Monday, February 21, 2011

By George!

In honor of  the anniversary of George Washington's Birthday on February 22, 1732...

"I can truly say I had rather be at Mount Vernon with a friend or two about me, than to be attended at the Seat of Government by the Officers of State and the Representatives of every Power in Europe".
George Washington, letter to David Stuart, June 15, 1790

Mount Vernon Exterior

Washington's Study

Dining Room

Dining Room Detail

Detail of the kitchen.  Look at those dishes!

Mount Vernon Greenhouse

His imposing figure as president embodied ideals of honesty, virtue, and patriotism.

Thank you for giving us this wonderful Republic, sir!  Thank you for your dedication to freedom and liberty.   We will honor your legacy for all the days of our lives.


  1. the greenhouse and garden...LOVE it! xo Colette ~ Afrique du Sud

  2. Hi Most Divine One! What a wonderful President's Day post! I've gotten the privilege to visit Mt. Vernon quite a few times and love it each time.
    I think I spy some Blue Willow dishes.
    I love the story about the legend of pattern on the Blue Willow and thank you for sharing it.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. My husband and I visited Mount Vernon several years ago and it's truly an amazing place to see. The grounds are absolutely beautiful!

    Happy President's Day Andie!


  4. That's one beautiful house by George.....BY George *winks* Vanna

  5. Lovely President's Day Post Andie! In answer to your question, yes, kitty was sick in that pix... it was the day he came to us as a feral kitten and I doubt he would have lasted much longer in the wild so we took him in. He is now the big, fat, healthy sassy one named Rusty that you see in more recent pixs... so he made a complete recovery with lots of TLC... as they usually do. I just loved that photo because my Grandson is the one that caught him and begged Gramma to take yet another forsaken pet in... that was their double team doe-eyed assault on me that had me 'cave' completely and I'm so glad I captured it through the eyes of the lens even though poor Rusty was such a hot little mess at the time. *LOL* But hey, haven't we all been a hot little mess at some Season of our lives? *winks* Well, maybe just me... he he he.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. I have visited Mt. Vernon a number of times. Beautiful home and grounds. I agree with you, that blue willow is absolutely divine.
    Happy President's Day to you too.

  7. Nice start to the week. Lovely greenhouse. I like the dining room as well.

    I left an answer to your shopping mall question under your questions in my post. Have a great week.

  8. A lovely post, I had never seen the inside of Mount Vernon. Thanks for sharing!

  9. i salute your musical musings on this fine day. george washington and abe lincoln are amazing presidents. thank you for this post, you patriot, you.

  10. We got to visit Mt Vernon about 4 years ago and I loved it!! Especially Martha's gardens. It was raining off and on but I spend lots of time meandering through and seeing all the different plants that were growing.

  11. Thank you for the visit! I've never been and quite enjoyed the peek inside. I'd rather be at home with my husband than anywhere in the world too :)


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