Monday, February 14, 2011

Adventure! Intrigue! Craigslist!...?

Gracie, Napoleon and I are soon to be off on another Craigslist adventure!  We are headed four hours south to St. Louis, Missouri!

The gentleman who is selling this cradle promises to tell me the story behind it when I get there!  I can't wait!

Like I need another twin bed...!

Bonus!  Actually, the BEST part is that we get to meet Richard and his beagle girl, Sissy on our way back home!  Richard is the author of the blog entitled My Old Historic House.  He promised to take us on a tour of his lovely home and museum, the Elgin Cottrell House in Clarksville, Mo!  If you haven't met him yet, you should!  
Plus, I think Napoleon has a crush on Sissy!

I met a lovely couple this evening who came to my home to purchase a set of Napoleonic stools I had listed on Craigslist!  Kindred spirits!  They are just as excited about my finds as I am!  LOL!
Isn't it nice to meet like minded individuals?  My handsome husband doesn't exactly get hot under the collar about interior design, so it's nice to spend time with others who share my passion!


  1. Oh Andie you get to meet Richard?!! How exciting!! I bet he has more good stories about his antiques than there are grains of sand on the beach! *winks* That man has some amazing antiques! Take lots of pictures ok? And please give Sissy girl some pets from me. Vanna

  2. antiquing in st. louis ... awesomeness. have a grand time. this cradle and twin look as if they belong to royalty. so perfect for your family!

  3. wow! how exciting! i love i good story and objects are much more interesting when you get to now the story behind!
    can't wait to see the photos you'll be taking!!!
    meanwhile, have a safe trip!

  4. The cradle is fabulous! I am on my way to check out Richard's blog.

  5. Wow the cradle is amazing...look forward to hearing the story behind it, never tire of hearing a good story behind a beautiful piece of furniture!
    New to your blog..its great! Am new to blogging, started my own about a month and a half ago....about the building of our new home and my love for design/decor...hope you will stop by. Also doing my first ever giveaway, a gorgeous french chair!

  6. You find the most amazing things on Craigslist. I still cannot get over the balloon chandelier.

  7. I'm obsessed with the cradle...that's a must!!

  8. Ms. Divine, I want that cradle for my house, let me know if you don't get it. Thanks for you kind mention of me and Sissy Dog in this post. Am looking forward to meeting and seeing you on Sat. Thanks gain, Richard at

  9. I see we both did a post on Richard today...How fun girl to be able to meet him and see his home you must do a post about girl..Love that cradle it makes mine looks sick now maybe I should go burn mine ha ha!! I'm your newest follower..come by and see what I just got today from our Richard...doing my Happy Dance still over it...Hugs and smiles Gloria

  10. Wow, I´ve never seen a cradle like that before! Be sure to post the story behind it!

  11. Sounds like my kind of trip ! You note on my blog about pet hair texture, cracked me up. LOL for sure !

  12. This sounds like it is going to be a wonderful adventure and the cradle looks fantastic!


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