Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Giveaway Winner and Announcements!

First, let me say how amazed I am at all my fellow bloggers!  I could not have asked for a better group of "friends"!  After reading each entry several times over I have come to realize that the world is full of good people, willing to do extraordinary things to assist those in need.  I am utterly humbled at the dedication and determination of my fellow man.
The Random Number generator chose number 10, no other than the talented and kind Cindy Atkins from the blog Cindy Adkins Whimsical Musings!  Her tale of Stella, a New Orleans stray cat made me cry.  Okay, honestly all of your stories made me cry!

Cindy, please send me your address so I can send you your gift!

Now, the Announcement!
I have decided to do a giveaway each week in order to bring attention to the plight of homeless, abused and neglected animals.  Anyone who has been following me for even a minute knows I am a treasure hunter extraordinaire! As providence would have it, last week I ordered a leash and halter for my beloved puggle, Napoleon from a webstore called Cat Grace.  I spoke to Patty, the owner, at length and discovered we have a great deal in common!  Patty has generously offered to donate some of her wonderful products to help further the cause!  Patty, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Here is the ribbon pattern I ordered for Napoleon, the items should be arriving shortly...his harness and leash will be black (very slimming!  LOL!)

 Patty is donating the navy ribbon collar, xs (10-15") 3/4" with adorable pink whales for the first giveaway, in addition to the other prizes I will be offering!
Thank you Patty and Cat Grace for your heartfelt generosity!

Two Extraordinary Bloggers Think I Am Special! 

My response?  I know you are but what am I??!!
I was blessed to receive two blog awards!  I apologize for not responding sooner but I wanted to be able to spend the time required to thank you properly! I want to thank Alison from the awesome Polohouse and Rosa from the romantic Un peau plus jolie!  Please visit both of these stunning blogs!  You will not be disappointed!

I am supposed to list seven things about myself that you may not know but I am such a drama queen, who wears her emotions on her sleeve, that I think it has all been said!  LOL!

Just for fun:

1).  I have crazy Cherokee Irish hair that never behaves.  Ever.  I wear it long so I can pull it back most days.  My saving grace is a product called Moroccan Oil.  I cannot live without it! I also get keratin treatments so my hair does not bloat to 2,000 times it's size in the Midwestern US humidity!

2).  I was very shy as a child growing up in the foster care system.  I used to cry when people spoke to me.  These days I am still shy but I make up for it by talking incessantly about nothing in particular.  I always walk away thinking to myself "Geesh, Andie!  Could you be more of an ass?!"

3).  My in-laws cried when I married their son.  Not from joy.  Yes, that hurt.

4). My greatest joy in this life is my beloved daughter, Grace.  My greatest worry is that I am not doing right by her.

5).  I buy flowers at the grocery store and give them to people I never met...or to the cashier...whomever looks like they need them the most.

6). Gracie and I sing to each other all the time.  Our home sounds like an Opera House for the tone deaf!  "Graceeee!  Did you bruuuuush your teeeeeeth?"
"Not yet, Mommeeee, but I am about tooooooo!"

7). I had cards printed that say "Thank You Veteran", that I hand out to gentlemen who have served our country. I have not yet met any women but I know they are out there!  If you look you will see service branches emblazoned on baseball caps or license plates.  I have shaken the hand of many a hero.  2,000 so far!  I have taught Gracie to thank them, look them in the eye and ask to shake their hand.
We have a joke in our home, "How do you make a Marine cry?"
"You thank him"!
I have heard so many stories.  I have also seen elderly grown men cry and I have been amazed by their humble demeanor each and every time.  Thanking me for thanking them!

Also, I am supposed to pick fellow bloggers to pass these awards to.  Alas!  I cannot choose!  I love you all!
I hope that is okay?


  1. Oh my gosh, Andie--thank you so much! I can't believe I won!
    Now, it's my turn--your post made ME cry--I think that is the neatest thing to give people flowers--wow! I love that. You have the kindest heart and are such a light in the world.

  2. Oh Dear Andie... YOU always make me laugh, smile and cry... usually all during a single Post! You are such a loving and generous, giving Soul. Love Ya... and congrats to Cindy for winning the giveaway!

    If you want a huge laugh about fur babies, visit this Blog today, if you haven't already:


    It is HILARIOUS and I'm pretty sure I should get one of those good behavior collars and happy pheremone diffusers!!! The Man and Son and G-Kids would be SO grateful to the Vet! *LOL*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I've LOVEd reading this post, thank you !!

  4. Wow what a post....i love number 6 how wonderful.....my mother-in-law was the same....but not now x

  5. Another lovely post congratulations Cindy. And it's so nice that you will be continuing the give a ways how wonderfully generous

    Love Dawn xx

  6. hey, I want to rock the black fleur de lis. jealous of napoleon. great post, friend!

  7. Congratulations Cindy on your win! As for the next giveaway I’ll have to inquire with Dylan to see how HE would feel about pink whales swimming about his neck….lol. And my face dropped when I read where your in-laws cried at your wedding and not out of happiness, same dang thing happened at mine.

  8. What a beautiful post by a most beautiful soul. I would love to hear you and little Grace sign. Maybe it would be good background music for your post. I hope you continue to be you. I am having open house on April 17th, Sunday 2 to 4 and will have copies of Victorian Homes magazine for sale. If you feel like taking a 5 hour here drive and a 5 hour back, I would love to have you. Other wise look for the magazine, should be on news stands soon. Stay true, we all love you. Richard and the Sissy Dog Girl!!!

  9. First of all, congratulations to Cindy (lucky girl)...and second of all...congratulations to you dear Andie, you are so deserving of the awards! Your beautiful and open heart is blessing to all...human as well as animal. Gracie is very fortunate to have you for her mama, and so are your fur babies! Your past developed this big heart of yours and as difficult as it may have been...look at what gloriousness it created!
    Big hugs...
    xo J~

  10. Congrats Cindy! I'll be stopping by to check her out!

    Andie - You're amazing!!! It is so awesome to hear the lovely things you do. when I was working, I use to bring in roses and put one on every womans desk. Men that were nice the week I handed them out sometimes got one too. I feel like it made their day. One woman never had anyone give her flowers. She came to me with tears and said "thank you, you have no idea how special this made me feel". I did it because I wanted her to have something pretty to look at, never knowing that it would hit home for her. She dried it and still has it hanging in her kitchen today.

    Keep it up sister!!

  11. i'm sooooo glad it's going to Cindy! she does deserve it for always sharing so much! well done!
    i just love that idea of doing something to change the system and help others! maybe we can do it for other things too!
    just loved to read and learn more about you! sorry but i could just laugh when i read the hair story! bet you are just exagerating!!! have you tried coconuts oil?! it's wonderful! i use it to strengh my hair! in fact i use it in pretty much everything. bet it will work for you too! i have a friend with afro hair and she uses it all the time.
    that flower idea is just a perfect idea! you really are an angel sweet Andie! people like you are really needed! you not only have good taste, but you also know the meaning of thankfulness and that is so so rare!
    i also have an opera/screaming house!
    i was also very shy when i was a child. i still am but mostly i just love to be in my own corner without people around.
    thanks for making me smile reading your post although i also had a small tear on the corner of my eye!

  12. Congrats to you and Cindy!
    I enjoyed hearing more about you. It made me smile how you bring joy to others.
    I love Moroccan Oil too! Except my hair is short. A few years ago I went into the hospital with curly hair and came out some what straight, but I love MO!! I volunteer for CASA (court appointed special advocate for abuse and neglected children).

    I have been busy with work, so I have missed visiting my blog friends. Unfortunately I won't be attending the Chicago Botanic Garden Antique Show and Garden Fair. If you go, please share your day.


  13. I'm very happy for Cindy she is a wonderful soul!

    I loved reading the seven things about you. It was so well written. Sorry about your inlaws any consolation to you ...I don't get along with mine!! I was a very shy child too ..still am!
    Sounds like you share the same bond and love for your daughter as i do for my son. He's my dream and my greatest accomplishment.
    I'm a drama queen too!
    Elton John's song Sorry makes me cry every time !!!!!
    Pamela xo

  14. I mean't to write 'Your Song!!!'

  15. Hi Andie,
    I just came over to say "hi" and again, thank you so much for your lovely gifts and for your generous spirit!

  16. ANDI DEAR!!!! YEAH! You have a great giveaway here, and CHEERS TO THE WINNER! How is your DIVINE HOME coming along? Any plans brewing for some furniture moving, painting, gardening? Spring is coming, I have 10 weeks left of school and I am loving life!!!! Have a super day dearest, Anita

  17. Andi, thanks for sharing more about yourself.
    Regarding the garden status at the Royal Baths Park in Warsaw, I thought that they would fit right in in your garden to-be.

  18. I can't believe your chest is big enough to contain your huge heart--hugs, Girlfriend!

  19. Hello there, I'd just like mention something that I hope you'll appreciate as funny and interesting instead of critical. The ribbon pattern you picked out for "Napoleon", while charming, has the Fleur des Lis motif throughout.

    The Fleur des Lis was the symbol of the Bourbon monarchy; Napoleon's mortal enemies. Napoleon's symbol of reign was a golden bee. The irony will be amusing, though!


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