Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bouncing Ideas Off the Bed!

This is the bed I chose with your help.  It was delivered today!  Yay! Very simple lines.  I removed the stainless steel rings around the top of the posts. I was merely going to paint it grey and move on.  However, 
my friend, Richard, over at My Historic House,  made an excellent point.  This is the guest room.  It should be special!
Why yes, that Louis XVI cheval mirror was found on Craigslist for $25!

I really like the way the finials look on this settee...

One for each bedpost?  Toned down, of course.

The shape of the headboard and footboard reminds me of the trumeau mirrors I love so much...
This color? Or...
this color?

Say "when"!  LOL!

I have cherubs, angels and other ormolu to use on the bed...


The hook screws in the back, very simple to remove!

Maybe just Rub N' Buff?
Gilded for the footboard!

I think I may paint cherubs on the headboard in the Old Master's style...

Ponder, ponder, ponder...

Care to bounce with me?


  1. Ok, first you’re too funny Andie, go for the over the top bed look! And I think you should send me those intertwined leaves in the last image, those won’t go with your bed at all, they would look much better hanging over an antique textile…;) That bed frame actually looks very nice, great buy! I personally like the first gray mirror picture, I don’t really care for the green undertone in the second mirror. You’re so creative and I know whatever you do to your new found treasure will be amazing and I can’t wait to see what you do!

  2. Andie any time I hear "should I paint cherubs?" My answer is YES PLEASE!! A dreamy cherub scene would be divine!
    Ummm and what Debra said.....only it would work MUCH better at MY house! Lol!
    How about a fabulous bed corona instead of the other stuff? Like the one I featured in my blog post here
    It would be very special for a guest to sleep beneath something like this *hint hint*
    And no I didn't receive an email from you. Please try again at Vanna

  3. "On a cold and gray Chicago morn a poor lil baby chile is born... in the Ghetto..." sorry, I couldn't resist after reading your comment to my Post *LMAO*... and now we're talking about gilding and over the top oppulence... go figure, what a switch! *LOL*
    I'd gild everything, but then, my taste *or lack thereof, smiles* has always been overly extravagant and heavily embellished just like me... LOVING those Mirrors... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Oh you're too funny, my sides are hurting... I get my Style of the Hood from my Dad whose Family lived on the Rez... and my Bohemian Mom... though they knew the Good Stuff, we had extremely eclectic tastes that bordered on Kitsch... okay, maybe didn't border on... okay it was full blown Kitsch *smiles*... I actually inherited a porcelain Chimpanzee *Bylvac England*, LOVE him... this just made me think about photographing him for a future Post actually... *smiles* We actually still live in the Hood... our neighborhood is a Hispanic Barrio that built up around this old Homestead we purchased. I like older neighborhoods, folks are more neighborly than the snobburbs... ummm I mean the suburbs. *winks* Plus I can buy bags of Oranges right out of the back of someone's truck at the end of my block... *LOL* Hey, does it get any better than that?? *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Just found your blog and I think it's really interesting. I adore the settee in the photo-I have a similar one upholstered in a weathered red stripe. Looks like you've gathered some great inspiration.I'm looking forward to following you and seeing what you come up with. Have a wonderful evening.


  6. Andie...I'm with *winks* on this one just send them all to me..ha ha!! That bed is going to be awesome girl..and I have the shelf that matches that blue/green mirror just posted it..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  7. I like the grey mixed with gilt and the ormolu. Also the painting of cherubs idea. I actually like all your ideas! I think you can go really OTT with a guest room. In fact your guests are never going to want to leave! You might want to rethink!

  8. Divine,,, Seeing this post I thought you and your readers might enjoy this link if you had not seen it yet,,,,

    Trapped in time: Chateau left in the dark for a century on the wishes of obsessive owner finally reveals its splendour to the world

    Read more:

  9. I would go for muted colours and not too much gold. Love the French lilly finial and the crown.

  10. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    gorgeous things you have there for finishing details!!! i would go for an old gold look!!! i love the colour on the mirror where you also have the chandelier!!!!!!!!!!!! you have an exquiset taste! so i bet you'll come up with something gorgeous!!!!!!!
    happy day Andie.

    ♥ ♥

  11. Love the bed choice... but cherubs? BAH!


  12. Ms. Divine, I should have known you had something in mind. I can rest asured this bed will be worth very special guest. Be sure and keep us in formed of the progress. Thanks for stopping by. H and K's, Richard and Sissy Dog

  13. Oh my gosh you are too funny...I can't wait to see what you do with this bed! Have a great weekend ~Ann


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