Saturday, February 26, 2011

Please Cast Your Vote!

I am having some difficulty deciding which of these Craigslist beds I should purchase for my guest room.  Since most, if not all, of you have similar tastes I am asking for you to cast your vote for your favorite bed, please!?
The photo quality is somewhat poor (like all my posts LOL!)
May I have a drumroll please?

                                                                       ONE... $225




I think number four is my favorite but I am torn!  I would paint the bed grey, (of course) to give it a more Gustavian look.
What do YOU think, friends?


  1. I would pick number four only becuase I luv antiques. Grey woul be nice also. Good luck on your choice.....Julian

  2. I love the bun feet on bed # 4 and also the price! Just can't take the cheap out of an old thrifter like me!! I think it would be beautiful painted grey too!

    bee blessed

  3. I think No 1 and 4 have the best proportions. The posts on no 2 are a bit high, almost like they are waiting for a canopy and I'm not mad about the barley twist on no 3 (it's a personal thing) I think both 1 and 4 would look fantastic painted grey. I like the curves of No 1, but No 4 is more dramatic! Hard choice! I'm actually forcing myself to be critical - they are all amazing and all a great price so you can't really go wrong. x

  4. I prefer 2 but I'm not a fan of foot boards

  5. i'm going with door No. 4 Andie! (I'll also take center square (aka "Social Network") to block! - Jg.

  6. I like #2, but it does have a bit more of a country look to it.


  7. I like number 3 with the turns. I think the texture would look really nice.

  8. I would go with #4. I love the painted ideal and did the same thing to a headborad I got from Pier 1 for my guest room. Have you seen it? Turned out great. Do you want to use one of your rooms for a "Something to Talk About" Post?

  9. Oh, I think I need to move to YOUR town, because our Craigslist NEVER has anything wonderful like this!!!!
    Oh MY!
    What great selections.
    I love #2.#3 and #4.
    Four will be GORgeous painted in grey.
    Love that idea. I say, go for it!
    Keep us posted. Can't wait to see the after photo.

  10. Number 4 is my favorite! I think it would be beautiful painted grey. The price is also amazing.

  11. Three is nice but you need high ceilings for a four-poster bed and it can be a bit formal. Four would be my choice too since I like cleaner lines and this one won’t date itself. I keep seeing all these wonderful things from Craigslist and still haven’t gone on there, I need to check it out! Enjoy your Sunday Andie!

  12. I vote for number four as well. I prefer simpler lines in big furniture.

    P.S. I will say "hi" from Gracie to Strawberry Shortcake next time I drive by the big strawberry :-). Thanks for visiting.

  13. Definitely #4 Andrea. I went through all of them and absolutely know, I would choose #4 for our home.

    I just read your comment at the Back Porch. Hyacinth Bucket created an illusion of what she thought was a "refined life". She was the only one who believed the illusion, though. The name was indeed Bucket, but she insisted everyone pronounce it Boo-kay. She was always being frustrated in her attempts at creating and maintaining the illusion. The show was an absolute hoot. It is still showing somewhere, I am sure. I first saw it on our local PBS station.

  14. Ms. Divine, To tell you the truth, I am not in love with any of the beds. I know, I know, But yiu asked. I lie number 4 if you painted it and had the head board and footboard panels covered in fabric and make the bed spread match.And a taylored bed skirt to go with it and pillow shams to match the bed skirt. In a compainion fabric. Like stripes or plaids. The fabric choice would have to make it, because with out it, the bed is safe, but not exciting. Don't you want your guest to be excited??? It would still looked dated but be a bit more special. Not knowing your taste, I would like the 2nd one the best of all if it was painted black and get some gold gilt metal vines some where and runn down the post, or have some painted.Would give it a real French Empire look. in the right room,but hard to make that decision. If I was you, I would contiue to SHOP Around. I loves ya, Richard and Sissy

  15. Hi, I saw your name over at The Backporch....I had to come over and check out what the pizza man saw LOL, I have been following Pat for quite nice to meet you.

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  16. Again, I am with the others. Number 4 is the best. The price is great and you can even add upholstery to it with nail head trim and totally transform it.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  17. nÂș4!!!!!!!!!!!! for sure!
    and ...
    painted!!!!! yes please!!!
    grey would be lovely!
    can´t wait to see it!!!!!!!!
    happy new week!

  18. I like number two the best:).



  19. 4 for sure....Are you talking like a grey wash? that would be cool. What color is the room?

  20. Definitly #4! I like the 'weight" of it. It will be fantastic painted.

  21. Those are all great beds, but I agree with you, #4 is the best! Let us know if you buy it, please!? It will look great in grey! I saw you over at Room Service - Decorating 101.
    Hugs, Cindy

  22. #4

    Then you mention painting it. Ha, perfect.

    Garden & Be Well, XO TAra

  23. Yes, number four is my hands down fav' as well. Good Luck!

  24. They're all very pretty, but I love #2!

    Camila F.


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