Saturday, September 2, 2017

Divine Gardens...

Summer is waning.  I'm never ready for this.  
I love every moment spent in the gardens.  I never want it to end!  

They certainly have come a long way since I woke in the middle of the night with an idea that would take years to come to fruition...Truly, they will never be finished but the soul is there. I can feel it.  

View of the East garden gate from the parterre...leading into the Shakespeare borders.  

Front entry.  Many neighbors have decorated for Autumn but I wait until Autumn arrives.  

East Limelight Hydrangea hedge...

View of parterre from house, facing the street, toward East Limelight hedge...

View of parterre from street.  The trees will soon grow to the point that our gardens will be hidden and the homes encircling us cannot be seen. 

My garden is a dear companion and I will miss her as she sleeps.  

I know that she will miss me as well.  For in Spring, she comes bearing flowers and blooms that spill confetti, which catches in my hair and falls gaily to my feet!

She conducts a chorus of birds to awaken me in the morning and an ensemble of chirping crickets, baritone frogs and sonorous toads to lull me to sleep at night.

Yes.  I will miss her.

Until then!

Goodnight, sweet friend.  




  1. You did an amazing job of creating your own sanctuary. The place where your soul can rejoice and fly. Have any of your neighbors gotten the bug and decided to do some of this in their yards?

    1. Thank you, Christie! Several of my neighbors are gardeners but most are not. I am tempted to steal into their yards at night and plant trees!


  2. Just astounding Andie. I remember when you began it. Those hydrangeas are stunning. It should be in a magazine. You are a wonder, dear.

    1. I am always so happy to see you, Donna. I hope you have a wonderful Labor day!


  3. ____ SEPTEMBER ____

    Der Garten trauert,
    kühl sinkt in die Blumen der Regen.
    Der Sommer schauert
    still seinem Ende entgegen.

    Golden tropft Blatt um Blatt
    nieder vom hohen Akazienbaum.
    Sommer lächelt erstaunt und matt
    in den sterbenden Gartentraum.

    Lange noch bei den Rosen
    bleibt er stehen, sehnt sich nach Ruh.
    Langsam tut er die großen
    müdgewordnen Augen zu.

    _____________ ~ § ~ _____________

    ________ TRANSLATION ________

    The garden saddens
    Cool rain sinks into the flowers.
    Summer shudders
    as he quietly meets his end.

    Golden leaf by leaf drops
    down from the tall acacia tree.
    Summer smiles astonished and exhausted
    in the dying garden dream

    Lingering still by the roses
    it remains standing, longing for peace
    Slowly it closes its great
    weary-laden eyes.

    ~ Hermann Hesse (1877-1953)

    This was set to music for Soprano and Orchestra by Richard Strauss as the first of his Four Last Songs

  4. As imerceptibly as Grief
    ___ the Summer lapsed away
    Too imperceptible at last
    ___ to seem like Perfidy.

    A Quieness distilled ––
    ___ as Twilight long begun ––
    Or Nature spending with herself
    ___ sequestered Afternoon.

    The Dusk drew earlier in ––
    ___ the Morning foreign shone ––
    ______ a courteousm yet harrowing Grace ––
    _________ as Guest who wluld be gone.

    And so without a Wing ––
    ___ or service of a Keel __
    Our Summer made her light escape ––
    ______ into the Beautiful.

    ~ Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

    1. So sad. I have actually cried thinking about Summer leaving.

  5. _________ IN THE COPPICE _________

    Alone I walk down shady woodland paths.

    Bright sunshine filtered through the trees

    Dapples the ground beneath my questing feet.

    Here at last I am alone with God.

    Farther on a little pool catches 

    And reflects the filtered light
    Which beckons
Kindly like a White Witch of the Wood.

    I feel a thrill without a trace of fear.


I cannot stop myself from moving closer

    Toward the Edge to see the Tadpoles swimming 

    In myriad stages of development.

    I feel am odd wish to be part of their world.

    The pool is a Mirror enabling me to see
Myself more clearly in a tranquil light;

    Also an Eye that opens the mysteries of


The Universe to peace-filled understanding.

    ~ FreeThinke - a high school attempt at writing poetry from 1955.

    1. Lovely. To think you were so young but could see these things as if your soul had known them all along.

  6. Needless to say I couldn't agree more with your many admirers, Andie.

    Every corner of your garden spaces is exquisite, but I have to agree those green hydrangeas are beyond spectacular.

    Have you made a fomal study of horticulture, or are you just abundantly gifted?

    It seems almost miraculous to me that you could create the atrmoshere of a centuries-old European Aristocratic Garden –– on a sub urban lot –– in such a short space of time.

    I think you ought to write a book –– SEVERAL in fact. SERIOUSLY, I do.

    1. You are kind, my friend. I will write a book after you do.


    2. I zlready have written several, Andie, but I can't tell you sbout them in the blogoshere for obvious reasons.

      I just love the Example you have provided for How Beautifully Life Can be Lived –– if one has Vision, Talent, Courage, Strength of Purpose and Determiination to Perseverfe and Achieve Fulfillment.

      Not many are so well-equipped, Andie, but YOU really ARE. I think you are very special, and your inspiring story should be shared with the widest possible audience.

      In a world so fraught with hostility and negativity you really stand as a Shining Beacon of Hope –– a wonderful Role Model.

      I'm quite serious.

    3. It will take me some time to absorb so much kind sentiment. Thank you, my friend.

  7. I love that your garden is so well thought out, fits its space so well, and is a perfect reflection of you! The Limelight hedge is spectacular.

    1. Thant means so much coming from you, Connie. Thank you!


  8. Andie, I have always been in awe of your amazing gift to create beauty, but your garden is the crown jewel for me. I've followed along with the progress from when you first dug the dirt and began to plant. To be at this stage must make your heart sing. I know it is making my heart sing just seeing these images. Most don't appreciate the thought, time, and effort that goes into creating a garden and then nurturing it to flourish. Kudos to you, sweet friend. Well done!

    1. You have been here from the start and I appreciate you. There were days when I wanted to leave it all. lo Then I knew I had to answer to you!



  9. Summer, you old Indian Summer
    You're the tear that comes after June time's laughter
    You see so many dreams that don't come true
    Dreams we fashioned when Summertime was new
    You are here to watch over
    Some heart that is broken
    By a word that somebody left unspoken
    You're the ghost of a romance in June going astray
    Fading too soon, that's why I say
    "Farewell to you Indian Summer"

    ~ Victor Herbert

  10. If you'd like to HEAR Indian Summer, Frank Sinatra gives us a classic, mesmerizingly melancholy performance at the following link:

  11. Thank you! I knew it sounded familiar!

  12. How gorgeous! lovely to see this coming together. gardens require patience but it's paying off already. Bravo!!

  13. amazing. is there anyway you could take an overall picture from the 2nd floor of your house? I would love to see all of the layout and growth.

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