!!!

    I will take and buy all your discarded pieces.


  15. Alison has a good must be like Bewitched's Samantha. Good things seem to find you. This is gorgeous, and I personally like the idea of using it within a space in the bathroom.


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