Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Leash On Life Friday! Meet Sonia!

I randomly chose numbers and put them into Petfinder's zipcode search engine.  Turns out zip code 30517 is in Georgia, where there are 13,375 pages of animals waiting for homes, at 26 pets per page.  At least LOOK!  Please!

Sonia is a charming 4 year old pure breed Shih Tzu. She was turned into the shelter by the breeder. Sonia has never had a family of her own. She was just there to have puppies. Now Sonia is looking for a real home. Unlike other breeding dogs, Sonia is really well socialized dog. She loves people; she is not shy or scared. She maybe little bit insecure right now, but it is understandable considering such a dramatic change in her life. She gets along great with other dogs and, which is really important, with cats. And Sonia has one more really important feature. She is a Shih Tzu that means she doesnt shed. This makes her perfect for the person who wants a dog, but has allergy conditions.
If you are interested in Sonia, you can meet her at adoptions which will be on Saturdays and Sundays. 
Saturday - 11:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. PetSmart, Flowery Branch 5873 Spout Springs Road Flowery Branch, GA 30542 Sunday - January 12:00a.m. - ...
Sonia comes from the largest puppy mill bust in Georgia, Jackson County has saved over 300 adults and puppies from going back to the horrific conditions. We took care of 90+ dogs from the bust. The vet bills were very high. You can donate at Paypal at
Remember, Sonia is on pet of literally thousands that need your help.  I have contact with volunteers that will bring your new family member across the country, if necessary, to a new life with your loving family.  Don't hesitate!  The time is now!

With Love and Hope,


  1. That is so funny. 30517 is right up the street from me. Can't get another pet right now though. I found Bailey through too even though she did come from a breeder. It was actually very much like a puppy mill though. This lady had all the dogs out back in a shed with kennels on top of each other. She had at least six different breeds. I feel like I saved Bailey even though I did have to pay for her. I'm not even sure she is a yorkie. We think she is a silkie. Even the vet agrees. I think her papers are phony. Anyway we love her to death. All 14 lbs of her.

  2. she's gorgeous and my baby girl would love her so much!!
    you're really generous and to be honest haven't found too many people as generous in blogland. to be honest most people just go through without saying a word or thinking twice about things! i've learned that people in blogland don't usually want to read or talk about serious things. Isn't that sad?! why can't one take pleasure and help something somehow somewhere at the same time.
    anyway it's great when you can adopt an animal or a child. we adopted an one eye blind cat and it was such fun having him as family!
    happy sunday!

  3. Kim, please use your very influential voice to help them. They need us! Maybe a link on your beautiful blog?
    Rosa, I know. It makes me so sad. The reason so many animals are suffering and dying miserably (needlessly) is because this topic makes people uncomfortable and the turn a blind eye, ensuring the cycle NEVER ends.
    Imagine if we all did ONE thing to help? ONE?!


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