Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fun Before and After!

This is what our family room looked like when we first saw it while house shopping.

Though far from complete, this is what it looks like now!

An overview...

Sometimes I feel like, no matter how hard I work, how busy I am, nothing seems to get done.  Thank goodness I found this photo so I can see that I am making progress!


  1. I know what you mean...there is always something to do. Your home is just lovely inside and out. Everything is wonderful but your floors are the key to your open look. I so wish I had hardwoods. Love seeing anything you have to share!

  2. it has EONS more style now..just wonderful!
    Did you leave the "blonde" stain on the upstairs railing?
    you have wonderful taste and I love your passion for it.....and I LOVE your kitty, too! :-)

  3. What a beautiful room and I luv the gray painted furniture. The one kitty is laying on is BEAUTIFUL! Thank You for stopping by today have a great weekend......Julian

  4. The house is so lucky to have you!
    Thanks for inspiration en sharing.

    Have a nice day!

  5. Yes, 100% better!! It had no soul before, but you saw the good bones.

  6. What you've done to your home is WAYYYYY better!! You should be so proud of what you've accomplished so far because it's amazing. I've done the same thing, felt like I never get anything done and then I take out old pictures...whoa, I'm exhausted!

  7. Darling, let there be NO doubt that you aren't getting anywhere. You have TRANSFORMED your house and I'm constantly amazed by your projects. Keep up the good work and I look forward to many more eye opening transformations!

  8. It's a different house, no? Well done, Andie!. Sometimes it's good to write down even the simple things we do, so that we can cross them off and see how much work was really done.

  9. What an amazing transformation. I might not have chosen this house. You have a good eye to see through the bad. Thanks for sharing, looks like a wonderful home full of love and compassion. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  10. Hi Andie,
    I visited you on your post talking about the end table that is now a French blue, left you a comment as well. Hmmm! I wonder if I left to soon before checking to see if it went through ??

    Well I will make sure this one goes through and is left for you. Thank you for visiting me sweet friend, I have been missing out on so much beauty over here, I am going to add you to my blog roll so I won't miss out any more :)

    Thank you for stopping by for a visit, I also want to mantion I am so inspired by your site and decor that when I left you last I forwarded your site to non- blogging friends who I knew would love you style.

    Love, love, love all things French and inspirational over here.

  11. Yes I would say that is a huge improvement!!

    Love your style and creativity. A light glaze on those walls would go a long way to pull everything together and warm the space up. Very impressed with your vision and and what you did with the fireplace.

    Found you through miss mustardseed and I'll keep watching!

  12. Gorgeous transformation! I love your style!

  13. I like your decor the best (including kitty) - Very Pretty!

  14. I love your style... I came across this image in google somehow.. the huge sculpture is stunning.. have you thought of adding really long dramatic curtains in there somewhere? That would look amazing.


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