Friday, October 19, 2012

Scarecrow Couture!

Has it really been that long since my last post?  If I wasn't so busy and if I had better manners I'd be ashamed! LOL! 

While working in the gardens, I often wondered how my Blog friends were doing.  I hope this post finds you in good health and good humor! I have missed you!

The Spring and Summer literally flew by!  We accomplished more than I expected but we still have not finished the gardens.  We also have two new family members!  Daniel, a cat from one of the pet  transports we did, he is 14 years old and FIV positive but he has come so far!  We also have a new canine love, Wilberforce the English Bulldog!  Wilber is 11 years old and is missing an eye. He was a puppy mill stud.  He is so beautiful!  More details soon...

I would like to introduce you to our newest Autumn/Harvest garden addition...
I could not place just any scarecrow in my boxwood parterre, now could I?    I had been planning my Marie Antoinette scarecrow for the past two years.  She is finally complete!

I did a great deal of research into historic gowns...
Inspiration: robe a la polonaise, ca 1780.

Source unknown

Robe a la Francais

Source unknown

Source unknown

Robe a la polonaise, ca 1780

I didn't want her gown to be too fussy, nor too rustic. I really wanted it to be as elegant as possible.

Her gown is made from burlap, her hair of raffia, her Autumn toile train is a tablecloth, her lacey oak sleeves are actually table runners! 

She wears a necklace of acorns...

Her stomacher is trimmed in pheasant feathers!

Detail of gown...

Detail of sleeve with pheasant feathers and earth toned lace oak leaves...

Her hair was created with raffia.  It has a texture similar to my own hair, so it was easy to work with! Her head is a wicker hat stand.

Detail of necklace...

Detail of train...

Detail, gown back...

I found the pheasant feathers on a walk around the lake.  I think a coyote had pheasant for lunch.  :(

I found a mannequin on Craigslist.  It was very thin!  It needed a bit of padding!  The gown is my size. I considered wearing it on Halloween to scare the neighborhood children!  Too itchy, though! 
Itch O' Rama!

Detail of shoe...

I had to fasten the head to the mannequin, ironically.

The panniers are actually packages of quilt batting...still in the plastic, tied in place.

I think she needs a mask for Halloween!  What do you think?

This project was too much fun!  It is tempting to do something like this for each Season!  

As the weather turns more brisk, I will finally have the time to catch up with my dear blog friends!  Please tell me what you have been up to!



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  1. A Marie-Antoinette scarecrow. Wow. Genius, I love it!!! She is spectacular looking, too pretty to put in the garden! Well done.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I can't wait to see your new fur babies. I don't have any experience looking after FIV cats, I'm afraid.

  2. If that's a scarecrow I want to look like a scarecrow, her.!

    A client this month has 2 rescue dogs. One is 3-legged the other is totally blind. Both are so happy & loved.

    XO T

  3.! I am normally not impressed by diy anything, but this is incredible! I think she needs a mask too, maybe a scaramouche? Can't wait to see all of your new animals :)

  4. Gorgeous! Can we see her in the garden?!

  5. Oh my goodness, Andie!
    Leave it to you to design a French couture scarecrow-ness!
    She is lovely and you are quite the little designer fashionista!
    LOVE what you did down to the necklace details.... wow.
    That is awesome!

    Have been busy as a bee here with posts scattered. Working full time designing
    one home for over a year, and running an antique business on the weekends.
    Add those two things to full-time mom, wife and housekeeper.... well,
    I am pretty busy!

    Glad to hear you are ok and back! Can't wait to see you new family members.


  6. Oh, oh, oh!

    Andy, she is amazing, yes a mask, my daughter and I saw some great ones at target. The mask does not have to be a expensive one even a less costly one she will be able to pull it off.
    I think she will look fabulous on nthe porch for Halloween trick or treaters :)
    I have never seen a scarecrow look so great, truly I am not just saying this to pat you on the back, but if you had posted this a month ago I could see myself making one. Not sure it would have turned out bas cool as yours but I would have had so much fun trying .

    About her hair and your hair comment, I had to read this to my daughter because she feels the same as of straw lol!
    Thank you for gracing my place with you comment and beauty, I am also happy that you invited me over, it was my best time spent this evening.
    Please post soon, would love to see if she ends up on the porch, placed in the garden, or looking out one of your beautiful windows.

    Andy, you need to enter her in a art show, if you can't find one create one, your my pick for first place!

    Lots of love,

  7. She is a work of art and far too beautiful to stand outside in the elements - I think you should just leave her in a corner of your living room for all to admire. Perhaps she could be put to work scaring off potential burglars so she wouldn't be entirely idle, even though the real Marie Antoinette probably was. Lovely to here from you! xx Sharon

  8. New to your blog and love what you did for your scarecrow....she is art!

  9. ANDIE!! I've missed you! Oh, my goodness, look what you've done. Your Marie scarecrowette is gorgeous. You're too much. She will get a lot of attention I'm sure! Really, you're amazing as this is the most creative thing and she does need a little mask for Halloween.
    Glad you have some new little fuzzy faces in your life.
    be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  10. WELCOME BACK... yes, you've been Missed! Thanks for coming by for a Blog Visit and making me Smile. Loving your Scarecrow Couture... she's better dressed than ME! *LOL* What an Awesome Creation Andie and I'm so glad you've gotten so much accomplished this Summer in the Garden, I know how Exciting it is when the Vision starts coming together. And Congrats on the Adoption of your two precious new Fur Babies! We once had a one-eyed Cat that was Feral and came to live with us... she was fearful of Humans but tolerated us and I always wondered what happened to her to cause her unfortunate disfigurement, I assumed she had been hit by a car at some point in her life and just managed to survive and heal from a serious injury. We called her Jackie One Eye and just before she passed she began to allow us to pet her and wouldn't run away or hide... that Trust meant a lot because obviously she had been through a lot and it was a privilege for her to have chosen us to spend her final years with.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. It was such fun to see you again at GeeeZ and know I could come here and be amazed again...and I WAS. I LOVE the irony of your putting the head back ON the mannequin...!! I lived in Paris for four years, had just read the Antonia Fraser bio of Marie Antoinette and was SO engrossed in it...after I finished, my husband asked if I wanted to go to a certain museum and we went....who knew it had a floor dedicated to HER and her husband and there was the furniture on which she helped her son with homework while they waited for her and her husband's executions! And her bed...etc...The king's shaving cup, etc. BUT, the pieces of materials from her dresses and her earrings, etc., just engulfed me and I said "We have to go NOW" was like I felt overcome with her after having read the book and now being surrounded by her stuff! We sat outside the museum and had a coffee at a cafe and I felt the city was twice as crowded with Parisians from that day and her day.. It was SPOOKY. I loved it!

    You did a FABULOUS job on this! I particularly like the acorn are SO talented and I admire your talent and envy what must be a great feeling of accomplishment!!

  12. Andie, GET OUT OF HERE! You DO know how to make an entrance and come back with a BANG! This is the craziest and most fun scarecrow idea I have ever seen!!! So much work, so much detail. Simply wonderful!
    I am so glad you are back, missed you. Looking forward to more greatness from you.

  13. Now THAT is what I call a scarecrow......what a fabulous idea! Not sure if I should try this here is SW France, the locals would either hate or adore it as that is how it is when you mention the name Marie Antoinette in France.

    à tres bientot, Leeann x

  14. Wow I love her! i rarely get into halloween / fall decor but THIS I can do. You are always so inventive -it astounds me!

  15. Oh definitely no face mask....she is already extraordinary. Bravo!

  16. What no tumbrel to ride in? Just kidding. That is quite amazing.

  17. Oh, your lady friend is fabulous. Great dress, but yes it has to be very itchy. Love the necklace, but what I love most in the photos is the armoire behind her. Gorgeous. So glad you are back.

  18. That is absolutely unbelievable! What a work of art! I love it!.....Visiting from Wow Us Wednesday

  19. This is so sweet! I love, love, love it! Very inspirational. I have a feeling you're going to see a lot of "copy-cats" on this. Just gorgeous.

  20. This is so amazing! just found you from Sherry's party and joined as a follower. I would love for you to come link up tomorrow at Vintage Inspiration, this is just perfect!!

  21. Andie, Your "scarecrow" is beyond fabulous!...a work of art! ...I'm so amazed by her necklace and hair...every detail is perfect. Well done! Now I'm going back to see your boxwood parterre.

  22. Bonjour Mademoiselle,
    She is a vision of loveliness.
    Love her sweet and not scary disposition.
    Just amazing.

  23. Only You my dearest, divine Friend! Richard and Sissy

  24. Okay, this time I really did fall off my chair! WHO ELSE would make a Marie Antoinette scarecrow? She would have gotten a kick out of it, for sure. Like you, she loved her gardens, but I wager she spent a whole boatload more than you do on your creations!
    Welcome back, Andie!

  25. you are something else!! To create such a thing like this~it is AMAZING to me! REally it is a work of art, and I love that you even thought of doing such a creation. BRAVO!

  26. Andie, I'm treating myself to an afternoon of reading back through your archives to indulge in each of your amazing posts. This is the perfect way to spend my "extra" hour from DLST. LOL ~ I'm so glad I've discovered Divine Theatre!

    Your Marie Antoinette scarecrow is beyond fabulous. Is there anything you don't do well? The idea alone is impressive, but the actual complete project is truly incredible. Each little detail full of creativity and beauty. What fun it must be to share a home with you! Lucky handsome husband and sweet daughter..........Sarah


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