Friday, May 13, 2016

Painted Enfilade and Christmas in May!

Hello friends!

Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers.  It was a long time between posts, for certain! 

 I missed you! 

We are getting back on our feet, here, slowly but surely.  Seeing my old Blogging friends helped so much.  It really did.  

Handsome Husband and I are training for a half marathon together.  That should keep us occupied, both physically and mentally!

Our family was blessed to be a part of another dog transport today!  Two little angels made the journey from Southern, IL to Northern, IL.  One has been adopted and the other will have a forever home soon!

This is something our family loves to do together.  We had not been able to do as many with so much uncertainty surrounding the health of our loved ones and then my illness.

Spring and Summer bring a steady flow of rescues from the South!  We are ready for them!  

I thought I would share some photos of the French enfilade we purchased from Craigslist last year, from the set of the television show, Empire.   I finally did paint it with Amy Howard One Step Paints.  I found them at Ace Hardware, of all places!
I really do love her paint.  It glides on and dries very quickly!

If you recall, this is the original enfilade.  

Painted inspiration found on Pinterest. 
I agonized over the colors.  Then I agonized over the type of finish. Then I second guessed the colors...then the finish...then I realized it's just paint.  I can always paint over it!

...and I moved on...

To give you an idea, the angels are 5 feet tall and the tapestry is 8 feet tall. 

French enfilade painted with Amy Howard, One Step Paints, Atelier on the body and Luxe on the trim.  A little goes a very long way!  
The cabinet is 7 feet long.  It took less than an hour to paint!  
I intentionally painted it on in thin layers and wiped it back to mimic a French antique.
The tapestry is also from Craigslist.  I hung it using a ten foot ladder and barely was able to hang it high enough, standing on the top of the ladder on my tippy toes!

View from library.  I love the lighter tone.  It brings depth to the front entry! The entry is long and narrow, so this is perfect! 

The enfilade embellished for Christmas with a hand made orange and kiwi willow eucalyptus garland.   
I used copper mesh, the kind you use to stuff cracks with to keep mice out,  for the oranges (styrofoam).

I know it's May but I did not work this hard to keep it to myself!


Sienna velvet ribbon, willow eucalyptus and faux styrofoam, miniature oranges. 

I put oranges essential oil in a bowl under the cabinet to mimic the scent of fresh oranges.  
Last year, I used real oranges and they didn't last as long as I had hoped.  Styrofoam was a little pricey but they should last forever. 

Here is more of the orange garland on the balcony railing.

We also did orange garlands in the dining room!  


Willow eucalyptus key tassels

I will share a tutorial on the orange garlands when we approach the holidays, which, by the way, will be here before you know it!

The grey ostrich feather key tassel adds a touch of whimsy for every day.
I just love this cabinet!  It is big enough to store all the front entry Christmas decorations too!

If you have any questions about Amy Howard paints, feel free to ask in the comments!




  1. Addie, I'm so happy to hear that you are feeling well enough to tackle such a project. I've missed you, but mostly I've been concerned for you. Take care and enjoy your new found vitality. '-)
    The enfilade's new coat is lovely. '-)

  2. I love the "oranges" –– a bright, gay –– and elegant -- touch that brings much warmth and vitality to the scene.

    1. I miss your blog, my friend. I don't know if you are receiving my emails? Hoping you are well...

    2. Hi Andie! I'm so happy that you are feeling better and have been able to do some dog transports and home decorating! I know that these are some of your passions and that you must have missed them. Your entryway looks fabulous! I love how this piece turned out! You have so much talent and a real eye for beauty! I hope that this is the beginning of happier times for you and your family! Hugs, Leena

  3. Hi, glad to see you are doing better! Hoping that coming days will bring you some relief from such a hard year. Recently I tried to copy the finish you have on the library mantel -- Graphite with a Duck Egg wash. It failed miserably. Do you have a tutorial for that somewhere? Thanks! kelly

  4. Wow I love the cabinet. I have a trash picked find of a desk that I bought Annie Sloan paint but have yet to do it. I am amazingly lazy. Hopefully it will turn out as lovely as yours.


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