Monday, February 17, 2014

Chicago Craigslist This Week!

Hi Everyone!  It's snowing again today!  Before we head out to toboggan, I want to show you a few things I found on our local Craigslist.

This one is coming home to Gracie's playroom!

The rest of these items are still up for grabs!
The link beneath each image will take you to the listing on my local Chicago Craigslist.


Are you interested in setting up your own wine cellar?
You're in luck!

How about a pair of French Champagne Riddling Racks?

Or an antique French wine corker?

Antique Pine French Dining Table

Or an antique French wine bottle carrier?

Antique Wine Crates

Antique French Grape-Picking Basket

Antique Rustic Ladder

Antique French Wine Barrel Top

Antique French Bistro Table and Chair

Lovely Settee

Treasures abound!

A pair of French parlor Chairs

One of a Pair of Velvet Chairs

Lovely Chandelier

Stunning Armoire

Bombe Chest Sink

Federal Convex Mirror

Gothic Church Cabinet

Venetian Secretary

The links only remain valid for one week on Chicago Craigslist because it is a very active site.

Wasn't that fun?!

Go see what you can find on your local Craigslist and share it in your comments, will you?




  1. Andie, how are you finding these gorgeous finds? I guess I am living in the wrong part of the country. Gorgeous desk for your girl.

  2. Oh Andie what wonderful French finds on your local CL... wish i could find such amazing treasures in Philly.

  3. The desk is gorgeous.....what an amazing find! I wish I lived in your area! LOL

  4. OMGosh you make me hurt, Such wonderful items you found. I love that armoire
    and the parlor chairs

    drooling over them all

  5. That's it! I am moving to Chicago! Holy moly those are some amazing finds. The church cabinet is stuuuunning! The bombe chest sink-whoa! The matching victorian chairs belong in my house right now (and what a fabulous price for the pair).
    Thanks for a super fun post.

  6. Just checked my local Craigslist and let's just say there is nothing even remotely resembling the pieces you featured.

  7. I'd leave a pithy comment, but I'm too sick with my damn cold......

  8. Thank you for sharing. Loved it all. No wonder you find such wonderful things. So much of it offered.

  9. Andie, the pine dining table would be at least 1500€ ($2000)...and that is here in Provence!!

  10. Andie you should start a shop out there.... a big rambling kind of shop filled wtih these kind of treasures. Curated Craigslist by Andie is the name...and many will flock to your shop and you will then have a reality tv show starring you and the animals that also hang around the shop.

  11. Well, I love the desk that you got--very pretty. These are really some beautiful finds from Craig's List--I will have to scour ours more regularly, but I don't usually see such pretty items for sale around here.

  12. I loved the items you posted, Andie! Here are some items I found on my local CL in Florida. I was actually surprised...there are some very nice pieces for reasonable prices. (Also so very high ones...I didn't post those!) I would love this first set of carved Japanese cabinets myself, and if I had a spare $300.00 AND room for it, it would be in my house tomorrow!!! Amazing Carved Japanese pieces. China cabinet and two matching octagonal curios...all for just $300.00!!!!!!! I don't know for sure, but these look like Windsor chairs to me...all for $30.00! Venetian? mirror...$30.00 Nursing chair...0 bucks! Check out this ancient clothes dryer! Currier and Ives framed advertisement. Venetian oval mirror...$198.00! Victorian lamps, $225.00. Hall tree...$800.00. Beautiful gate leg table for $300.00 Oak secretary desk...$150.00

  13. Beautiful Antique French stuff you found Andy. I have two bombe Antique end tables in the living room I adore. Love the desk for your DD.

  14. Andie, I agree completely with Amy.

    "Andie you should start a shop out there.... a big rambling kind of shop filled wtih these kinds of treasures."

    I had a shop once in an old house I'd bought for next-to-nothing, and renovated. It was located on the main street of a quaint town that attracted lots of weekend tourists. I never made much money from the antiques and used furniture, but I had a lot of fun finding stuff at yard sales, flea markets, and moving and storage places that auctioned off wholesale lots when people failed to pay their storage bills. I only bought things I wouldn't mind having to live with if they didn't sell. I kept "trading up," and eventually got a houseful of stuff I wouldn't want to part with for any price. The profit came when I sold the BUILDING –– sfor three times more than I'd paid for it.

    With a big interest such as yours, and all the talent and prodigious energy you obviously have a shop would be a great outlet for you. Only thing: To make money you should OWN the building.

  15. Andie,

    I've been wondering ... Surely Gracie must realize by now that she lives in a world of enchantment unlike that of any of her peers. I's a wonderful kind of abnormality to be sure, but does it make it difficult for the little girl to relate happily to children her own age, and vice versa?

    In my own experience I have found -- to my sorrow -- that having extraordinary tastes, interests, talents and possessions can make you a target for unpleasant attention, even abuse. Why this should be so, I've never understood, but it has been true enough in my experience.

    Even so, I wouldn't have it any other way, and neither should you.

    "This above all to thine own self be true, and it shall follow as surely as day follows night, thou canst not then be false to any other man." [I hope I got that quotation from Hamlet right. I didn't look it up. Good old Polonius!]

  16. Lots of goodies in your area! The riddling racks immediately caught my eye. The convex mirrors seem to be pretty popular nowadays. I searched CL a bit this morning in search of dining room chairs. I emailed the seller just waiting on a response...

    1. Hi Brandi!
      Just wanted to remind you to also look under "dinning" chairs! So many people spell that word incorrectly. There are as many dinning rooms as dining rooms on my Craigslist! LOL!



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