Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Leash On Life Friday! Meet Nicholas!

We all know a house is just not a home without the patter of little paws!  Today's angel was chosen at random at from thousands and thousands of pets who need us!  They are dying for you to make up your mind and your heart!

Meet Nicholas..."Nicholas is a unique male classic tabby. His fur color and markings resemble that of wild feline ancestors. He is a shy boy, but very loving once you befriend him. He was brought in as a stray in March of 2007 and was born in September 2005. He is up to date on shots and neutered."  He can be found in Middleburg, Florida at the Safe Animal Shelter.
Nicholas 8780
Safe Animal Shelter
Middleburg, FL

Please take a moment to visit the petfinder site.  There are pets in every corner of this country waiting for YOU!  If you cannot take in a pet please consider a donation (or more) that will help these pets live a little longer as they wait for the right person to come along!  FORWARD this post to your family and friends.  These animals need us. They NEED us! 
Please let me know I am not alone.
One thing, can you do just one thing to help?


With Love and Hope,



  1. Dear Andie,
    that is a beauty! i know who would love him!!!! :) my daughter, of course! she's just begging to have one like... every single day!!! as soon as we sell the house i'll have a couple!
    loved your last post!
    hope you have already received the hearts!
    have a happy friday! here the sun is already warm and we can already have a cup of coffee in the garden!!!

  2. Thank you, Rosa, for taking the time to look. Thank you for your lovely comments! If there were more people like YOU these animals would already have a home.
    Too few people can be bothered. It's not important to them.

  3. Cannot imagine life without my rescued pets.

    It's clear you know, they rescue us.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  4. Nicholas is gorgeous! Stray & lost animals always seem to find their way to our house- Cats, dogs, possums, to name a few. There must be a sign out front that I don't know about! Fortunately, we've been able to find their homes, raise & release & we've even kept a few. Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comment!

  5. What a wonderful post, I can tell you have a big and giving heart and soul. Thanks for the beautiful comment you left for me today at My Old Historic House. L and H's. Richard

  6. This is so nice of you to reach out and help these little guys.

    This is how our Mr. Bojangles found his way home. He was on his 11th hour to be euthanized. When a rescue group my friend works with asked if we would foster. Well we failed at our first fostering he made our home his. He brings so much laugher and fills our hearts. Our other 2 pups were rescues too before they went to runner the bigger and greener pastures above. xo

  7. Dylan dog and I wish we could have a kitty because he loves them! But after suffering for nearly twenty years with bad allergies to two cats Mom needs a bit of a break so she can breath. You are such a good person Andie and I hope Nicholas finds a home quickly thanks to you!

  8. What a beautiful thing you do giving these sweet babies a voice!

    Thanks for the follow and in turn I follow you now. :)

  9. Nicholas is a beautiful fur baby, I pray he finds a great Home. Had so smile at your comment about cats and baths... we actually had a cat that loved water so much she was always trying to get into the bath WITH you! She was our Mermaid Cat... always getting wet on purpose, which was very uncatlike.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. Andie, what a beautiful post and heart and a half you have for all that you do and give.

    Thank you for visiting me and my art :)
    Please visit often as I will be visiting you.


  11. Thanks for taking the time out to remind people that there are many four legged friends looking for a home. When we move I am considering adopting a dog ( a smaller playmate for my very big but lovable golden retriever)
    It is a beautiful thing to adopt a pet, if you are able and I wish you a beautiful weekend as well.

  12. What a special thing you are doing here...I'm so happy these 'loves' have an extra voice out there for them, bless yor heart!
    We're in a difficult house situation right now as far as pets go but the minute we're settled, I want to rescue up a storm!
    Have a lovely weekend...
    xo J~

  13. He's such a good looking kitty, I hope he finds a home soon. I love my rescued pets!

  14. Andie, Several weeks ago I checked out Petfinder after seeing your post. I sent it to my son and they plan on getting a dog from there and I asked them to pass on the info. to their friends. Once we have moved we will also be adopting a pet through Petfinder. Thank you so much for making me aware of these beautiful animals that need a home.


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