Thursday, September 14, 2017

Looking Glass

I have an affection for mirrors.  I had no idea.  However, upon reflection, it is quite apparent. 

No more puns.  I promise.  

Mirrors have the ability to make small rooms look larger, dark rooms seem brighter and they literally double the beauty of what they reflect.  

When I hang mirrors, I am careful to situate them opposite of something worth their reflection, be it a window, a painting, a favorite objet d' art, even another mirror.  

While perusing these photos I also noted that I seem to like painting mirrors, for the finish of over half of them has been altered.  Thank goodness for chalk paint!  I never could have accomplished so much without it!  

I have mastered the art of looking at a mirror without looking into a mirror.  
Like vampires do, I'm sure.  
But their hair always looks so nice.  How do they do that?  

Mirrors have a presence many other pieces do not.  They can be unobtrusive or they can be a the focal point of a room.  
In the dreary winter months, when light is scarce, a mirror, or several, can direct the rays of the sun into a room that might otherwise be somber.  In summer, mirrors invite the reflection of blue skies, butterflies, birds and flowers, so it seems as if you are outdoors, among them.  

Now, imagine the walls of these rooms without mirrors. The glow of light in the mirror disappears, the depth of the reflection, gone. 

They really do make a difference!  




  1. I try never to use the word, because it's become such a cliché, but the only appropriate term for your collection of mirrors, Andie, is AWESOME.

    Just beautiful –– FANTASTIC! And I agree with eveything you wrote, although I've hung mirrors high up directly above doors in hallways and over the mantelpiece, because they bring light into the area, even though there's little pictorial display in the reflection when they're so far above our heads.

    I didn't realize at first that your arched mirror outdoors was in fact a MIRROR. I thought it was an open archway. Definitely a stroke of genius! I love it.

  2. Well Andie, I thought I had a thing for mirrors until seeing yours. Very pretty. I have an old trumeau mirror from France that has been in my booth from day one. I should go get it and put it back up. It is all original too.

  3. Obviously, I should shop for mirrors the same places you do Andie! I love them, too. But not easy to find here in the backwoods.
    Still, a coat of duck egg blue chalk paint and some gold touch up looks pretty good on one old mirror I inherited. The gold leaf on another-- ca 1890 --not so good. Needs some toning down, eventually. I love it when the plaster is intact......
    Thanks for sharing your many mirrors. Though I would not want to have to clean them all every spring!! LOL

  4. Amei teus espelhos, lindos. Aqui em nossa casa só tenho no banheiro . Amei os ambientes com espelhos. Eles espalham luz pela casa. Aqui é difícil encontrar espelhos bonitos.
    Bjos tenha um ótimo fim de semana.

  5. Lovely, as always, Andie!

    I found a kindred spirit for you...check out her IG. She is magical, a phenomenal gardener, a Renasissance woman, spirited, bargain-finder-make-it-into-something-unreal, like you do so well.



  6. PS Here's her blog (she's active on IG now), which shows how she created some incredible furniture.

  7. PPS---sorry-I promise this is the last comment---she loves mirrors, too!

  8. Fine...I'm a stalker...more....

    and the case for yes, you are kindred spirits:

  9. You have some of the most Magnificent Mirrors... and of coarse your Home is always a Feast for the Senses! Those enormous Floor Mirrors, be still my beating Heart!

  10. Mirrors have the ability to make small rooms look larger, dark rooms seem brighter and they literally double the beauty of what they reflect.

    Having grown up in a small house covered by shade trees and still living in such a house (1930's building), I was long ago instructed in the proper placement of mirrors.

    I notice that all of my clients do not use mirrors in either the living room or the dining room (or the piano room). Yes, the houses are large, but they could still benefit from strategically placed mirrors -- especially for brightening the rooms. The cavernous rooms are dark!

    My favorite mirror in my house is the one in the piano room. The mirror is cherry-framed and has gilding; it goes perfectly with my early 1800's cherry wood wine cabinet and has brass hinges. I bought my piano room mirror decades ago from a friend who supervised estate sales. The origins of this mirror: it was originally hung in a brothel in D.C.! Quite a conversation piece!

    Everyone who walks into my piano room asks, "Where did you get that beautiful mirror?"

    I love seeing their faces when I say, "From a brothel."


    You have a wonderful collection of mirrors, Andie.

  11. I have the same problem!! our attic is even full of mirrors I can't pass up LOL. Last year I even had some antique wall to wall mirror installed in our dining and living room to help reflect light -makes a huge difference> I even have a fancy gilded mirror hanging on TOP of the antiqued mirror wall. LOL Mirror on mirror. It's an illness. BUt helps bounce light and make the room feel more balanced and open.

  12. Lindas peças, verdadeiras obras de arte. Bj e feliz fim de semana.

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  14. Just in case anyone is looking in today, October 31, 2017:

    _______ All Hallows Eve _______

    Trick or treating, barren branches claw
    On rooftops ‘gainst the biting Autumn air.
    Jack O’Lantern flickers. Would he gnaw
    An arm away, or set aflame the hair ––
    Conspicuously real above the masks ––
    Kindling Kindergartners at the door?
    Only Satan’s own perform such tasks,
    Leering, lisping, limping as to war.
    Awake! All Hallows Eve lets loose the ghosts.
    No one escapes the Grave for long. Be wise.
    The Jack O’Lanterns flicker on the posts ––
    Each one a sentry for the Lord of Flies.
    Run home to mother lest the Evil One
    NABS you, while you THINK you’re having fun.

    ~ FreeThinke - The Sandpiper, Autumn, 1996



  15. The mirror over my fireplace was placed off center. The mantle is filled with vases that need a place to perch until I finish unpacking. The off center mirror drives friends KrAzY but it amuses me.

  16. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to Andie, Gracie and Handsome Husband!

    _______ To Thanksgiving _______

    This holiday is often overlooked
    One feels, because it doesn’t generate
    The flow of cash, the airlines overbooked,
    Hysteria at fear of being late.

    A humble, homey, family-style affair,
    No supernatural glamour European
    Kicks Concupiscence awake to dare
    Sobriety to drink and make a scene.

    Giving thanks for what one has is not
    In fashion in this Age of Gimmemore.
    Virtue, quaintly comical, has got
    Inhibited. It fears to be a bore.

    Nothing satisfies, however wild, like
    Giving thanks for home in manner childlike.

    ~ FreeThinke, The Sandpiper, Autumn, 1996

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