Sunday, October 20, 2013

Whiling Away the Hours

I should be outside.  The garden needs me.  

Here I am, though, goofing off, lollygagging, fiddling around, wasting precious time on the internet!


I dunno.

I just am.

I messed with Pixlr.

Then I messed with Blogger.

See my new header?

It's huge.  I know.  I just spent two hours of my life fussing with it.  Tempus fugit.  Indeed.

Then I took photos of my house...

Well, not the house, merely the area within ten, or so, feet from where I was sitting.

I had to get up out of the chair to do that.

Then I tinkered with Pixlr some more.

Then I contemplated the orange hue of my woodwork

I did that for a long time.  Pondered my woodwork, that is.

I am willing to bet that if you look up the synonym for wasting time you will see the phrase "pondering the woodwork".

I would have written a poem about my woodwork but, as you know, nothing rhymes with orange.

So I pondered onward...

I spied the gardens through the windows.

"I really need to get out there," I muttered to myself.

Then I photographed my new French Louis XVI vitrine from Craigslist.

Then I whiled away some time on Pixlr again.

I cast a few furtive glances toward the yard.  It isn't going to water/weed/plant itself.
Twenty arborvitae...waiting.

Hold on!

I'll be right there!

Then I took a dramatic close-up shot of my Craigslist Louis XVI vitrine.

I know it's too full!

The key is stuck.

My stuff is trapped inside!

Here I sit.


My beautiful daughter padded downstairs a bit ago.

"Mom?" she queried.  "You're sitting down.  You never sit down."  

She stood there, incredulous for an entire 30 seconds.

"Who are you and what have you done with my mother?!" she demanded.

I tried to reply.

"It's so good to see you relaxing, Mom!" she continued.

I didn't mention my inner turmoil and guilt to her.  Why ruin the moment?

I should go outside.

This relaxation is killing me!



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  1. Your house is beautiful, elegant and sophisticated, Andie. I love your new French vitrine, very pretty and perfect there! I do the same as you, I ponder and start taking pics for the hell of it and makes me smile. I know I need to do something, but don't. I just hosted a dinner party Frid. night for 14, so I am still a 'little exausted' but so happy they all had so much fun and I with my sweet friends. I need to put all the dishes, glassware, flatware in it's place, but 'I'll worry about it tomorrow,' like Scarlet O'Hara. lol! Have a great week. is my b'day, so I'm going out for a high tea, so worst, I'm not doing anything!

  2. You are a wonderful human pretty girl...I know you look like Snow White, I saw you once, with your raven hair and fairest of skin's!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful wishes and here I forgot to mention your new lovely header goes with your sophisticated house too! Have a super week.

  3. So funny! I am right with you on that....beautiful day, me trying to re-configure settings on computer....sitting by the fire...should get up...nah..

  4. You know what rhymes with orange????
    Everything rhymes with Betsy!

  5. After all your work outside, I want to see pictures.

  6. Well, you have such a beautiful place to lollygag. I've had days like this. Sometimes we just need a break. Love your new header.

  7. Gorgeous...your home, your vitrine, your it all.How sweet that your daughter was so happy to see you relax....that's a girl for you:) I seriously think you could make a best selling book with all of your Craig s list finds and befores and afters, sharing your "insider secrets" i kid you not. I swear I can see it becoming a sold out book...I would buy it!

  8. Bom dia,
    sua casa é linda e amo seus móveis, todos cheio de história. Eu também gosto de fica no jardim, mas tenho somente os fins de semana para cuidar das plantas. Agora aqui começou a esquentar está bom de ficar na rua. Amei seu cabeçalho. E mostre sempre sua casa, amo ver suas lindas descobertas, tudo está lindo.
    Tenha um ótimo início de semana.

  9. You sound just like me Andie...It's just not in me to sit and relax! I always love seeing pictures of your beautiful home...and now I can't wait to see your gardens! Have a great week:)

  10. Your vitrine is fabulous! I want to see the same Craigslist where you shop. Here, it's either furniture dealers trying to unload stuff they couldn't sell in the store or kids trying to unload their junky laminate from the college days.

  11. But what a lovely place to kill time! Love your Louis XVI find!

  12. the internet will always do that! The house is looking good. And I think a display case / vitrine SHOULD be too full!!!!

  13. Your house is so pretty! I love the little star light fixtures... I can so relate to this post too... really funny, i so get it!


  14. You're so funny!!!! I love all your pieces...amazing that craiglist...but you'd never find that stuff in my area!
    I put off everything but walking Pilot which I just did. Now I am trying to stop my procrastination and do a new post!
    Have a great afternoon in your garden!!

    Pamela xo

  15. Love the vitrine and know all about getting stuck on the internet when you have a million and one other things that you are supposed to be is my guilty pleasure :-)

    Leeann x

  16. We all need time off the clock, whoever we are. I don't think your vitrine is too full, unless you get a second one (it will not, alas, fit into that hallway). It' hard to split up collections of objects, sometimes. Yours are so pretty, I would not stash them (or the vitrine) in a hallway. Put it out where people can SEE it, stop, linger and appreciate it. That automatically excludies hallways and any pass-through-quickly space. I LOVE your new header image, but maybe it's a wee bit too stretched out width wise? It appears a bit strained on this laptop screen, it's 14 inches wide. BTW, I love your blog.

  17. Andie, my oh my, you have accomplished so very much! I do think sometimes we need to ponder and let ideas gel a bit! I adore seeing photos of your home! Great new piece!

    2013 Designer and Artists Series

  18. You and your Craigslist finds! Amazing. I have never checked out Pixlr. I'm a PicMonkey girl and seem to be stuck there. I tend to lose track of time (sounds better than wasting) when I'm online too. I can look at the clock and one minute later an hour has gone by! Hope you got your bushes watered. ~Ann

  19. Passando para te desejar uma lindo dia cheio de boas surpresas.
    Fique com deus.

  20. Andie, sometimes we need to work very hard at recognizing when we need to slow down and do absolutely nothing so we can catch our breath and take the pressure off. It is a skill that takes a lot of determination and commitment but I promise you sweetie, it pays off in gold.

  21. LOL! You're too funny! Hope you made it out to the garden!


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