Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Flummoxed...A Little Help?

The reason I started this blog was to learn, and boy oh boy I have gleaned so much from my fellow bloggers!
Once again, I call upon your vast knowledge of all things aesthetic!
Does anyone know what the style of these stools are?  Victorian?  English?  French?  They seem to be made of a metal other than iron.  Aluminum or steel, I think.  The total height is 42", height of seat is 25", seat depth and width is 14".   They are very diminutive, with narrow seating area.
*Edit*  I have done a smidge of research and these look to be in the Renaissance Revival Pattern...they are quite old so I don't understand the alternate metal.
*Second Edit*I did some further research and found new cast aluminum stools here:  Adam-Classic-Bar-Stool_p_2465.html  The elderly couple I purchased them from claimed they brought them from England in the 1940's.   I discovered that cast aluminum has been used since its advent in 1825!  At the time it was more valuable than gold!  Napoleon III was said to have reserved a set of aluminum dinner plates for his most honored guests!

Please forgive the mess!  This is the formal living room, currently being used as a staging area until we get our new home painted and finished.


  1. sorry can't help!! but they look rococo style inspired!!!! i would say early 19th century!
    went to the post office dear Andie!!! i posted the package on the 9th but it only left portugal on the 15th so it should be arriving! Sorry didn't know it would take so long!!!!!!!!
    what are you planning for those chairs?!
    sleep well Andie

  2. They look victorian style to me. They sure are cuties! Will they go outside Andie? That's what I think they were originally designed for. Vanna

  3. Hi Andrea, I'd put them with Victorian, too, but I'm no expert :).

  4. Hey Andie these look to be cast iron to me..and very Victorian..Love them..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  5. Ms. Divine, I love your bar stools, very unusual to have legs that tall, I guess designed fo an outside bar or eating area. If they are real heavy they are cast iron, if they are lighter they are cast alum. I would think they are not Victorian, as in all my years I have never seen chairs of that type with legs like that. I would guess from the 1960's and made to look like. That pattern is very common and is known as the cameo pattern. They were original made in cast iron and lots of them where remade and re designed in simual fashion in the 1960's. That pattern is still available from a company in Alabama. They syre are fun. Thanks for sharing, Richard and Sissy

  6. love those....what will you do with them?

  7. Sorry I can't help you in regard to historical styling, but I will tell you I think they are fabulous stools. How gorgeous would these pieces be indoors or outdoors, at a kitchen island or bar?! Thanks for sharing and look forward to see what you do with the pieces.


    P.S. What do you mean about "forgiving the mess?" I see no mess at all... come see my home for the definition of "mess." :)

  8. Loving the Jeopardy background Music to this question! *LOL* Sorry, Alex... um, I mean Andie... I don't have the answer to this one. But they sure are purdy!!! *winks*

    Thanks for the sweet comment about my Lil Bro, he is one of the kindest and most genuine Souls I've ever known and he's kept this Artsy Rebel of a Big Sis balanced in so many ways over the years! *winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. I think they could be Victorian Revival chairs from about the mid 1800's, but the length of the legs suggests something more modern? They are lovely though and that's really what counts!

  10. Yep I would have to go with the majority rule here definitely Victorian late 19th century/early 20th century. I think they’re more then likely the early part of the 20th century due to the height of the seats, people were short before the 20th century making those legs way to tall for most to seat on. I am surprised they aren’t iron but then again that style would have been used outside and iron would have rusted. They are really pretty as well as unusual, love your home of what I can see in the background. Have a fabulous day Andie!

  11. I don't know the answer myself, but in blog world, someone always comes to the rescue. The resources are unlimited, so much knowledge out there!!

  12. I'm no expert but I'll take a guess, I would say the 1950's. Whatever year they are, they are beautiful! Will you be changing the color?
    They would look so nice in a cottage garden.

  13. Haven't a clue, but I see them from time to time and have always thought they were nice. I have a friend who recently had a set powder coated and they look great.


  14. I don't know about them except to say I've seen this pattern before, but can't remember where.
    Richard is an expert in these matters. Did you see his home on one of my posts? Oh my! I've met him and toured his antiques shop and home. He knows his stuff!:-)

    Thanks so much for visiting the Back Porch. I am clicking to Follow you.

  15. I am going to go against popular opinion here and though there seems to be some Victorain elements, not having the oval back makes me think they are more French than victorian...when French provinicial was introduced they started doing a lot in wrought iron, wires and other natural materials....but I could be wrong. Its just a guess....nevertheless they are quite pretty!


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