Monday, April 1, 2013

Trying Everything On...

Hi guys!  Happy April Fool's Day!  I had considered playing a prank but I really cannot top my post from a few years back! The comments are priceless!  I read them again today!  LOL!

Today I want to share the beginning process of the secretary I am working on.  The original factory finish was pretty but it was a little plastic looking.  Too perfect.  Also, the colors weren't working in the Breakfast Room.

I tried on the new (antique) hardware and the flame finials.  It is currently painted in Annie Sloan Coco but I am going over it in Graphite and solely Dark Wax tonight, then I will add the decoupage panels.   I still don't know what color I will paint the interior.  It's a toss up between Annie Sloan Duck Egg, Louis Blue or Aubusson.  Once I install the panels I will have a better idea.

Aren't the tulips beautiful?

This is a better view of the hardware.  I have aged the brassy escutcheons with burnt umber paint.

I am excited about this one!

I hope everything goes as planned!




  1. Oh, that is going to look soooooo good. Love the new hardware.

  2. I am liking how it is evolving...
    I am excited too!!!

  3. Beautiful! I love the tulips and brass .. details are everything and I can't wait to see how this turns out!


  4. O yes, love it!, allways such fun to see how you transform pieces! Thank you for sharing with us- love from this side of the globe xx

  5. Looking good.
    As for April Fool's Day, the weather played one on us. We had a huge snow storm so our Easter looked more like Christmas.

  6. Andie your secretary is looking so wonderful and love those flame finials! I'm going to have to see what I can find on ebay since I'm loving yours.


    1. I may have purchased the last set! Geeesh! The competition was fierce! I have some drapery finials posted on my Pinterest that I was going to use as backup if I didn't win the auction! They are really beautiful!

  7. Andie,

    I like what you've done so far, but isn't it really more of a GRAY than a COCO color? I se what you meant about the original factory-made decorations being too plastic. The piece has an unusual "bonnet." I've been trying to figure out what to call the style -- do you know? It looks like something from the eighteenth-century, but certainly neither English nor French. Maybe Italian -- or Spanish?

    Hey! You never told us how you're brunch went on Sunday. I'm eager to know what you served, and how many attended, and if it was a happy time for you, and all that.

    Please report as asap. ;-)

  8. Linda peça, a cor é bonita, mas nós aqui do Brasil, temos gosto pela madeira em tom natural ou com cores vivas. Deve ser uma herança africana. Sua sala está muito bonita e a flor tulipa deu um toque de vida muito chique. Parabéns sua casa está belíssima.
    Tenha uma ótima semana.


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