Friday, April 1, 2011

Making a House a Home and a Spectacular GIVEAWAY!

We all know that even the most beautiful home, without the company of friends and loved ones, is just a box with pretty things in it. There are thousands upon thousands of cats and dogs (horses, guinea pigs, rabbits...) waiting for someone like you to end their loneliness and misery and give them a loving home.  They are dying in places like heartstick shelters. Once again, I entered a random zipcode into the search box at
Please meet Sergio.
Not much information is available on the poor little angel.  Pet ID: 0279 • Primary color: Black • Coat length: Short.
Sergio is a Pug/Labrador Retriever mix.
 He is currently being sheltered at the Lucas County Dog Warden in Toledo, Ohio.  The phone number to reach the dog warden is 419-213-2800.
Even if you have all the animals you could possibly love, could you forward this post to someone who may be looking for a loyal friend?  A friend who doesn't care if the house is pretty or organized or if your blog is up to date?  Pets like Sergio just want YOU and nothing else!
Please consider donating money to your favorite shelter.
In this economy family pets are being thrown away like trash.
Will you help? Sergio is not the only animal in need.

In your reply to this post please tell me what you have done to help alleviate the suffering of animals in our world.  Please share stories on how your animal friends have changed your life, made it more enjoyable.
If you cannot have a pet please forward this message to a friend and let me know you did! Please donate money, time or supplies to local shelters!
We can make a difference in the lives of thousands upon thousands of lonely animals looking to be loved before they die.
I know many of you have met my darling pets...six former stray kitties and Napoleon, the puggle who came all the way from a high kill shelter in Kentucky to love us! I cannot imagine my life without them!  My only regret is that I cannot have more!
Are you IN?
The winner will be chosen by that random number thingy that everyone seems to use!
On to the prizes!

Three books on French interior design, including The French Touch by Jan De Luz, Creating the French Look by Annie Sloan and French Country At Home by Kathy Passero.  Also included is a lovely copy of Jeann d' Arc Living Magazine!

Two bronze dog bin pulls, 4" long x 1" tall!

Bronze lion door knocker, 5" long x 3" wide!

This contest is open to anyone and everyone! The winner will be announced April 5th!

With Love and Hope,


Gracie just told me she would play if the prize was Sergio!  Of course!


  1. ANDIE! I AM HERE! I want to enter your giveaway! But I have never done anything at this level to help animals...I LOVE THEM THOUGH! We have however, helped many a wild rabbit escape from death's grip at the claws of crows, we have rescued baby ducklings who fell in the sewer, and we have rescued a sparrow from the infernal end of our water heater! Oh, I hope that counts....we are considering getting a dog from a shelter, for sure. May I enter? Anita

  2. I do pro bono work with my landscape design. Honoring the gift Providence has given me.

    My donations of real money? Humane society of course !!!

    My pets are all rescues.

    Happy weekend.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  3. Hi sweet of a dog..what a great mix too, interesting one. My family and I donate to the humane society. We have also gone to the shelter and walked the dogs and played with them a bit. We have one pug now, who brings so much joy and love to our hearts, I can't even tell you how much we love is lots and lots. You have a very kind heart. Love your giveaway too, please throw my name in the hat.

  4. My heart is heavy is this is what I offer today as we had to put our beloved Daisy, aka Princess Daisy, a Border Terrier, down last week. For 16 years she brought us joy and love. She inspired me 8 or so years ago to write this:

  5. Two summers ago, I rescued a box turtle on a newly constructed road that was formerly her woodsy grasslands. I consulted the local wildlife group, and they put me in touch with their turtle expert. He advised leaving the turtle in its natural habitat since they carry specific flora to their area, and seek to get back home if misplaced. I further explained that this turtle would certainly be hit if left there, as her path was destroyed by a new road. He directed me to a nearby park that was also home to box turtles, which I located, and placed Toby deep into the woods, near a creek. I cried for days, and wanted to go back and find her, and make sure she was making friends. I still travel that road, and have never seen any other turtles, which leads me to think that Toby needed to be taken out of this dangerous, and busy, area. Turtles help the environment by promoting the right eco system organisms, can live to be 100, and are an endangered species. If you find one, please leave this precious creature in its own habitat unless it's in danger, and always consult a turtle expert through your local wildlife association. I will never forget Toby, and think of her each day as I drive on the road that destroyed her beautiful home.

  6. Quit being goofy, me? :)
    Oh, what a lovely dog and I pray he gets a home soon. Well, Mr. Precious and I donate to our Humane Society. And if you haven't met our Chloe Dawn - our mini Schnauzer - she is the joy of our lives. She is my shadow and and my third child.
    Now I would appreciate it if you would enter my goofy name in your most wonderful generous giveaway.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. He's such a sweetie and I hope someone has a home for him soon. We've taken a lot of injured animals' to our local wildlife shelter. Wonderful giveaway you are offering Andie.

  8. Sergio is a handsome boy and hopefully someone will take him in to their home. Our dog Dillon is a rescue and we saw him on the internet and flew him all the way from Oklahoma to Boston! He is the best dog in the world, and we feel lucky to have found him. Pitbulls are one of the most misunderstood breeds, and often are in high kill shelters. We will only adopt rescue pets now!
    Your giveaway is right up my alley and I am soooo glad you invited me to enter. I am following your blog too!

  9. Ms. D. I have had Beagles my whole life and most of them were dogs that needed a home. My Sissy Dog, who's going to be in a national magazine, was found on the street here in my home town of Clarksville,Mo. She was starving, freezing and had a cut on her back. It took me several days to catch her, 45 stitches and lots of love,hugs and re-assurance and now she is the bestest,sweetest ,most wonderful little child of mine. I say go out and find a dog or cat that needs a home. They will make your life better and the love they will give back is more than you can ever believe. I love your animal kindness. Come see me. Richard at My Old Historic House.

  10. Oh Andie,
    I have got such a story (and let me say I LOVE your post!) It was after Hurricane Katrina--alot of cats running around....homeless...One ended up on my window sill and watched me there while I sat at the table for 6 months! My husband would let me feed her, but wouldn't let me bring her in the house.

    Well, then some hurricane was coming and I begged to bring her in so she would be safe and he finally let me...And she has been here ever since..She is gorgeous and sweet and so attached to me..

    But, let me digress...There's an old movie called Stella Dallas and at the end, Stella watches her daughter get married...She stands outside at the bay window while her daughter exchanges vows--and she can't go to the wedding....Well, my cat sat at that bay window every day for 6 months and I named her Stella! (After the movie.)

    It's more serendipitous than that though because A Streetcar Named Desire was filmed not far from here and the main character is named Stella--so what a perfect name for a New Orleans cat...

    That's my story! I love her to pieces...I know God brought her to me...

  11. I can't say I have done my part in alleviating animal suffering - I can only tell you that a family of rabbits lives under our deck, and that they probably live really well..since we provide them with plenty of food and warmth.;-)

    Good on you to support care for animnals of all kinds...


  12. Everybody here so much deserves to win than I do! But I wanted to say what wonderful items you are giving away. I don't feel that I can have a pet as I live in New York, and in my heart don't think it's fair to keep a dog in such a small apartment. I know others do, and that's wonderful, but I just can't. And I'm deathly allergic to cats. So I pet my neighbors dogs when I see them. Good luck with your giveaway! Stan

  13. YOU ARE IN FOR THE WAND GIVE AWAY!!! Thank you dearest for coming on over! Oh, we are gonna have fun....PARTAYYYYYYY ANYWAY!!! Have a DIVINE DAY! Anita

  14. I love animals and volunteer at our local Humane Society every week. We donate money to them and I foster Mama cats for them. They come here when they're pregnant, give birth, then I care for the mom and babies until the little ones are over 8 weeks old at which time they go to the (no kill) shelter where they're put up for adoption. Then Mama stays with me for 10 more days before she gets spayed. She comes back to my house for a couple of days to recoup, then it's her turn to go to the shelter and await her forever home. I absolutely love it. The first mom I fostered never left: she's now our big fat cat in the window!

    See my blog:

  15. Hi Andie~ your post really is making me tear up~ ;) I love what you are doing~
    My baby girl is my cat Claire (she is featured alot on my blog) I began leaving food on my porch for a cat that was very timid about a month ago,now that same cat comes morning noon and night for her daily feedings and she loves to rub against me and get her daily affection from me too~ Well word has gotten out to the other stray cats in the neighborhood because now I have a rotation of about 6 cats daily that come up to my door and look in my glass door and wait for their meal.Ive started buying extra bags of catfood every week now and LOVE it!;) When its cold I lay out rugs for them to sleep on and feel it is my responsibility and joy to care for them.
    Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  16. HI Andie! Fabulous giveaway!
    Andie there is not enough room to write what i have done to help animals in need. I have so many stories.
    Where the heck do i begin?
    When i worked at the animal hospital i found a home personnally for every stray that came in. Really. I would call clients constantly.
    My last two cats were strays.
    At my own home i trapped four cats over a years time and had them spayed and adopted out. The male tom that was pregnanting them took me along time to get. Every night i would put out food for this skinny fat cheek Tom cat without my hubby knowing. Sure enough 10pm sharp he would be at the porch eating. One night was a snow storm and i was frantic but sure enough down he came in the middle of the road. It took awhile for him to trust me. If he saw my face he would take off. So while i was feeding him i was hopes was to trap him before the baby came. I went into early labour and was in hospital for a week. Meanwhile this Tom was getting fat thanks to me. So here i was in hospital and i had to come clean to my hubby. Well the man bless his heart put food out for this cat. When i finally trapped him i took him to the vets and sadly he had AIDS. The Vet said this was the BEST thing i did because this cat would have died a horrific slow painful death if he was not discovered. AIDS is a slow way for a cat to die. I was so happy to end what could have been a cruel painful death.
    I have many other stories for dogs to i helped.

    Pamela xo

  17. Andie I would love to win this thoughful and poignant!

    I have had several Art Events where a portion of the proceeds have gone to Animal Haven here in Kansas City. I have also taken them pet beds, towers, houses etc.

    Of course I adore my Miss Belle!

    Art by Karena

  18. Beautiful Blog!Thanks so much for the invite and also for your visit.I love animals of all kinds myself and bless you for your efforts.They need us to be advocates for them.Animals are so loving they give us such unconditional love.what more could you ask for! When I was young 18 I saved 6 lil kittens and found them all homes.I was so proud of myself.I also saved a lil Pom from an abusive home he was so, so sweet and found him a new home as well.We did have a few dogs and had them for years.Then we had to put them down due to illness.All of the dogs in our neighborhood 6 of them became ill in less than a year.We couldn't figure out what happened to all of them.My neighbor paid thousands to try and figure it out.I was so heartbroken I just can't seem to get another one as of yet.Best of Luck darling lil pup.I am off to check out the rest of your blog.
    Awesome Giveaway, count me in please~Cheers Kim

  19. What a wonderful looking dog.....l would love to help out at the dog kennels and walk, fed, and play with them.....they give such unconditional the moment there has been a big thing going on with an elephant called Annie who had been beaten by her keeper...but now they are moving her where she can live out her life more happily she is 59.....elephants amaze me.....Great post...gonna follow now.

  20. this is a lovely post andie.

    my escapades in saving animals resorts to those that are in my path and in need. i have dived across a major highway to save a little pom terrified in the middle, stopped my car sideways to make everyone stop while i got out in evening wear to get a turtle across the road, went into the coming lane(there was time) to put my flashers on to save an injured deer..........have told my husband if i am squished along the road he will know why.
    in our area people are letting their horses loose, terrible.
    while in england my precious pooch died, when all settles i will be on pet finder

  21. I'm in... you can read my post on my cat "Ciucia" here...
    Have a nice week-end!

  22. We don't have a pet, since I work most of the day, it will be unfair for a pet to sit in the house alone all day. My husband is a pet rescuer, he rescued a kitty from a 5 story tall pine tree in Colorado, the owner didn't even say thanks. He tried rescuing another cat that was stuck in the snow two years ago, the poor cat was so scared that bit him badly, my husband almost lost his finger due to the bite, but he keeps trying to rescue dogs and cats that sees on the street, lately two poodles, trying to get them out of the street so they don't get smashed by cars and looking for the owners and taking them to their home. I think he is a good man, those are just a few of the stories rescuing pets. We love animals and think they deserve to be treated with respect and love.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    XXXX Ido

  23. Andie, I feel like we rescued Bailey from a puppy mill. It was advertised as a groomer, but the place had horrible conditions for the dogs and they had about seven different breeds there. It took her paid for her and got out of there. She was sick when I got her so she had to go to the vet for treatment. All our pets have always been spayed or neutered, too.
    What wonderful prizes. I was thinking of ordering the book by Annie Sloan. I am using the chalk paint now on a table.

  24. Every animal I have ever owned I have adopted. As of right now our dog was adopted from a shelter and we have had her for 12 years. She is my love. She follows me everywhere! She is part lab and part chow. Our cat was rescued as a kitten from an alley. We brought her to the vet to learn she was near death from all the fleas sucking her blood. We treated her and have her today. At times she has a sweet side and some days she can be mean, but she is my daughters. I have always cared for animals and will continue to. I truly believe they are part of our family and they keep us human!

  25. Sergio looks like a sweetheart (aren't they all though). I have friends in Ohio so I'll forward this on.
    My two 'boys' Sierra (thought he was a girl as a kitten) and Malibu were rescues. They lived to be 19 and 21 years old and I miss them every single day. Sierra was on his way to the pound and even though I lived in a place where no pets were allowed I took him, and then I moved. Malibu I rescued from an abusive and negligent roomate. They were inseparable and they were my loves (getting teary).
    As soon as our house is finished, we're going to load up on rescues...and I can't wait! Right now we have Miss. Ginger who is sort of a rescue...we rescue her from being alone all day as her owner is hardly ever home...she's such a blessing and the perfect pet right now for our situation.
    Love those drawer pulls...they are so cool, and the 'thingy' is really easy to use...and kind of fun!
    Let me know where to send your prize email is

    xoxo Jessica~

  26. I can see you are such a good and caring are right at a time when people are struggling to hold a job and make the mortgage,pets sometimes take a back seat. Well.....I haven't done as much as I could BUT do donate a doghouse every year to a local rescue assocaition and always contribute to their annual drive. In addition my son volunteered till he went away for college at the local animal shleter twice a week and yours truly helped him get the job.
    Anyway great thing you are doing...and lovely giveaway! Have a great weekend!

  27. So far, I was not able to have a pet. I worked long hours and I didn't feel it would be fair to a pet to be abandoned at home for hours on end without company. If I ever get a pet, I would want them to get attention and care they deserve to have.
    My niece though is crazy about animals. If her mother allowed her to, she would bring all stray cats and dogs and other animals home and take care of them. She is studying zoology and wants to become a vet. She volunteers at animal shelters, is a vegetarian and drives my sister (her mother) crazy, by taking mosquitos and flies outside (not squashing them) if they happen to be caught at home.

  28. I am on my 3rd and 4th rescue dog and 4 saved cats we captured spayed and made them family members and we still have my outside cat who won't come to us but we are working on him,but he has his own cat house that was special ordered for him that I have a heated disc I put in the microwave for 6 minutes and stays warm for 12 hours. He even gets his water
    heated in the winter so it doesn't freeze or takes longer to freeze and in the summer I put ice in his water. I change that like 3 times a day.
    I hear that the shelters even like when people can come and walk the dogs. I wish I had more time for that but I am too emotional to bear seeing them but maybe when I have more time I will try that as I am sure the dog would be grateful to et out and walk.
    Zosia you have to be good to catch flies but I do put the spiders outside after I catch them

  29. Count me in girl! Love this GiveAway!
    I have never experienced the Jeann d' Arc Living Magazine yet, and so want to!!

    I have helped out with a rescue shelter for greyhounds where I did some art work for them.
    We stopped trying to have a pet due to my daughters severe allergies to the hormones the animals release, not the dander, this would be an easy fix with shots for her.

    We get so heartfelt over the trays and the wild ones as well as the owners who leave there pets behind when they move. We take over and ten to feed them until we can make arrangements for new homes. I have an aunt who cares for them until they can go to the local pet adoptions, admiral of her yet a whole lot of cost out of her pocket to care for these forgotten, and unwanted animals.

    We once gave a cute canary a home a home with us does that count girl...Crossing my fingers !!
    Your doing a great thing over here! and your blessings are on the way!

  30. Oh Andie what a generous giveaway and lets pray that this beautiful dog receives a loving Home.

    What have we done to alleviate suffering of animals... for years we have adopted discarded and feral cats *or should I say THEY ADOPTED US winks*. Every cat we have ever owned was either a stray, a feral that came to our property or a Shelter Cat. Any that we could not adopt ourselves we found Ranchers that needed good Barn Cats and sent them off to be Working Cats. Alas, it happens all too frequently as so many pets are abandoned when their owners move and leave them behind.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  31. Dear Andie, as soon as the surprise package from you arrives I shall let you know... Cat sent hers quite some time ago so I think the mail has been very slow lately... I heard that the Post Offices have had some cutbacks, closures, etc... and that may have something to do with it? I'm so very honored to be receiving Surprise Gifts from Blogging Friends such as yourself, it really touches my Heart! I'm looking for just the right surprise Gift for you, I have something in mind if I can locate one and no, I'm not telling or it wouldn't be much of a surprise! *smiles*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  32. Wonderful giveaway!! I have rescued five dogs over the years. Still have Angel my adorable shih Tzu. Deb

  33. We just took in a stray kitty a few weeks ago. She's recovering from surgery right now, because we had her fixed. I think she was so glad that we came back to pick her up that day. She's such a sweetie. We want to be her forever family :-)
    Thank you so much for your prayers for my nephew Jordan. They mean so much to our family.

  34. Hi Andie, what a great giveaway and fun theme to enter. Our family life would feel weird without animals around, over the years we have had real menagerie, but the one we miss most is our beautiful French sheepdog, Lola, she looked after us 24/7. We miss her so badly that a year on we still haven't managed to replace her, but this summer we will.

  35. What a precious puppy! Our sweet Sugar was a rescue kitty. We lost her this past Christmas to kidney disease...I posted about her. Our Mikey and Coco were rescued from the pound where they would have gone if we had not taken them. With one puppy and three kitties, I like you, just wish I could have more! Thanks for the chance to win your lovely giveaway AND thank you for all you do for these precious animals!

  36. Andie,
    You are sweet for caring so much about homeless animals, we live in a country setting and people are notorious for droping off dogs and cats, how can anyone with a heart do that? We had Buster, a stray on the road, for seventeen years and Miss Kitty came pregnant with six kittens, for fifteen years. I had a hard time finding homes for the kittens because I would tell everyone if it don't work, bring them back.
    So now, I babysit my five granddogs, a New Foundland/St.Bernard mix adopted from Ohio, two chocolate Lab's, a St.Bernard and a New Foundland, believe me that's a house full!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  37. Hi Andie...I'd love to win your give away. I think the bin pulls are my favorite. So here is my pet a girl growing up we never had a pet. Since I didn't know any better we didn't have a pet while my kids were growing up either. Then I contracted the worst case of Empty Nest Syndrome...just ask my husband. It was bad. About that time my in-laws began having health problems and my sister-in-law started coming home on a regular basis. She would bring her mini schnauzer, Sophie. Well Sophie and I became best buddies. A few years later we got our sweet Kelly. To say that she had enriched our lives is an understatement. She has lowered my husband's blood pressure and helped me lose weight. My kids are in love with her too...sometimes I think they come home to see her and not me! I watch the schnauzer rescue sites in my state. Hopefully someday, after I retire, I will have time to adopt another dog.
    Good luck with your give away...~Ann

  38. Okay, Andie, confession time: I'm really not very good with animals. The only things I can give myself credit for are toting many bags and boxes of kitty litter to my mom's house for her kitty that she found in her garage, and not running over squirrels when they run out in front of my car--but that's probably just a coincidence...

  39. OMG Andie... my surprise package arrived today... you brought tears to my eyes... this was SO very generous and sweet of you! I could smell the Lavender through the packaging... and when I opened it, it all took my breath away! Doing a Post on it as we speak... I went into instant crazy Photographer mode to photograph my new Treasures! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I absolutely ADORE it ALL!!!!!!!!!!! Big Bohemian Hugs and Kisses... Dawn

  40. I pray this little angel gets a home. We are a dog family and recently got our latest dog from a rescue. I do donate to the shelter but also it is a great place to drop off worn out towels and blankets. I wish that people would stop breeding !!! It makes me crazy with all the unwanted animals in the world. You can get any breed you want from the rescue groups. My daughter even got a Bolonka. These are great dogs , fully up to date with medical care ect. Most the time house broken too. You just can't go wrong. Thanks for this post and please put my name in the hat.

  41. Hi Andie, I haven't had a pet for a while because our jobs took us away from home a lot. I plan to adopt when we are able to make our move to Florida. Each year Hubby and I would volunteer to sit with the nest of the baby sea turtles. They required 24 hour watch due to predators that would eat the eggs. Once hatched we would help protect the babies from the gulls and direct them to the Gulf. Hundreds are born but only a handful will survive the journey to the sea unless they were protected. Nothing compares to watching these hatchlings being born.

  42. Andie darling! LOVE this! I do not need to enter the giveaway, but will tell you and everyone that I could not live without having my baby! We have a black English Lab. The HOA, that I live in does not allow more than two pets. I feed the cats that wonder and am currently in trouble as they think the kitties live here. We also feed the ducks. They come everyday and every spring the mommies come back here with their babies. I can't wait to see the baby ducks this year and will post pictures. We work with the Golden Rescue here and I have a friend that has adopted 4 dogs in the last year & 1/2. Its a beautiful thing and we all need someone to love. These sweet babies that need homes will never leave your side and forever thank you. Who doesn't want that? XOXO my friend!

  43. It breaks my heart to see this Doggy! Living in France, unfortunately I cannot help. Can only hope that Sergio will find very soon a good home.
    Your lovely and touching post will help, hopefully!
    I rescued a few years ago 4 little kittens, found in one of our barns, left from their mother who was probably killed on the road near by, or....
    They have just opened their eyes. We found a home for three of them and kept one, Oskar, which appear here and there on my blog.

    Thank you Andrea for your post and your care of all the homeless animals! There is never enough we can do for them. And they give so much pleasure to us! Honest and warm-hearted company and they rarely 'contradict'!

    Many greetings from Europe-France-'Le PĂ©rigord' - Karin

  44. How did I almost miss this post? Well I'm here now, better late then never. Sergio is a handsome boy whom I'm sure will find a new home quickly. What haven't we rescued, at one point we had 18 cats living in my husbands workroom. It's heated and was wall to wall kitty beds. People unfortunately dump these poor little things in the woods and thankfully they've made it to us. Dylan dog loves kitties but he's sad now because they've all been adopted out to new loving homes. BTW, love your new header, the whole layout is wonderful. You're such a good person Andie. I hope you've had a wonderful weekend!

  45. I meant to post this that I got from someone's blog:

  46. I can't imagine a life without a houseful of pampered pets. I feel bad for the poor babies without a home.

    What have I done to help? Just donate art to the Humane So. auction, and paint murals at the animal shelter.

  47. dear sweet Andie,
    so sorry, but only saw your post today! i've been away the whole week so haven't really had time to blog.
    your idea is just fantastic! such a beautiful idea to have all the time. so... not only i would love to take part on your giveaway, but i will also have a permanent link to your blog on my sidebar to remember people... and myself that it's really easy to help. i have to say that because of you (and of my baby girl who just doesn't shut up!!!!!) we will be adopting a baby cat next month.
    you're really generous and warm hearted!

  48. sorry! i meant weekend!!! not week!!!!!!!!!! oh!!! gosh!!!!! i'm getting old!! HI! HI! ;)

  49. Hi Andie,

    Oh, when I read what you wrote on my blog, it was magical!!!
    I love it!! I hope you're having a magical day.

  50. Oh Andie, you do so much to help these poor defenceless animals. You're so kind-hearted and compassionate. I love animals too. It breaks my heart to see so many that are unwanted. I hope Segio gets a really good home soon.

    I 'd LOVE to be entered into your completely awesome giveaway. Thank you!!


  51. WOW, this gift would be perfect for me to win as I am about to emBARK! on redoing my front room French style so fingers crossed.

    My story, I have a few since all our pets are rescued and I love what you are doing it's just wonderful. We have three cats Paris, Dude & Hunny. And we have a dog Lola. Last year we lost our beloved Dita also a rescue dog (we say she had the best retirement after all her life being abuse on a puppy farm breading) and we just keep giving the love to those we can have in our small home.

    I love the dog you have feachered such a cute combo pug/lab so sweet.

    My hubby and I also donate items to our local pet charity shop and when we can we purchase furniture from there to (for my new French room)so we fund alot. And also on my blog I have pictures of my beloved pets, should you click on them it takes you to the site they were rescued (apart from one who done have a web addy) my hope is people see them and if they are in the area that they will click on them and find a beloved pet like we have. It doesn't stop there either. I have a few contacts that often tell me they are having auctions so I make things for them to sell and so they recieve another donation. My son bless has also adopted an endagered speices as have I so we have DDs going out of our banks to help the people who know how to save habitat employ people to fight against poaching in more ways that one like schooling etc. I guess you could say we LOVE all animals and do what we can when we can, and that goes for children to.

    I have to say we don't tell people what we do we just get on with it and try our best unfortunately it's hardly enough for all the help & love our rescued animals alone need but we do what little we can.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win such wonderful gifts.

    love Dawn xx

  52. I have cared for several animals over the years but 3 that stand out are; nursing a wild baby bunny, mending a baby bird and giving a puppy mouth to mouth! It is very sweet of you to do this!

  53. Andie these adoption posts are so HARD for me to read, but I'm really glad that you do them. Please understand that I don't often comment on them because I'm haunted by all their sweet faces.. I want to bring home every single animal...And I would if I could! Sergio is such a beautiful boy and deserves the most loving home. I pray that he finds it.

    As for what I've done to help animals? All four of my animals are pound rescues or otherwise unwanted. And all of my future animal kids will also be the same. Vanna

  54. love your blog. i finally made it.
    thanks for sharing this post. our special housemate, b-mo is a result of we are believers.
    i have to be honest, i log on every few weeks and dream of having more space for more of these little beings.
    big hopes for sergio.

  55. OH Andie, what a wonderful giveaway and what the cause is!!!! Well, you know me. I volunteer my time at the no-kill cat shelter here in my small town every week. They are all like my pets but in another place. :) I also have three kitties of my own. They have completed my life because they are my kids. I have no human kids so they are my kids. They have so much love to give..and all they ask is love back. How hard is that right? I hope, I hope Sergio finds a loving family. No, I KNOW he will. :) Thank you for this wonderful post!! xoxo

  56. I am from Sri Lanka where the love for pets is not so apparent. For most people an animal is an animal - nothing more. I have tried to understand this and failed but I am in a minority. People will say human beings need more appreciation/understanding/love which they may not get always. I love dogs myself - we lost our beloved daschund six months ago and are finding it tough to cope. We have a szhitzu as well but he is very lonely now.

    Your giveaway is lovely and I would appreciate if you could throw my name in the hat. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well as the giveaways.

  57. Hi Andie,
    Just stopping by to see how things are going over here!! I also wanted to tell you my step dads name is Sergio! It woould be hard to own a dog with that name and not Laugh!!!!

    see you soon!!


I love hearing what you have to say!


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