Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Post of Aimless Wandering...

This is what our family room looked like last Spring...and up until a week ago.  I would have kept it this way but once I hung the drapes the room had to be reconfigured.
In a perfect world, I would have kept the windows bare but the view is not exactly stellar.

The drapes occupy approximately 10 additional inches of the room's width and the room is not wide enough to accommodate this configuration with the addition of the drapes.

Also, the family room is at the far end of an enfilade of rooms.  The kitchen, the breakfast room and the family room all had furniture running in the same direction, the kitchen island, the breakfast room table and the occasional table in the family room closely resembled train cars.
It bugged me.
A lot.
All.  The.  Time.

Woo!  Woo!  All aboard!

A change was necessary...
Mediterranean Blue faux silk taffeta drapes from Halfpricedrapes.com for use in the Winter to add color.
In the warmer months I will hang eggshell taffeta drapes.

Pet hair does not cling to the taffeta.
I cannot tell you how grateful I am for that!

View from loft area...

In case you may have missed it...that curtain is several inches shorter than the others.  *sigh* I can just move it to the corner window when the other two panels arrive.
On the far left...Mabel's rear end.  

Still waiting on two more curtain panels for the windows flanking the mantel.

The curtains match the blue of the Persian rug...

As well as the blue of the Aubusson pillows on the sofas...

...and the Duck Egg Blue of the painted secretary...

From the Breakfast Room...

My helper was hospitalized so the railings didn't get painted.
He actually called me from the hospital to apologize!
He is doing much better now, thank goodness!
Say hi to McGillicuddy and Napoleon!
Some day I will finish the secretary.  I am having commitment issues.

The paint for the railings and doors is waiting patiently in the basement...
This table was found on Craigslist.  

The top of the table is painted to simulate marble...

I have chosen Martha Stewart's Plumage for the ceiling and Whetstone Grey for the walls...
Yes. I am painting the ceiling darker than the walls.
That way, I don't have to commit to color for all the rooms in my open-concept home...
I never considered this dilemma when we bought the house.

Another point of contention in this room is the openings between this area and the Music Room.
I had hoped to have them drywalled but we used the money for Daniel's treatments and Tallulah's hernia surgery.  No regrets, though!
This means I either have to deal with it the way it is or come up with a less expensive means of covering it.
Or save up again and wait.
I have a few ideas rattling around in this wee brain of mine...
The mirror will be hung above the mantel as soon as the back is reinforced.

I should be ashamed to show this but then I remembered I have no shame.
This is kinda what the mirror will look like once it is hung above the mantel.
I could lie and say Gracie did this but she would have done a better job...

There you have it!  A rambling post with no clear beginning or ending!




  1. I was reading this and looking at so many different things and thinking, oh what did she end up doing with the secretary...and then you answered..! The draperies must make the room feel warmer and cozier for sure. Love it all Andie.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful space!!! LOVE the blue drapes, and the persian rug is fabulous. Just beautiful!!

  3. It's all gorgeous, Andie! I love the blue and how you've pulled it out of that wonderful carpet and Aubusson pillow. Much of the same colors in our living room, but ours is much smaller space. The clearstoryand the wall of windows flanking the fireplace really are grand. You have great style!

  4. Love the color of the drapes and they really did bring out the blue in the rug. You have such great pieces. to work with and it is always fun to change things up.

  5. You've done great! And, don't worry about time unless you're on a deadline of some kind. There is always tomorrow unless the Queen is arriving. xx's

  6. another delight, i never tire of my visits to "europe" in illinois.
    crazy for the direction your home is taking and really appreciated the view from the loft, WOW!!

    agree to a dark ceiling when the walls are so high

  7. Always fun to visit. Honestly, you have so many beautiful things, however you configure them, it would be stunning. I love the blue.

  8. Hi Andie, what a very raw post. I so appreciate your vulnerability and I always find it so refreshing when great bloggers post photos that aren't 'perfect'.
    Having said that....The drapes you chose are the most perfect color and texture for this room. Placing the Chesterfields back to back is an unexpected FABULOUS change (even though ever since I originally saw them facing each other I yearned to be able to do it in my own home), the area rugs are stunning and the secretary is just wonderful.
    You are moving onto a nice cohesive look. Don't fret about the balusters and railings - all in good time.
    Just a week and a half before our big open house for our new home we had someone coming in to paint the entire kitchen (after removing wallpaper that nauseated me), we had beautiful crown molding all ready to go up, a large mirror waiting to be mounted & linen drapes patiently waiting to make a debue. The person we hired cracked 2 ribs 2 days before he was supposed to do all the work!!! We had our open house with bare wallpaper stripped walls and no window treatments. To my delight, of course no one cared. It is the company we keep my dear :-)
    Love it all and love that you are sharing your house journey :-)

  9. I must need clothes made of taffeta if pet hair doesn't stick!! Everything looks wonderful to me.♥♫

  10. Andie,
    I really love when you give a tour through your amazing home that looks so European. I so enjoy your energy as we wander through you point out the newest CL finds and enhancements. The candid photos with your beloved pets warm my heart. You are unique and always keep it real. Taffeta who knew??? What a wonderful fabric that isn't a magnet for pet hair.

  11. Please Andie, when you tire of the secretary and the lions on the mantle, please let me shop Andie's List and purchase them.

  12. Rather than having the chairs have their backs to the fireplace, how about angling them on either side, so that they flank it? This is the brst I can give you......I have a lousey cold:(

  13. LOVE the addition of the curtains and color. so stylish! and so envious of your huge room with room for 2 seating groups. and HELLO -why have you never shown that console table before with the faux-marble top? be careful -if I ever visit I will fit that into my coat pocket or steal it somehow. I absolutely LOVE love LOVE it. Still can't wait to see all of that orange oakey oak painted - sorry to hear your friend was hospitalized!!!

  14. Love your new drapes, they provide such a lovely pop of color!
    I like your sofas both ways!
    You house is amazing, just like you:)
    Thanks for letting us in your house and head!

  15. Beyond gorgeous and if you ever, ever sell the angel, well I hope I am at the top of the list!

    The Arts by Karena

  16. Great looking curtains and love the new paint on the secretary,but the question is...will it stay? No? Rooms look fantastic....I hear Parisian music playing when I view your posts!

  17. All so lovely.

    and, if pet hair does not stick to Taffeta, I believe I need a coat made of it.
    I am seriously getting rid of my black wool one.

    Because it catches dog hair even while hiding from the dogs in the closet.

    I love your couches!

    and angels
    and crowns
    and decor
    and drapes
    and big windows
    and etc.

    ~ Violet

  18. Everyone ahead of me said it all FABULOUS finds and fabulous arrangements of everything. I love that huge mirror

  19. A sala está linda. As crotinas ficaram muito bonita e a cor belíssima. Sua casa é linda e aconchegante. Tudo feito por nós tem um valor inestimável. parabéns pelo linda decoração.
    Tenha uma ótima semana.

  20. Oh, sweet Snow White, I would easily live in your stunning house, I simply adore your decorations, no matter what you do! The big m irror makes such a statement of elegance and old world palace! The very long drapes look fabulous in those amazing Windows. I love it all!

  21. Andie, the room would certainly have been elegant, but too austere and frigidly formal -- almost like a CHURCH -- without your addition of the draperies. Very frankly, I would love to see more Renaissance, Baroque and Classical-style paintings with warm glowing colors -- especially red, rose and peach tones -- on the fireplace wall. That would lift the vibrant spirit of your wonderful carpet up to the higher portions of the room., and bring it all together.

    As for the awkward openings between the two rooms, have you considered using either louvered wooden shutters painted to match the walls, or possibly FABRIC panels framed and stretched tight to cover the openings? You'd have to make them self-lined, of course, otherwise you'd have a "bad side" showing in the adjoining room. OR, you could even hang oriental rugs that fit the apertures. They too can be framed and stretched to be hung as art. Kilims, as you may know, are equally good on both sides.

    SO many ways to "skin the (proverbial) cat!" (Horrid simile, isn't it?)

  22. Andie, I have a question:

    Do your neighbors appreciate you, or do they generally ignore the ingenious ways you find to make your dwelling space so distinguished? In my neighborhood (which is supposed to be very good) people seem to studiously ignore the many highly noticeable improvements I've made over the past 14 years.

    Where I came from (admittedly a long time ago) people realized it was polite to praise anything new in the neighborhood, whether they particularly liked it or not. ;-)

  23. Andie, Your home is beautiful and I love the new window treatments! The color is gorgeous.

  24. Andie, the room is fabulous and love the color of the draperies...totally lovely. How tall are those ceilings? I don't understand why the one panel is shorter...is it defective?

  25. Andie, you live in the most amazing home--I am always inspired by your sense of style :) And I love that you share your elegant home with your pets--Napoleon and MacGillicuddy look very relaxed and happy. I will have to remember about the taffeta not collecting pet hair--that's a great tip!

  26. Wow! What an amazing room-even before the drapes and the mirror.The whole room is just beautiful now!

  27. First world problems indeed! The place looks great and I really like the back-to-back couches. Thx for the visit Ms. DT, er, Andie!

  28. Hi, Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog about Mr. Lincoln, I just love dogs they are so fun! I just came to see your blog.... it is lovely! Oh my, your furnishings are gorgeous... Love the room, I will be back to see the progress! I'm going back to follow you!
    A lovely day to you!

  29. Hi Andie! Honey, your home is just amazing and so is your decorating style. Love your pretty new drapes and the color is gorgeous! Again, you amaze me Most Young One!
    Be a sweetie,

  30. Wow you have done so much, looks fabulous. The drapes really add drama and warmth, fabulous job!!

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. I thought you might like this one, Andie


    Your friend, Michael

  33. I think I can fit my whole house into your living room, Andie. It is so beautiful. That angel...I can't even...Back in college I wrote a short story for my lit class and I think all this time, I was thinking about that angel when I was writing it. Thank you for the comment on my settee post. I was going to write you an email but couldn't find it. I think my hysteria has calmed down a bit after a few days. : ) Now it is the dogs' settee. They have it good.

  34. Hi Andie. Love your new drapes...the color is fabulous. I just painted my guest room in Plumage and I love it. It will look great in your home.

  35. Your house is gorgeous, I truly love it! Thank you for visiting me dear Andy. When you get a chance you'll see my girls in just the post before this one! Have a lovely weekend.

  36. I enjoyed the Virtual Tour thru your Beautiful Home Andie... the Before AND the After Images are so Lovely and Regal! You should be an Interior Decorator! I understand about the Vet Bills... Yul's topped five hundred dollars I didn't really have... which I wouldn't have minded so much if he could have been Saved... but to spend all that and lose him was a double wammy... grief AND being broke simultaneously... since Princess T and The Man also had unexpected medical bills to cover this month too! So beholding Beautiful Images such as yours here in the Land of Blog is my little Happy Place this Month.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  37. Andi, is everything all right? Haven't heard from you in a while, you're in my thoughts and prayers.

  38. Hi Andie, the room is stunning and I love the curtains and I wouldn't have noticed that one was shorter if you hadn't pointed it out, LOL I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  39. Always such great fun and drama to see in your home Andie.
    Hope alls well. Happy Spring!

  40. Andie, i am terrible late to a beautiful date here in your home. Oh my what again can I say that has not been said so many times before. The curtain length may have not been noticed to us visiting with out you bring it to our attention or maybe we might have, but I know how frustrated you must have been once hung and then noticing the out come of its grand look and the one and only panel being that much short, this has happened to me with French lace curtains so many years ago when the hung window seal length that making it so much mor noticeably different and much harder to hide in waiting for the right length to arrive. All and all they are breathtaking.
    You referred to your home as to feeling like train cars, you may think I am crazy but I love that feeling like a beautiful travel on the Orient Express run trough Paris in a train of fine grandeur. Your for,al room lay out is so aristocratic in socialization movement, it's make for separate conversation areas back to back looking into areas of the room from where on might site, I really love it. I have a friend who laid out her formal room just like yours, having the piano on one side of the facing of the sofa and the other side sofa facing the fire place it's mood was of beauty, soft entertainment with backs to the sounds of a piano playing while gazing into a fire place fire.

    Your railing will be beautiful when painted, as for the piano room openings I totally hear you on wanting to close up the window space making the room feel a bit more closed and private. I have this idea that may help add to your home of beauty....How about if you screw in some support boards top to bottom in the window space and sheet it with wood paneled then to picture frame it with frame work added that paneled feel to the openings painting it that soft colour planed for the walls, I think the picture framing panels will add that grand feeling you might be looking for. The installation is all carpentry of screwing in of wood rather then Sheetrock and tapering mud and texturing that sometimes does not blend with the rest of the rooms walls. The paneled walls will add depth and framing interest to your decor you could repeat this look on the ceiling in the music room making the two window openings match with the ceiling or not by just doing the tow openings. You can trim off the windows openings with grand piped icing looking frame work when painted it will look like plaster work.
    I hope I added a thought to your plan for the music room openings.

    Andie, come for a visit, would love to share my antique Rococo Baroque mirror I hung in my kitchen over a simple farmhouse table.

    I am still working on the piece gifted from you, I think of you and your beautiful heart daily.

    Lots of love,


  41. Ooops Andie over look the typo misspells, darn that spell check changing my spelling on me before I notice :(
    That's what I get for rambling on and on.


  42. Wow love it!
    This job has navigated right into my heart.
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