Monday, January 28, 2013

More Amazing Craigslist Finds

I know how much my blogger friends love a good deal so I thought I would share a few of my latest Craigslist finds!  

Grace and I drove to Milwaukee for this piece but it was soooo worth it! It seats three and is very sturdy!  Perfect for the Music Room, I think!

This French hanging lantern is over five feet tall!  Once I spray paint it bronze it will hang in our Family Room!  The room has 18 foot ceilings so this is perfect!

I found this in the Summer.  It beckons on our new front patio.  I absolutely love the dog heads on the arm rests!  It was totally free! All it required was a coat of paint and some new boards on the seat! It is extremely heavy!  It took three grown men to move it!

Pair of Coalbrookdale Fern Chairs for back patio...

Three foot tall Pan statue for the back patio...

Concrete dog garden statues for the pavillion...named after our rescue Pit Bulls, Max and Lola.  This is a photo from the internet because it's just too cold to go out and take photos!  They are exactly the same.

Pair of fruit basket finial garden statues for the entrance to the potager...

This is the new Guest Room bed!  I loved the old one but it was just too large.  This is a full/double.  The man I sold my bed and mattresses to was from Pakistan.  He tied everything to the top of his small car!  The entire Queensize headboard, footboard, mattress and box spring!  You should have seen him! He said he learned to tie things on his camel when he was a boy!  It was a sight to see!
I will paint this headboard and footboard...probably...most likely a shade of grey!

Carved French gilt demilune table with marble top.  Currently on stair landing.  Please note the particle board on the landing.  I tore the carpet up on Thanksgiving Day!  The mermaid crown was made entirely of recycled boxes and seashells!

The grand total for all these items was less than $800!  I actually came out ahead!  When I see something I love on Craigslist I put two or three items up for sale in order to pay for them!  I usually buy up, meaning that I am constantly replacing so-so items with things I really want. The items I sold made more than what I spent!  I will keep that aside for future purchases!




  1. I like the way you operate!
    I do the same thing but I call it UPGRADE!
    Your finds are nothing short of stunning!!!!
    You are a stud!

  2. You are amazing. I never find this great stuff on Craigslist!! I moving to where you are!

  3. Andie, you amaze me. I've never even looked at Craigslist, but I don't think I'd find such wonderful pieces as this here in TX.

  4. wow you do have the touch...Andie you should have your own show called The Craigslist killer...and its all about how you track down your killer items! I am in usual.

  5. You are most definitely the Queen of Craigslist!
    I Trade Up too... only way to go.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. You've officially left me speechless. I LOVE your taste. I want all those pieces for my home. That stunning settee takes the cake though. I pray that my mansion in heaven has one just like it.


  7. So many great finds. Love the gold console and the guest bed is gorgeous. The urns are so pretty .. and the sattee, wow!


  8. Andie, you should open a shop......
    Love it all of course...
    Colette xx

  9. Menina que tantos tesouros tu encontrou. Amei todos.
    Tua casa vai ficar um castelo.
    Have a nice a day.

  10. Andie I was wondering if cops in your area made a ton more then, your husband must be so proud! I can't belive all the amazing things you have found and I know you have to put a lot of work into some pieces but WOW! Like Col said above and I keep saying you have a business here and I would be one of your first customers. Great buying job Andie!


  11. WOW! YOU really find THE BEST things on Craig's List Andie! Everything is Christie's perfect!

    AND...I sent you an email or convo regarding your request for illustrations. Please get back to me before I start into another commission; I need to know what you want and when so I can start. LOVE! Anita

  12. thank you very much for sharing this post with us

  13. really you have good ideas and great blog

  14. WOW Andie you did real good!! LOVE all your new purchases!

  15. What do you don't like flowers ln furniture!!!!
    How can we be friends????
    Oy, oy, oy.....
    I'll try to like you anyway......

  16. Amazing finds! I too have found some of my favorite pieces this way. I have sold many things this way as well =)

  17. now you're just trying to make us jealous -right? haha -i'm always trying to buy up as well - it's a process. thats how you make the house a home!

  18. You certainly do a great job of shopping on Craigslist, Andie--I love that couch, and the patio bench is gorgeous! I'm going to have to spend a bit more time on Craigslist, it appears :) I'd love to find some pretty garden statuary that's affordable.

  19. Andie, these items are absolutely stunning! It sounds like you made some great deals too! I love everything and am so fond of the dog statues. I've always admire them at nurseries. One of these days I'll get one! Congrats on your shopping spree and thank you for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  20. andie. surely you jest. all of that on craig? and for that amount? I really am envious. I search and search and come up with nothing compared to your have inspired me to look some more...donna

  21. Andie, you really should have a shop with your keen eye for design and killer ability to ferret out treasures. Having bought a Craigslist find from you I can attest to the fact that you are as gracious and talented in person as you appear in this blog. You really are amazing.

  22. Andie, I am always amazed at the things you find on Craigslist. When I had an antique shop I would "buy up" all the time. When I found something I liked better than the current piece off it went to the shop.

  23. O'k Missie, stop this nonsense right now or I am going to have to call your handsome husband to manage the angry mob! How are the rest of us plebe's suppose to buy-up when you keep buying up everything;) ?!! xob

  24. Audie, What fabulous finds! The lantern is amazing!!!

  25. LOL...I don't know how I arrived I was very confused on the process that I was instructed to follow...I am 72 yrs old...however I am computer literate having been using one since 1987! I am very glad to have finally landed in the land of comments. I love your style and how you are able to gather for your home beautiful items that you have transformed into your vision. I also thank you for the Craiglist tutorial and of course your posts. It seems to me that out here in California things are sold at a much higher rate that in your area or even the southern states. I've said it before that even things at Goodwill or Salvation Army sell for more here in CA than what others have posted in other parts of the country. I have not used Craigslist before and in a few months I hope to be able to shop wisely (thanks to your tutorial) and also to know what to ask for. I also admire your love of animals and all that you do to help them. GOD bless you and your family. Sincerely, Mary (in her old rickety trailer-hoping soon to move out of it).

  26. Do not even tell me you found all this on Craigslit!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously? This is amazing, can you become my personal Craigslist shopper? Any tips on how us mere mortals can find such beauties? The lantern, statuary, settee....are AMAZING. You scored the mother load!!!!!!! Tips please!!

  27. I never see anything like these items on Craigslist. And what I do see is way over priced. I think you have the magic carma that the rest of us do not. All I see is kids stuff, Tv sets and so on and so forth. Must be a lot more people with good taste and culture up your way and the fact that they are willing to sell so cheap. I am happy for you and jealous it does not happen to me. Richard and Sissy


  28. I agree with Richard, nothing like that around small town america here on craig's list

    I love that settee

  29. OMG, so many gorgeous pieces! And what amazing prices!!

  30. Hello Andie, Love all of your finds, you have such good taste. Can't wait to see your garden when it warms up a little. I'm sure it's gorgeous.


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