Friday, September 9, 2011

Four Hours Later...

I had some time on my hands this afternoon, courtesy of a very rainy day!  I decided to paint the Craigslist buffet that has been sitting in the dining room since Spring.  This time I chose Annie Sloan Old White followed by Dark Wax...
Craigslist Buffet Before


More Inspiration, 18th Century Painted French Buffet.

Closeup of Original Patina on Painted 18th Century French Buffet.

Craigslist Buffet After

Craigslist Buffet After Closeup
Look Ma!  No tassels!

Reminder of what it looked like before...

  It looks so small in these photos but it is six feet long.  Not sure if I like it yet...The dining room will be painted in a few days.  Maybe I will like it then?  Maybe the ginormous tassels make it look small?  It does look better than it did before, though.  It was covered in crayon marks and mystery splotches!  It only took four hours to paint two coats, rub and buff the Clear Wax, then apply the Dark Wax.  You have to be quick when removing the Dark Wax!  I haven't quite mastered that yet!

Happy Weekend Friends!


  1. Hi Andie, did you remove the original finish from the buffet before paining? In the photos it looks shiny as if it was covered in lacquer? The transformation looks great.

  2. Dearest Andie,

    I HAVE BEEN PAINTING like a mad-woman! And this is the color I prefer to transform even a throw-away piece of furniture into a French-inspired antique. FABULOUS RESULTS dearest. I have a French armoire that I am wanting to sell. We have two new fabulous rooms added to our home, but I want to keep an OPEN FEEL and I want to sell this piece. I think of YOU all the time when I look at it and I wish I could send it to you! It is large, and it would look amazing painted in this chalk paint. Are you interested?

    AND THANK YOU for visiting my post. I just felt I had to share that poignant thought from that high school history class!


  3. Wow! you have become the master of painted furniture. I love how you age the furniture! I know you could do this for people and make a lot of money. Good job.

  4. Andie - yet another wonderful job! I think you are right - no tassels. No need to gild the lily. And the wall paint will help you like it more - its too great a contrast between the stark white and the antiqued piece. Can't wait to see the wall paint, and then you'll really be able to see what we see - a gorgeous buffet.

    Did you mail order the paint, or did you find some place in the Chicago area to get it? I'm not able to find it -
    Cris at cris dot shepard at sbcglobal dot net

  5. Another wonderful job. It looks amazing. You have got it down. Enjoy the rain. Richard and Sissy from My Old Historic House.

  6. Great job, it's looks great. Your are right about the tassles. We would see how it looks without them. Hope you have a beautiful weekend!
    Angela and Renee

  7. I love it. You did a fantastic job on it. Looks very much like the inspiration photos.

  8. Looks great!
    Happy sunday wishes from Norway :)

  9. This looks great! Love how different it looks now!

  10. Gorgeous!

    Anita - Tell me about that Armoire! Been looking for one.

    karunaLd at g mail

  11. Craig's List Queen strikes again! *winks* Great makeover... it certainly added value to the piece if you decide you will part with it.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. It looks great Andie. I also say no to the tassels. Love your meat domes! And thanks for the heads up on my little saintly boy. Vanna

  13. Great job Andie, I must admitt the dark wax scares me a little although I have used it a couple of times. I think I need to just get in there and get on with it. Thanks for visiting my blog and following. I have joined you in your adventures too.

  14. Mix the dark and clear together!!! Works like a charm every time. Check out my post about it here :
    Good luck =)


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