Monday, January 7, 2013

Quick Urn Tutorial

Happy New Year everyone!

I received so many requests about my Holiday urns  that I decided to share the very simple method by which to create them!

Last year I used fresh greenery but it was very expensive with three urns!  Keeping them all Winter was not an option.  They dry out quickly and turn brown! I needed an inexpensive way to dress the urns for the Holidays but I was at a loss.  I almost just left them bare! The horror!  LOL!

This project took about 20 minutes total!

These are not the baskets I used.  I have no before photos!  You can use any type you want.

I merely took two metal hanging baskets from Home Depot (I found mine on clearance for $6 each).  Take out the coir and remove the chains.  Then turn them end to end and bind them together with floral wire.  My planters were gold so I used gold wire.  I used the holes left from where the chains were.  I didn't have to wire it all the way around...four equally spaced  tethers is sufficient.

I placed the newly created spheres on top of a fresh wreath that I bought at the grocery store and secured the sphere into the soil in the pot with landscaping pins.

Simply lay the wreath on the urn!

I then wrapped battery operated lights around the spheres...

The total cost for all three urns was less than $100!  I am leaving them in the urns without the lights for the remainder of the Winter!  

This idea can be used for vine topiaries all year long!  It can also be used to hang indoors with a light bulb or in a gazebo with bulbs...use your imagination!

Can you think of any other way to use these?




  1. Love it, love you too. Richard and Sissy Kisses. My Old Historic House.

  2. You are following the garden archetypes. You're to the tuters in pots phase.

    When I do the lites, they stay all year till they burn out.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  3. Great idea! They are so pretty and unique! I think that the metal balls would be great with lights in them, hanging up inside a covered porch! You are so creative - thank you for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  4. Glorious my dear, JUST MAGIC! I do the same thing only with grapevine wreaths....but the crowns you used are an added plus! Anita

  5. So clever - you have an amazingly creative brain! I hope you are well and had a happy Christmas. Everything of the best for 2013 - I so enjoy having you in my blog life. xx Sharon

  6. Andie, this is such a clever idea. I like the idea of using this base for a vine topiary inside large urns. I'll be looking for some hanging baskets to make some of these. Thanks for sharing your idea and how you put this together.

  7. Very clever and pretty urn. Love this idea! Thank you for sharing the tutorial. Happy new year from your newest follower, Linda

  8. Those urns are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing how you made them. Seems so easy!

  9. Beautiful urns and you did a great job..thank you for sharing the tutorials pretty and talented lady. They look great in front of your beautiful house! Happy New Year 2013!

  10. This is a very pretty idea for the urns and lights, Andie! I used an upside-down tomato cage wired together at the top in one container this year and added lights to form a tree-looking cone shape in lights--it was nice. Have a lovely weekend!

  11. Dear Andy, I didn't have much time to visit my blog friends recently. I caught up on your recent posts today. You house looks amazing with all the Christmas decorations. What other use for the globes? Why, disco balls, of course! It's carnival time, let's party!

  12. Your home is so beautiful, Andie! Your urns turned out great. So glad you decided to keep them out all winter. They are too pretty to pack away!

  13. Andie I adore your creativity and love the way you made these lit globes with the wreaths. The urns are gorgeous!


    2013 Artists Series

  14. Hi Andie! These are beautiful and a great tutorial. I love them and they will look great up through the cold months.
    Now look at your new profile snap - darling, you are jut so beautiful!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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