Saturday, October 31, 2015

All Hallow's Eve 2015

Hello friends!
Hoping this post finds you in good health and in good spirits.

We have been busy catching up with Summer's end.  It always takes us by surprise!

This post is a reprise of the raven-drawn carriage I created for my daughter a few years ago and the poem that I wrote to accompany it. The original post on the raven-drawn carriage can be found here.  Hope you enjoy!
 Happy Hauntings! 

On Blackbird's Wings

Mommy, I’m frightened of Halloween
The spooks haunt my days
And enter my dreams!

My darling child
There is nothing to fear!
No need to be frightened
At this time of year

It is not quite as scary
As you believe
You see, love is the reason
For All Hallow’s Eve

To honor the memory
Of those who have passed
To make certain the bonds
They have forged still hold fast

I place my child
To sleep in her bed
A glowing light above her head

Her dreams turn to thoughts
Of Halloween
Of bumps in the night
And things unseen

Then, a loving hand guides her
To a magical scene!
Of pumpkins and carriages
Blackbirds on wing!

The carriage awaits...
The child arrives
Once she’s in safely
It takes to the skies!

Silken black feathers
In unison fly
To carry the child through a black, starry sky

Each star, the light of a loved one, since passed
So grateful to finally meet you at last!
The glow of the starlight sparks in your heart
Warm with wisdom of which you’re now a part

Upon the horizon
The light of the dawn
A new day awaiting
It’s time to move on

Wake in the morning
Sun on your face
Pluck your costume from its place

Pull the ensemble over your head
When something wafts and alights on your bed

And pulls you back to
The edge of a dream
The silken feather
Of a blackbird’s wing...




  1. Three great books for the season. May your children grow to love them as I have. Happy Halloween, Andie!

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  2. Wonderful pumpkin carriage Andie, and I love the black crows who pull it, or fly away with it I to the dark of Halloween night!

    Great post, have a perfect night and a wonderful weekend.


  3. The pumpkin carriage pulled by black crows is gorgeous! Wonderful to see you around blog land my friend. Hope all is well with you and your family. I bet your darling daughter is ready for all the Halloween fun.
    Hugs and blessings.

  4. How fortunate your Gracie is to have such a creative, tender-hearted mother capable of making unique dream visions come to life!

    It's a lovely poem, Andie.

    Tell me, I can't help wondering: Do you use a real pumpkin to fashion this very special display?

  5. Brilliant Andie and such a treasured keepsake!! You are the best!

    The Arts by Karena

  6. Andie, I have shared this with many friends. Your poem has touched my heart. You are amazingly creative. The pumpkin carriage is magical. I know your daughter cherishes both the poem and this piece of art. Thank you for sharing this again. I'm saving a copy this time.
    Happy November!

  7. ___ A Big Ol’ Papa Bear Has Left Us ____

    The news was sudden –– caught us unaware.
    One never knows. They say, it’s up to God.
    Finality is always in the air ––
    Reaching out to claim us as we plod ––
    Earnestly –– erratic, or dogmatic ––
    Dogged –– fearful –– frivolous –– romantic ––
    The pious –– the heroic –– the pragmatic ––
    Hold on to Life, and try not to feel frantic.
    Or lose heart while knowing we are stalked ––
    Mercilessly –– from the day that we are born.
    Papa Bear was taken while we talked.
    Sadly, he won’t see another morn.
    Of him now, as we contemplate his loss,
    No one should speak unkindly or be cross.

    ~ FreeThinke (11/1/15)

    In loving memory of Fred Dalton Thompson (1942-2015) Truly an American Original. Rest in peace, Fred. We'll miss you.

  8. Ravens pulling a pumpkin coach? Love it!

  9. Lindo poema. Amei a carruagem de abobora. Aqui também estamos na loucura que o fim do ano nos traz. Minha filha vai casar e estamos todos felizes.
    Bjos tenha um ótimo novembro que el venha cheio de surpresas e coisas boas.

  10. You are so clever!
    Love your pumpkin stagecoach.

  11. I'm eager to see what you're going to dish up for Thanksgiving, Andie.

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  13. Why not share a few of your favorite recipes for turkey stuffing, or a special Thanksgiving treat handed down in your family, until Andie brings forth a new post?

    Why can't we just chat in a friendly fashion among ourselves? What could be wrong with that?

  14. In the not-too-distant past, I used to make a Cranberry-Raisin-Apple-Walnut pie with a PINWHEEL top crust that truly was to die for. Looked as good as it tasted. The original recipe called for a LATTICE crust, which I couldn't manage, so I used very thin strips of dough from the center out first in quarter, then eighths and finally sixteenths all pinched together to form a small rosette of dough in the middle. Lots of butter, cinnamon and light brown sugar made it "indescribably delicious." ;-)

  15. We missed you at Thanksgiving, Andie. I sure hope you are well and had a wonderful celebration with family and friends.

    Please don't think you must always make a spectacular presentation to be loved and appreciated in the blogosphere.

    Have a blessed Advent Season.

  16. ANDIE,

    For OUR sakes, please stop by your blog, and tell us you are well and in the midst of another terrific project. When you drop out of sight so completely for weeks on end, despite repeated attempts to get in touch with you, I can't help but worry.

    In any event BEST WISHES to you and your family for a HAPPY CHRISTMAS SEAON and a GLAD NEW YEAR!

  17. I am very sorry about the recent loss of your dear kitty cat friend, Andie.

    As Queen Elizabeth, II, of Mother England recently said, "Grief is the price we pay for love."

    I'm afraid she is correct. I would dare add "Death is the price we pay for Life."

  18. Also, "It's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all."

    But I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.

    I do hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year, Andie.

  19. ______ YES SANTA EXISTS ______

    Yes, dear children, Santa Claus is real,

    Even though so many don't agree.

    Santa lives wherever people feel

    Sweet and kind in all sincerity,

    And show their love with understanding gifts,

    Not gaudy, foolish, merely costly things.

    The gift of Recognition often lifts
A sagging spirit high, and lends it wings.

    Elves aplenty fashion tokens bright, as

    Xanadu excursions, jewels and such.
If connected well, these brings delight. As

    Substitutes for love, they're not worth much.
The more we spend, sometimes, the less we give.
Santa comes to hearts that love to live.

    ~ FreeThinke - The Sandpiper - Christmas, 1995

  20. Happy Times to ALL this Christmas Season. May the Love that is supposed to be born anew each year to reign over us manifest itself in each and every heart, and may the coming New Year be kinder, gentler, and more charitable to all. And above all may we learn to appreciate all the good thing that is in us with greater Understanding grow in our hearts along with a growing aversion to Clamor, Dissension, Sarcasm, Rudeness, Self-Centeredness, and Condemnation.


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