Friday, January 4, 2013

Bohemian Rhapsody

My doorbell rang Tuesday afternoon.  I wasn't expecting any guests and I had not recently placed any orders online, so I was certain it wasn't the mailman or Fedex...

As I opened the door, the mail carrier was walking away and this package was waiting on my porch...

I brought it inside and asked Gracie to open it.  The smell of nag champa wafted from the package... (a clue!)

The card indicated the gift was from my dear friend and fellow blogger, Dawn of Bohemian Valhalla!  If you don't know Dawn, please introduce yourself!  Besides having awesome taste, that girl can weave a tale like a spider weaves webs!  I freely admit that I envy her abilities. PLUS, look at her handwriting!  She writes like my 3rd grade teacher...perfection!  I write like a drunk chicken, a cross-eyed drunk chicken, actually.

What a generous, thoughtful gift!  A new ex voto for my collection!  You may not be able to tell from the photograph but it is about a foot tall!  I nestled the beautiful piece into wreath that I had and  suspended it by a length of antique French grey velvet ribbon!  Note the gilt crown at the nape of the flame!  I wonder what the letters stand for?  I have only seen the letters GR (Grace Received).  Anyone have any ideas?

I hung the wreath from my French pier mirror...

McGillicuddy supervised, of course...We are hoping to have the openings between the Music Room and the Family room covered with drywall soon.  Veterinary bills have taken precedence.  I wonder if I could do that myself?

I could keep it here year round!

Cat toy at 7 O'Clock!  Gah!  ...and those openings are going to drive me batty!

January 5th is Support Hobby Lobby Day (as if I needed an excuse).  I found this tabletop vitrine last week to house a few more of my ex votos... I'm sure I will find lots of ways to spend my money today!  

We got a smidgeon of snow...just enough to cover the ground.  Don't Richard's snowflakes look beautiful against a snowy backdrop?

I am so blessed to have so many passionate blogging friends!  Thank you, Dawn, I cherish this beautiful gift!




  1. Wow! That is beautiful and what a gift! Lucky girl.

  2. I'm Delighted that you like it and it looks as Magnificent in your Home as I knew it would with your Impeccible Styling. This is an Italian Flaming Heart Ex-Voto and the PGR stands for "Per Grazia Ricevuta" (Thanks for Prayers Received). And as for DIY Drywalling... it's very demanding work. The Man and I were taught by a Friend in the Biz how to hang Drywall and did an entire room addition at our Previous Home with his help... OMG, I will never do it again and have total respect for those that do it for a living! I always like to try anything once... twice if I like it *Winks*... I did NOT like hanging Drywall so the once was enough! *Smiles*

    New Year's Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. What a gorgeous and thoughtful gift! I love ex votos and have never seen one that large before! It looks beautiful on your wreath! Hope you get those openings closed up before they make you insane :) Happy New Year! Hugs, Leena

  4. A lovely gift to start the year, Andie.
    Yes, Richard's snowflakes look lovely as the whole room does!

    And here are my best wishes for a very good and healthy New Year! May it be filled with love and happiness - and wonderful new "old" finds :)

    Warmest greetings,

  5. YIPPPPEEEEEEE! ANDIE, this piece if perfect for your home! Oh how lucky you were! Please come by my post to see my latest creation that is now in a window display in town. You can see just a little bit of my dining room, but just in the back display, there is a table where I have some cloches sitting with a collection of these sorts of antique embellishments.

    ENJOY and do come by! Anita

  6. It is so beautiful, what a wonderful surprise! I love ex votos (tho I can't afford them). I got some ex voto xmas ornaments from Wisteria and have decorated them with bling and hung them all over my house!

  7. What a fantastic gift and right up your collection alley! Lucky you. I am heading over to check out her blog.

    Have a great New Year.

  8. Ms. Dawn is a dear and so are you, two of my Dearest Dears! Richard

  9. Its beautiful and now is in a beautiful environment!

  10. Andie, it looks perfect gracing the wreath. What a thoughtful gift especially for you.
    Blogging friends are amazingly generous. '-)

  11. ANDIE!

    How kind of you to come by to view the gown. THANK YOU!

    Ooooo....Hobby Lobby, huh? ENJOY! Anita

  12. How did I miss your last two posts? This is a beautiful ex-voto. You have a knack for finding objets that are unusual I must say! (Well, your friend did, but you had a collection already!)

    Funny about Hobby Lobby, I'm trying to get a post to publish about my shopping spree there on Jan. 5th! I didn't even know it was "Support Hobby Lobby" day! Anyhoo, blogger or my computer won't let me upload my pics, frustrated.



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