Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Richard's Snowflakes

Many of you already know my dear friend Richard Cottrell and his beloved beagle dog, Sissy, from My Old Historic House Blog.  If you do not, I urge you to introduce yourself!

Richard is  gentleman and a scholar as well as an astute artist.  He also has the kindest heart I have been  blessed to know!  About a week ago, Gracie and I received a package from Richard and Sissy, filled with hand cut snowflakes!  I am not exaggerating when I say they are the most beautiul I have ever seen!
Gracie and I made a garland of Richard's snowflakes.  I hope he considers them worthy!  I could not get decent photos during the day so I waited until tonight.

We strung the snowflakes on gossamer ribbon and draped them in the window of the family room, where we can see them all the time!

Notice all the fine detail?  Stunning!

Thank you, Dearest Richard, you have given us an heirloom to treasure forever!

Richard and Sissy's gift reminded me why I adore my blogging friends so much!  We are all so different, yet our passions draw us together.
I found this poem and I thought you might appreciate it too...

Each of Us a Snowflake

We are each of us a snowflake
No two of us the same
Reflections of the endless loving Source from which we came
Unique in form and beauty, crystalized at birth
Little flecks of heaven born to melt into the earth.

We are each of us a snowflake
Of infinite design
Transitory dancers on the widow panes of time
Unique in form and beauty, no two of us the same
Reflections of the endless loving Source from which we came.

We are each of us a snowflake
A falling star in flight
A traveler through the universe, in search of our own light
Unique in form and beauty, of infinite design
Transitory dancers on the window panes of time.

~~ Emily Warburton

Happy Holidays!




  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful friendship and bond. What a beautiful gift he made and what a beautiful tribute.
    The poem is wonderful!

  2. Richard is so kind to send you such a beautiful gift. I have visited his blog before and I completely agree, he is a true artist. Happy New Year!

  3. Those are beautiful! I tried making some with my ten yr old stepson for my store windows...they are very primitive but still charming~these are a work of art!

  4. They're beautiful!! I love how you have them displayed!

  5. Beautiful snowflakes, poetry, and expression of friendship. Yes, blogging friends are treasures! ~ Sarah

  6. Good morning Andie! WOW, I have seen Richard's name around Blogland but I must pay him a visit! It is so fun to get to know so many people from differing backgrounds in this space who enjoy creating art from such different points of view! Have a lovely day, Anita

  7. Richard's snowflakes are beautiful what a generous and kind gift. They're beautiful in front of your window. Love the poem and it's so true and we have a lot of friends dropping on us, we're getting a snowstorm the first real one of the season and can't wait for Dylan dog to wake up and have some fun in it.


  8. Beautiful snowflakes and I really love the poem, is so lovely each of us are "unique in form and beauty". Happy New Year 2013!!

  9. I know I'm a flake, you don't have to rub it in......

  10. Lol, Betsy!

    Those are gorgeous! Yeah, mine would definitely be childlike compared to these.

    I really love this poem. And I agree with your statement that "we are all so different, yet our passions draw us together". That's the wonder of blogging; it attracts like-minded people, kindred spirits.

  11. You two did a great job with the snow flakes. i have mine hanging from chandeliers all over the house. I'll leave them all winter. Your heart is the biggest and there is no debate about that. Love and Sissy Kisses. Richard

  12. Andie and Richard,
    I read Lauren's "Pure Style Home" blog post today, and had to mention your incredible act of kindness, Richard, and your exquisite display, Andie.
    Lauren is making snowflakes for the new Sandy Hook school to open in January. The children will walk into a school filled with a winter wonderland of snowflakes. Anyone can make, and send, handmade snowflakes to:

    Connecticut PTSA
    60 Connolly Parkway
    Building 12, Suite 103
    Hamden, CT 06514

    To read more, visit the blog,

    This is what makes healing happen.

  13. Lindo presente e fizeste um bela guirlanda. Aqui encontramos pessoas maravilhosas. É um espaço para amizade preciosas.
    Quero te desejar um feliz 2013 e que ele te traga muita sorte e felicidades.
    Obrigada pelo carinho e amizade e que possamos neste novo ano compartilhar muitas alegrias.
    Bjos e feliz 2013.

  14. I love the snowflakes and the way you have hung them. The best part of blogging are the friendships made :)

  15. They are Magnificent! Richard is such a Dear Blog Friend and has such a Big Heart! His Knowledge about EVERYTHING never ceases to Amaze me! And you too are very Special my Friend and I'm Happy you Received such a Heartfelt Gift to Cherish!

    Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  16. Just beautiful. Love that we are friends too...Happy New Year. Mona

  17. Andie how creatively stunning snowflakes from Richard; the rest of your home is stunning as well! Thank you for the beauty you bring to my life...
    All the best in 2013

    Art by Karena

  18. Hi Andie.
    Everything is so finely tuned for beauty in your home.
    Love the snow flakes and the snow flake poem

    Happy New Year !

  19. teeeheee..Andie, how I would love to have you as a neighbor!!!!!

    Unfortunately, my home is solid brick, and would crumble during the move! But we can continue to live vicariously through our dreams of sharing our European love for décor, AND I HOPE TO GET to draw your daughter!!!

    Tomorrow, I will post on my latest and most time-consuming commission for a store window display!



  20. STUNNING! what a wonderful gift.
    blessings to you in '13 andie
    with love

  21. Hi Andie... a Lil Somethin-Somethin has been sent your way... let me know when it arrives!

    Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  22. A very special gift! And a wonderful poem!

    Wish you, your family and all your "four-legged" beloved ones a very good, healthy and
    Happy New Year, dear Andie.

    Warmest greetings from the Périgord,


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