Thursday, October 30, 2014

Raven-Drawn Carriage

A few years ago, I shared  with you a poem that I wrote for my daughter in honor of Halloween.
That post can be found here. 
I also shared the raven-drawn carriage that I created in conjunction with the poem.

Today, Gracie told me that it gives her peace to see the carriage, to know that Halloween is bigger and more meaningful than zombies and severed heads.

It worked!
It worked...worked, worked...yeah, that's right!  It worked!

I don't know about you guys, but when when one of my schemes goes as planned I tend to get pretty full of myself.
That is, until I burn dinner or forget to make dinner altogether because I am immersed in yet another scheme.
Plus, I can't sing.  So I should stop.  The cats are getting restless.

I thought I would share the poem with my new followers today.  Maybe you have children at home or perhaps it is you who needs to be reminded of the reason behind this holiday!

We placed the carriage in the Music Room this year.

We found a stunning Louis XVI secretary on Craigslist.  The desk is the perfect spot for dreams to take flight!
Note the fauteuil (pronunciation) on the right...I painted the fabric with Annie Sloan Old White.

I cannot believe this secretary didn't fly off of Craigslist!  Would you hate me if I told you I paid $500?
I feel like I stole it! Am I the only one who does this?  I have this nagging feeling like I did something wrong!  LOL!

The secretary desk also covers the opening in the wall!  Rather than pay to have walls installed in the openings, I placed tapestries, a pier mirror and this secretary over the openings.  That way, when we move, the house's open concept remains untouched.
...and it still cost way less than new drywall. How do you like that?!

The Louis XVI secretary is huge!  It is five feet wide and eight feet tall!

I love the wood, but...I just may paint it...

The night is upon us, so we had better get to it!

On Blackbird's Wings

Mommy, I’m frightened of Halloween
The spooks haunt my days
And enter my dreams!

My darling child
There is nothing to fear!
No need to be frightened
At this time of year

It is not quite as scary
As you believe
You see, love is the reason
For All Hallow’s Eve

To honor the memory
Of those who have passed
To make certain the bonds
They have forged still hold fast

I place my child
To sleep in her bed
A glowing light above her head

Her dreams turn to thoughts
Of Halloween
Of bumps in the night
And things unseen

Then, a loving hand guides her
To a magical scene!
Of pumpkins and carriages
Blackbirds on wing!

The carriage awaits...
The child arrives
Once she’s in safely
It takes to the skies!

Silken black feathers
In unison fly
To carry the child through a black, starry sky

Each star, the light of a loved one, since passed
So grateful to finally meet you at last!
The glow of the starlight sparks in your heart
Warm with wisdom of which you’re now a part

Upon the horizon
The light of the dawn
A new day awaiting
It’s time to move on

Wake in the morning
Sun on your face
Pluck your costume from its place

Pull the ensemble over your head
When something wafts and alights on your bed

And pulls you back to
The edge of a dream
The silken feather
Of a blackbird’s wing...




  1. Andie this poem is so beautiful. Have I told you how very talented you are!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Andie,
    Love your poem, the carriage and your Craigslist find of the secretary.

  3. I am up very late Andie, getting ready for an eventful day.
    I love your carriage, it's a wonderful pumpkin of spookiness, I remember you doing this last year, I would never tire of all the creative Halloween you create here.
    The poem is wonderful, and that new find, wow! Only $500.00 I am soooooo ! Jealous in a good way.
    Why can we not here find the Craigslist pieces like you do. I am going to keep my eyes a little more pealed for a great find :)

    See you soon.
    Happy Halloween


  4. You find the best things....LOVE that secretary -HUGE! I can't wait for this 'open concept' nonsense to end.

  5. oh you talented one! Love it! The carriage is just adorable! Can we talk about the secretary. Holy Moly. So many possibilities! I ran out of room in my house to bring more furniture in so I am going to set up an etsy account to start selling them...just so I could have fun with paint. And yes we could totally be long lost sisters! That means someone kidnaps you all the way from Burma!!! How dare they! : )

  6. The carriage and the poem are both awesome. I can see why your daughter loves it.

    BTW love that secretary and yes, paint it!! Have fun!

  7. Andi, Andi, Andi, will wonders never cease? (I hope not). All beautiful and yes, I can believe you found that secretary as you always find the good stuff.

  8. You're brilliant! Love the way you've utilized the room without damaging it. As to the did get a good buy but no, you didn't steal it. They got what they wanted, $, and you got what you wanted...good deal all around, I say. The pumpkin is wonderful...totally cute.

  9. HI Andie,
    I am determined to create a beautiful pumpkin carriage like yours for next halloween, I have seen others on pinterest and am always stunned. I love that you used ravens to pull it...once again, so creative.
    You always melt my heart with each and every post.
    (In an effort not to appear to be promoting my own blog, I have wanted to send you a private email but can't figure out how to on your blog. Please see my post titled 'Design Challenges'----when I look at your amazing secretary I think of what I did for a book case of my own. I could see you doing the same thing I did but with perhaps a color that enhances warm color of the wood of your piece).

  10. Andie, you are an extraordinary human being -- and a true artist. You've managed to make your entire life a work of art -- a rare achievement. God bless you, and keep you and your family growing together in affection, understanding and joy.

    PS: I think I too would paint the secretary. It has good lines, but the wood, itself, looks too "modern" with that uniform taffy tan furniture factory color. I know you'll do something brilliant with it eventually.

  11. A Beautiful Reminder and Poem... Hurray that your Plan worked and the Blackbird Carriage is simply Enchanting! And you my Friend, as always, are the Craig's List Queen! *winks* Autumn Blessings from the Arizona Desert... where we've been Celebrating Dia de los Muertos this Weekend and paying Homage to our Dearly Departed... Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. Hi neighbor! Thanks for coming over to say hi! I love the pumpkin carriage! So cute! As for the secretary, you got a great deal!

  13. I just love this idea and your poem is perfect!


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