Friday, February 18, 2011

New leash On Life Friday! Meet Louise!

The random zipcode I entered into the search engine took me to Bonham, Texas. This little Beagle/Terrier mix is Louise!  She is currently sheltered at:
AOHTs (All Our Hearts Together) Rainbow Bridge
 I am 2-3 years of age. I am current on all vaccinations, wormed, deflead, and on heartworm preventative since I was 8 weeks. My mother weighs only 25 lbs. so I will not be big fur friend. My owner was going to shoot me, my mother and my sisters and brothers when this nice lady said she would take all of us and contacted a rescue organization. I am a Beagle/Terrier mix.
Please remember, friends, that even if you cannot help directly you can forward this to people you may know who CAN help.  It doesn't take much time and can save a life!
We NEED your help!  We cannot save them without it!

With Love and Hope,



  1. OMG what a cutie!!! I know three people who might be able to take her so forwarding this onto them. I love dogs but our Dylan likes being an only child!

  2. I'm in love but live way too far away! What a precious face. Been snooping around since I've been here. See you are a Craig' s List junkie. Your area definitely has better junk than mine does! Have a good weekend.

  3. This is a cute picture, if I were nearer I'd be seriously tempted. Thanks for your offer on the bed - I always knew you were a kind and generous soul!!

  4. I did a post a while back on my daughter's dog, "Millie". We found her on petfinders and she has been a perfect little angel. She is a rare breed and we could not believe she was in a recuse... there are great dogs all the time in need of homes. Great post!

  5. Louise would be a nice addition to my family (Louise was my Step-Moms' name BTW)

  6. I have copied this and sent it around to friends. They will also send it around.
    Such a beautiful, sweet dog. Hopefully a
    home will be found quickly. Thanks.


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