Friday, November 4, 2011

More Ormolu For Louis

Here is the Louis XVI table I recently painted with Annie Sloan Graphite.  After looking at it for a while I decided it needed something more.  I found four pieces of French bronze ormolu in my collection.  I simply drilled holes in each one and nailed them on to the table.  What do you think? The corona on top is actually an antiqued gold and the table is not shiny.  Also the table is more grey than portrayed in this image. Once again, I think the flash is at fault.  It couldn't possibly be my fault.  Could it?

This room never felt quite right to me.  I was constantly moving furniture in and out and around and around until I realized the gimungous coffee table I had in here was just too something.  Not quite right. When I removed it I felt like I could breathe again.  Ya' know what I mean?  The ceilings are 18 feet high in this room, it is difficult to photograph the height.

This chaise was white.  It looked like a cadaver.  Though the photo doesn't do it justice, I painted it in Annie Sloan's Paris Grey with her Dark Wax.  It looks lighter than it actually is.  I had a really difficult time getting the Dark Wax to spread evenly on the cane.  Recently, however, Alison from the Polohouse blog mentioned that she used a sheep wool carwash mit to paint.  Brilliant!  I am going to attempt to paint the cane again, using her method!  Can you see McGillicuddy and Frannie?  My babies!

This room is being painted soon so the drapes are down as well as the canvas tapestries I had made from a photography company online.  They printed the image of original antique tapestries right on the canvas!  You really cannot tell the difference and the total for three tapestries was less than $300!  The original tapestries were over $50,000 all together!  I am also reupholstering the children's French fauteuils with the most beautiful antique French toile.  I bought the toile years ago but it was not large enough for a big piece of furniture.  It will cover these chairs perfectly, though! Frannie, whose keister you see in the lower right hand corner, loves to sit on these when she's not spending time in Narnia, the armoire shown on the left!

The openings to the right will soon be drywalled over. I never liked them at all.  Two side window thingies and a doorway in the center.  Bubbye!

I love this table here!  Originally, I was going to paint a chessboard on top and put it between two French chairs but I have changed my mind...for now.  We still have all the Oriental rugs in the garage.  Can you believe we have not placed them yet?  They are soooo heavy, though.  It takes two or three grown men to move them.  After we paint we will lay the rugs!  I am really excited about that!  I have whined mentioned that these orange floors distract me to no end. Right?

Thanks Debra, from Acquired Objects blog, for advice on how to photograph the table to show it's true color!  Here it is! I removed the corona because it was too high.

Another photograph without the flash.  A true representation of Annie Sloan Graphite!

That's it!  What do you think?  Should the table stay? Is the ormolu too much?

I didn't forget about the buffet I am supposed to be painting.  I promise I will post it as soon as I am finished!

...and the awesome tutorial I promised...


p.s. Can you say More Ormolu For Louis ten times real fast?


  1. Gorgeous Andie! Your home is stunning!!
    I love this "Ormolu" and doubt I can even say that line once!!!
    This Annie Sloan paint is wonderful! One day I will have to get some!
    Pamela xo

  2. Oh Andie your Home is so tasteful and elegant! Love the Chaise and the Tapestries you had made from original images, what a great idea!

    Had to smile about your comment on today's Blog Post... yep, this ole' House is decorated as my Gypsy Caravan without wheels... well, 'til The Man finally scores me one WITH wheels... then I hit the open road seeking out even more Found Treasures from afar & selling my Art along the way! *Winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. You room is looking great. Will you have enough natural light when you close the two smaller windows? I like the new gray table, however I think that it's too high in relation to the two sofa's, i.e. when no one is sitting there it's fine, but if you have company and people will be sitting on both sofas, they won't be able to see each other. Just a thought. The sofa's - you are lucky you live across the ocean, because I would come at night and steal at least one of them. Looking forward to the buffet transformation.

  4. Your home is beautiful Andie! Your Louis looks great with his new hardware but I agree with the lady above, to tall for where it is placed. If you want to show the color of the table take a picture during the day without flash. Love your home I could be very happy there.

  5. Beeeeautiful! You have great artifacts. Can't wait to see the entire transformation.

  6. Even Drawf Stars make enough dust to kick up the dust and make the world a better place...dearest, it is so good to see you and your beautiful HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! BISOUS, Anita

  7. Ohlala Andie. How gorgeous are those furnishings. I just laughed out loud at your comment, about wanting a real cow. Not me, too much work, and who is going to milk that thing? Have a great day.

  8. The table should definitely stay. I love the look of a taller coffee table. I am thinking of doing it myself with a round table. Your home is stunning. I think your new header looks great. All in all this was a wonderful visit to your blog! Happy Weekend Andie!

  9. Hi, DT....thanks for coming by Z though it's not an interior design blog! (Though that WAS my career :-)..mostly corporate but some very high-end homes.
    I LOVE your room! Do you remember the actress Elke Sommers? She and her husband had a house here in L.A. which a writer friend of mine "baby sat" when they went to Europe. He'd have me come up and that living room of yours REALLY reminds me of hers. Big, wonderful pieces, icons/statues. It's very like hers....
    BUT, I like yours better because you put delicacy in among the big wonderful pieces.
    I used to dislike taller coffee tables until I lived in Germany and Paris and they do that often so they can pull up to it and have their atternoon tea and sweets from it.
    Personally, I'd put the crown elsewhere because that even makes it visually even higher, but I have to admit with the photos from more distance, the crown kind of works.
    When I saw the picture without the crown, I breathed easier "aaahhhhhh" but 'chacun a son gout!' What beautiful light you have in there, too.
    You have fabulous taste and I think painting that table that way was just the thing!

  10. Love the chaise longue...

  11. If your gut tells you that this table is good where it is, but there's still something eating at you, wait till you put the rugs in place to decide. At that point, it will either be wonderful or wrong, and you'll know for sure.

    I love ASCP Graphite ... and your lovely Louis table is perfect in this color!

  12. Your home is gorgeous, NOW! So, I know it is only going to get more beautiful as you progress. The table is perfection. Love your style!

  13. I think it is a LOVELY room - - - I even love the hardwood floors. I do see one wing on the left side of some of the pictures - - - one wing sans the angel to which it belongs which DOES give me pause to wonder what you did to the angel and where the REST of it is.

    Now - - - do you KNOW about the lovely Moravian Star you have under the chess/coffee table???


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