Thursday, February 17, 2011

In a Spot Over Leopard Chair...

I purchased a pair of fauteuils "foe-TURs" on Craigslist this week.  Though I love the shape and maybe even the leopard velvet I am not a fan of the natural wood color.
*Edit*I went ahead and painted it grey.  As Toad remarked, "it's only paint"!  I think I like it, though!  A few more washes of different tones of grey and nailhead trim and I think I am done!

I was thinking gold leaf, antique white or dove grey?  I may reupholster but not immediately.
These chairs are GINORMOUS!  The seat itself is over two feet long, as is the back!  I was actually surprised when I went to pick them up.  I have Louis XVI chairs in the eating area, next to the family room, where these chairs are, and I was afraid there would be too many oval backed Louies in the same space.  The eating area chairs are so diminuitive in comparison to these that I don't think it will end up looking like a Louis chair showroom after all!  I think they will comfortably seat four medium sized cats or one puggle (that's only because the cats are not Napoeon's biggest fans...yet!)  Can I digress, or what?
Once again, I humbly turn to the many talented Bloggers on High and ask your advice...

* I wanted to post examples of  the images I have in mind.  Apparently the idea exists only in my busy little head, as I cannot find a single solitary image to share!
I think I am leaning toward a weathered grey finish with the simple addition of nailhead trim.  This image from Christie's Auctions is similar to what I imagined...


  1. digressing is the best part of blogging ... join the club! re: said fauteuils, i leave you in safe hands of our other, more design attuned (than me) blogger brethren for advice on placement. either way, i'm sure you'll do fine on your own, DT.

  2. I love the look of this
    A gray-ish lime finish. Vanna

  3. I love the idea of gray wash with nailhead trim, and and a heavy linen. Great find!

  4. As a decorator friend told us, it's just paint. Try it you'll like it. If not, try again. I love the leopard print

  5. I love the chair! What a great find! Those chairs would look good painted or gold leafed!

  6. Hello!
    if you like, I can send you some images from my "chair" file... just forward your e-mail address to me...xo Colette ~ Afrique du Sud

  7. Some days going through blog land is much more interesting than reading a magazine. So, did you get to meet Richard? Hope you have a great Friday, Theresa

  8. I like the image you have for your chairs. Have fun! xo

  9. Ok I just jumped up and measured two of my Fauteuils to see how they measured up your chairs are GINORMOUS! Ewww, wish I had been the one to win that Christie’s auction I could have used all those benches. I think painting the chairs gray would be perfect I love your idea and can’t wait to see. Tell the little ones Mama’s busy and get to work.

  10. Grey wash is just perfect together with old look linen!
    to be honest i also like the gold leaf when it has an antique look and you can do it with aging paint; together with i rich dark red velvet would be a very french boudoir kind of style! perfect for an entrance room with w soft light or a romantic chic bedroom corner!
    anyway the shape of it is just gorgeous!
    good work!
    can't wait to see the final images!

  11. So sad you are not coming to Missouri, maybe sson. Richard at


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