Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Louis XVI Porter's Chair

The beauty of the porter’s chair belies it’s utilitarian history.  Porter's chairs originated in 16th-century France and England where they were often made of cane or wicker, with high backs and sides. These chairs were commonly used for hall porters to sit in while they kept watch at the doors of grand homes and palaces.  The domed back kept the drafts at bay.

You may remember this chair from the Library before I redesigned the room...Say hello to my darling Atticus!  Hi Atticus! 
 Handsome Husband surprised me with this chair on my birthday six years ago.  I think I have been allowed to sit in it once. We used to call it the Kitty Throne.

The chair found a new temporary home in Grace's playroom.  That is, until Tallulah arrived on the scene and decided she didn't like the gimp trim and removed most of it in a doggy DIY moment.
Thanks, Tallulah, for the inspiration!

Another reason the red velvet upholstery had to go...notice the similarity between this lint brush and the cushion on the chair?  Velvet was BORN to attract hair!  It is the height of madness to have this upholstery in our home!  Madness, I tell you!

I have had this photo in my files for as long as I can remember.  This has a chinoiserie upholstery but I think I would use a sage green toile.

Of course I love the grey finish on this!

These are lovely with the soft leather and nailhead trim.

This is my absolute favorite!

This would be simple to reproduce with Annie Sloan Chateau Grey and simple  off white cotton duck upholstery...

Once the chair is complete it will live among the furniture in the Family Room.  Now that Tallulah has convinced me to change it I am excited to get to it!

I merely need to decide on the finish and the upholstery...




  1. Oh you are so very lucky to own one of these amazing chairs!! I've been lusting after one for ages... now I will live happily through you and its transformation. So exciting Andie!!!

  2. What a great cozy chair! No wonder the pets have claimed it for their own! The velvet was nice, but as a dog owner I can appreciate the issue with pet hair. I like the sage green toile and the pale white cotton duck with the lighter wood best. Whatever you do, it is going to look great!

  3. Thought they were an aberration of the 60's !
    It's a bad habit, lacking knowledge I fill in the details myself.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  4. Good Evening Andie, What a clever girl Tallulah is, to point you in the right direction with regards to your chair. I have to say, Tallulah is gorgeous.
    I look forward to seeing the finished product.
    Best Wishes

  5. Hi Andie! Oh, my, this chair is gorgeous. I love that precious little fuzzy face too! Again, for such a young one you know so much and have the most fantastic taste. Oh, I giggled at the Loony Tunes theme. I do remember that Rooter guy and I say, I say, I mean I say he's a hoot! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Andie, I've always loved these chairs. Don't have one, but who knows, someday one may find it's way into our home. '-) Can't wait to see how you transform the one you have.

  7. Andie, I love everything you have! The chair is no exception. It will be
    beautiful when you are done with it I am sure. Hi Atticus and Tallulah!

  8. O'k, ...I had no idea what the hell a porter's hall chair was until now. I know I just cussed, but I am having a hot flash, and mamma ain't so graceful in these moments;) Anyway, how awesome is that chair! You tell handsome husband he did good, tell Grace that she will need a new throne, and Atticus and Tallulah that they need to find a new spot to place their tiny tushies:) xob

    1. Love your comment Brenda....from one dang hottie to another! Lol

  9. Well, since by unanimous observation and opinion I AM totally Mad, I still have a lot of Velvet around Bohemian Valhalla, but I would agree... attracts EVERYTHING like a Magnet. I Love these types of Chairs and have only ever seen them in Photos, never in Real Life, so you're fortunate your Love found you one! And Smiling at the Doggie Makeover... you must let that boy watch too much Project Runway? *Winks* And I want to Thank You for your Sweet Words and Encouragement to continue to keep it Spontaneous and Real in my Blog Posts. I never know what I'm going to write 'til I sit down, load some Images and then let the Story just flow as it will. Our Family have always been great Story Tellers for Generations so must be in the Genes, it's effortless for me and I LOVE Writing because it is from the Heart and Mind to the Fingertips. I had a lot of Positive Feedback so I guess I'm not Boring anyone... or at least not some... *LOL*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. OOOOPS... I just called Tallulah a boy... sorry Tallulah! Bad human... bad bad human!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. Linda cadeira, eu amei conhecer a história destas lindas cadeiras. Só em seu país encontra-se essas raridades, aqui é muito difícil encontrar peças antigas. O gatinho e o cão adoraram a cadeira.
    Tenha um ótimo dia.

  12. you do have such interesting things...and i love the history lesson you provide as well. now tell me this, why wouldn't you give the whole darn thing a paint job courtesy of Annie include the velvet? After you paint the velvet you would lightly sand it with 500 grit and it will become would be so inexpensive to do and you could have something remarkably close to your favorite inspiration photo.

  13. Oh Andie, you are on your way, or rather, YOU ARE ALREADY THERE in creating a museum quality home. Your choices are excellent. Anita

  14. I saw your chair on last night! They called it the Queen Victoria Balloon Chair. Can't wait to see the Andie Touch applied to yours!!!!

  15. What a chair! Spectacular. Can't wait to see it finished. God I love your house!

    Too funny how the critters take over the furniture and we let them! And they know how to choose the best seat in the house, don't they? (And I love the names you choose for them!)



  16. Oh I love that chair, I have never seen one in person , however would love to sit and watch TV in it or just read in it
    You know it's a good chair when the cats love it also

  17. what a great piece; I'm glad the velvet is going though! Can't wait to see how it's reborn, I love the inspiration pieces. Have you ever seen the PBS miniseries "duchess of duke street"? The hall way porter of the hotel has a similiar chair in leather with a little dog bed beside for his dog (fred). So cute!

  18. Hi Andie,
    What ever yo do to it you will amaze it with your choice. As for me the canvas duck, the white, or grey would be my choice, so this chair could move about different rooms and areas of your home if need be. The idea of refinishing your dark wood is a fabulous idea, giving this chair the right kind of rightness.

    Your post and including your creature friends was so laughable, you put a entertained smile on my face while reading, you have such a natural way of entertaining us :)
    Thank you for sharing, looking to see what you will next inspire, and also really looking forward to the facelift you give your chair, not any chair this is a chair to love.


  19. That is one gorgeous chair...can't wait to see what you decide on!

  20. What a beautiful and unique chair! I've never seen one before! I think it will be lovely with a lighter finish on the wood and lighter fabric. Personally, I love the first picture! Of course, they're all gorgeous though. Can't wait to see what you do with it! Hugs, Leena

  21. That chair is gorgeous, but Atticus and Tallulah steal the show! Love their names :) It is challenging decorating when you have pets in the home--we have 3 cats, and there are certain items that I have to keep under glass or at a safe height so that curious felines don't get into them. Solid dark colors usually don't work for us, due to cat hair showing up on it. Covers and slipcovers that I can vaccuum and pop easily into the wash have worked well for us. Can't wait to see how you redo your chair! Have a lovely weekend.

  22. Wholly cow Andie Atticus is one handsome lad and Tallulah makes me want to kiss that face! What a cute doggie! How are the kitties feeling about Tallulah? Oh yeah the chair is pretty great too...;) I didn't know what it was called before or the history behind it makes me like it more!


  23. If you lived near me I could help you reupholster it....but you don' you're on your own....

  24. Beautiful room, but OMG---what have you done to that beautiful wood?! It's an insult to the ebeniste. It even appears to have an inlay that has been covered with the gray maquillage. It is unsettling and distressing for me to look at.


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