Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Having Fun in the Playroom!

Hello my friends!

It has been a long, long time.  Hasn't it?

Thank you for your well wishes and prayers for my father-in-law.  Though he was not able to have the surgery, he is doing well.  His very adept doctors chose another course of treatment and he is responding very well...better than even anticipated!  
I was moved by your kind words and prayers and shared them with my in-laws.  Thank you, my friends, from the very depths of my heart.

We needed a distraction from the harsh realities of life.
What could be more cheerful than a child's playroom?
This Summer, I turned my attention to Gracie's playroom.  As we all know, toys seem to accumulate, and before you know it, they can take over a room...or a house!  LOL!
This is HER playroom and toys are part of the deal.  We found lots of ways to store them so the room looks nice when she isn't playing, though.

I wanted her to feel as if she were in a real castle when she plays make believe.

It is very princess-y but even handsome husband enjoys spending time in a very masculine Knight of the Realm way, of course.  

I scoured Craigslist for pieces for Gracie's playroom.  The settee will be replaced with a Louis XVI daybed, which is currently being reupholstered.

I chose a neutral color for the daybed.
This one, from 1st Dibs.

Gracie chose these beautiful drapes herself, from Half Price Drapes!  They match perfectly with her antique French puppet theater!
The bright light from the wall of windows in the family room make this a sunny place year-round!

This bomb'e commode was a Craigslist find.  The gentleman we purchased it from used it as a prop in his photography studio.  He gave us photos from magazines that show this piece.  He also told us where to find the best Italian bakery in Chicago!

The chairs will be reupholstered in a unicorn tapestry.  For now, pink works!

I bought the tapestry to hang in another room but it doesn't work with the 18 ft tall ceilings.  It will be perfect for the upholstery.  Don't isn't antique.

I found this stunning French marquetry inlaid secretary on Craigslist!

It is the perfect spot for schoolwork or drawing ponies on her iPad!  

I created the kitten painting for Gracie before she was born.
The marble bust was the first piece I bought for her nursery.  I smile every time I look at it!

It is difficult to show the stunning details of this piece.  The marquetry inlay is like nothing I have ever seen before.

Her television is kept in this armoire and she can use the chess table to draw or play with her My Little Pony figures, when we are not playing chess.  I placed two ottomans under the table to use as footstools with the chairs, for watching television, or as stools to play at the table.
It is hard to photograph the true colors of the wood because this area gets lots of sunlight.  It is quite a bit darker than portrayed.  The French settee is gilt.

The playroom is in the loft area.  I can hear her from anywhere in the house, which is comforting.  Her dollhouse, a gift from Santa, sits on a bureau plat, which is difficult to see through the railing. We have the doors for the dollhouse openings and we will be spending more time on the dollhouse this Winter.  If you look in the lower right-hand corner, you can see our bulldog, Tallulah, snoring away on her back...feet in the air!  LOL!

I still cannot decide whether to paint the railings grey or white...or off-white...or black.
I do know I will go insane if I have to look at that builder's oak orange for much longer!

I hope you enjoyed these images of Gracie's playroom as much as I enjoyed creating the space!

I'm off to visit you!



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  1. Andie, that is great news about your father-in-law. What a blessing. Perfect place for Gracie's playroom. How does she like it? I can't wait to see it when finished. And, what a talented painter you are. I didn't know.

  2. Love these looks at your house and future projects! I stick by my white pickets and black SHINY railing.....gray seems like not enough contrast. Tons of pics online to judge though. I love my pinterest!

  3. Andie!!! Honey, I've missed you so and thought you had probably stopped blogging but so glad you haven't. That is good news about your father in law and I hope the new way will really help him! Now, Gracie's playroom is certainly made for a princess! What an elegant room for play and your furniture pieces are gorgeous, as always. Hope you're doing well and so nice so see a post from you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. Hi Andie,
    I have missed you so, and worried as time got by that the health of your inlaw Gracie's papa did not fair well.
    I was praying that I would not be writing you a comment of sympathy and I find this post of yours promising, as for now prayers will continue.

    Now as for Gracie's little girl grown up room of play, I love it, and adore her taste in the drapes of theatrics.
    I think she has a place she can create, perhaps even write a puppet show.
    It's amazing that you have given her such beauty to grow with, and best to open her eyes to what living with beauty is all about. I think you have built a beautiful foundation for her, one she will carry into her older years, it will encourage great things from her, it's all a learning experience.

    NOW! You know I make French opera theatres, all in playfulness, as well as Guignol theatres and puppet shows, one small playful one is in my etsy right now, take a look, I would love to share this playfulness with you. It's one that's whimsy opens the child in all our playful spirit.

    As for your wall mounted puppet show, it's amazing, and how I would have loved to have been the finder of that one.
    It's an amazing beauty, and if by chance I ever find one cheap enough I will snag it up, they run in the thousands so at this time until then I will continue to play with mine, as salvage bits of play like reproducing a fantasy stage to perform on when one seeks out to play with one in what I offer, you know this about me though, and your gazebo you gifted me was a part of our play over here, being that my daughter is my play friend :)
    I am also making large crowns fit for a King or queen, much like the one on your chest.
    I never surprises me that you would captivate me with all the European Chicness you post, but this one is a favorite for so many reasons.

    Prays to your Father in law and Gracie's Papa.
    Tell her I think she is the prettiest princess in her kingdom!



  5. I don't think you have any idea how much a post means to so many of your admirers.
    Glad to hear that your father in law is ok. I wish him more time with his family.
    Gracie did a stellar job choosing her drapes! Love vertical stripes! She is so lucky to have a play area on a loft---AND a dollhouse that I can only dream of.
    No pressure to keep posting Andie but you have been missed.

  6. Andie,
    So happy to see a new post. I've been wondering how your Father-in-law was doing. Thank you for the update. Now your sweet Gracie is one lucky girl, what a wonderful playroom for the art of play. I'm speechless over the rare and beautiful puppet theatre hanging on the wall. I love the color choice for Gracie's daybed and velvet is always lush and magical. Loving the fun spirited drapes your amazing design conscious little mini me of you picked out! Andie you are the luckiest woman on Craigslist.

  7. I can only try to echo all the kind thoughts and good wishes posted above, Andie. I'm so happy -- and relieved -- to see you back in action, and to learn that your beloved father-in-law is responding well to his treatment.

    Gracie is being raised like a little princess in a beloved fairy tale. How fortunate she is! More and more your house resembles a lovely French Chateau or a Palazzo grande in Venezia.

    That marquetry escritoire is exquisite. The draperies perfectly combine, dignity, elegance, whimsy and good cheer.

    I was shocked, however, when you said that wonderful little settee was to be replaced. I'd reconsider, if I were you. Its graceful lines provide an elegant focal point and give the space a great deal of character.

    As for the railings, I think I'd opt for a dark shade of gray with a hint of blue in it and crisp white spindles. Be sure to choose a paint that can be waxed and polished without wiping off. Black can be elegant in small doses, but it can also seem severe and domineering. You may want to try a large section of he railings several ways before making a final decision, but in any case the spindles, I think, should be white.

    Well, good luck and all good wishes to you and the family. May the election give us good reason to feel encouraged, and help restore faith in a brighter future.


  8. Que bom que seu pai está reagindo positivamente ao tratamento. Estamos orando pela saúde dele.
    Que riqueza sua decoração, é um castelo, sua filha deve ser sentir uma rainha nesta linda sala. Tudo belíssimo.
    Bjos tenha uma ótima semana.

  9. Hello sweet friend! I've been thinking and wondering about you lately and hey!...what a surprise to find you around 'my house,' you made me smile, big! I'm sorry I missed about your Fil, I will pray immediately so he can always respond to treatments.
    Gracie's room is very elegant, just like the rest of your home. Love the kitty painting you did, the draperies she chose and I can see she has mama's fab and elegant sense of style and fab taste! You are an artist all around my friend.
    I'm so happy, happy to see you back; don't go away as you are an inspiration, I love elegant and your unique style and DD's loft is gorgeous with her doll house is perfect. Don't stay away for long, again!.
    Happy Halloween to Gracie and Tallulah!

  10. Andie, I was overjoyed to see a post from you pop up on my sidebar. I've missed you! Glad that your FIL is doing well. I know how stressful it is. I've been MIA myself with the loss of a very close friend. It's tough to feel creative when loved ones are struggling for their life. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
    Gracie's playroom is filled with sophisticated delights. How special to play among French marquetry pieces and Louis XVI furniture. She'll forever have an appreciation for the beautiful things in life! Love her choice of drapes!
    Take care, dear friend………Sarah

  11. Dear Andie I am always so thrilled to see a post of yours come up on my site! Those panels are perfect! Keep us posted with all of these wonderful details! of Gracie's playroom!!

    The Arts by Karena

  12. Talk about a grand playroom. Her momma has expensive taste!!! It is looking great! Love the doll house... The drapes are a great find! Love seeing your projects....

  13. How I would have loved a playroom like this as a little girl. My boys, however, would think it dreadful! Their playroom is all about a giant TV, mountains of sports equipment, dart board, stickers on the get the picture. I just close the door and pretend it doesn't exist! xx Sharon PS Lovely to hear from you.

  14. yay! you are back! I want to live in Gracie's playroom. Every piece of furniture is just amazing. So happy to hear your father in law is doing well. I missed you, my friend.

  15. Just amazing! I always love when you stop by. Your treasures are always favorites of mine.


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