Sunday, November 18, 2012

Before, After, After-After and a Surprise!

When I finished the daybed last week I painted the unicorn crest that I found on Craigslist (for $25)  and I told you I was going to finish it that night...blogging tends to keep me motivated to finish tasks I have begun.  I know I'm being watched!  LOL!

Here is the unicorn crest two days later.  Yes.  It hadn't changed.

Here's why.

Meet Tallulah!  I recieved an urgent email from the rescue who adopted our beloved Wilberforce to us.   They had a one year old English Bulldog who was adopted but it was not working out.  She didn't have a home.  Further, she would have to be transported back to St. Louis and placed in a kennel or a foster until they could find an adopter.   Four hours away.  She had already been through so much. Tallulah (formerly Dolly) had come from a breeder.   At her tender age, she had already had a litter.  Her caesarean section had become infected and herniated.  She stayed in that condition for months!  The breeder brought her in to the rescue, where funds were quickly raised for her surgery.  That was September.  She has been recuperating.  The couple that adopted her really do love her but he just had some serious back surgery, which precluded him from being able to lift the stubborn determined little angel.
I have another Christmas stocking to make!
I will post photos of her at home.  The photo, above, is from the rescue.
She and Grace are quite taken with each other but my handsome husband is really her favorite human!

Last night, I took the opportunity to sand the crest.  The first photo is the Craigslist photo, second is my inspiration photo and the third is what it looks like now.  The last photo was taken at night.

Here is a photo taken in the daytime.  Since I have it in the window, the details are washed out. I have, since then, added and subtracted paint.  For the life of me, I could not figure out how to get the look of the inspiration crest.  The paint is obviously flaked and not abraded.  I think that applying tape over the paint while it is slightly damp, then pulling up would do the trick.  I actually lose sleep over this stuff!

Another incarnation, previous to the white.  Pretty, but not what I wanted.

Painting is a form of therapy for me.  Now you understand why I paint everything I see!
I try not to think too much about the economic state of our country (and the world) or about all the furry faces that need homes, or suffering, in general, while I paint.  Annie Sloan is cheaper than a psychiatrist.



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  1. What cute new family member. Painting is therapy for me, too. Been at it today.

  2. WOW you reign as the queen of CRAIG LISTS FINDS!!!! And Tallulah is well loved now, in your care my dear.

    Thank you for visiting me. I have to say that your comment is well taken, for I DO UNDERSTAND that there are many people out there on the streets and in prisons who have no one. HOWEVER, you volunteer at these places, I take it? Then there is at LEAST ONE PERSON (you) who cares. Even the slightest gesture of love and recognition can be demonstrated and rejoiced over. Rejoicing shouldn't be reserved just for the abundance of affection and comforts, but for the simplest things. Even "...a cup of cold water given to the "least" of these..." said Jesus is a gesture done towards Him. I could not get everything expressed in my short post today; I simply didn't have the time to get it all down, but I do understand.

    LOVE YOUR DAY BED!!! Anita

  3. You make me feel normal, so thanks for that! And for shaking your fairy dust (that is what I will now refer to you as..or, no...wait...angel dust!) over this planet of ours:) Seeing beauty in creating and in creation is what I find so commanding and what you do and support so well...especially Craigs list! Sorry had to throw that in, I wouldn't want to get all of us middle aged hormonal women all weepy thinking about angels, and dogs and handsome husbands!

  4. Your daybed is gorgeous, your crest is amazing, but TALLULAH! Tallulah is THE girl!! What a darling. She lucked out when she met you. She's in for a really good life, full of love. Good for her and good for you! (And I adore her name, so cute!)

  5. I'm so glad she found a home with you! Ugh...I can't even go to PetSmart on Saturdays when they have pet adoptions. I get so upset seeing all the dogs that need homes and many aren't puppies.

    The crest is fabulous! I never find anything good on craigslist here so I don't even try. I love how it looks - it's really amazing! LOVE the gorgeous fabric on the daybed.

  6. Lovely to meet Tallullah, she looks so adorable and couldn't have found a better home.

  7. Gosh how do you find all those special things! I love this piece. I know what you mean about painting therapy. Love it!

  8. Tallulah is adorable. She will be loved in your home. What a lucky lady!
    I'm amazed at what you find on Craiglists. Good luck with this project. You'll get there!

  9. love your crest andie!

    and your adorable new baby is one lucky pooch. she hit the lottery to come into your loving home

  10. I also completely lose myself in creative pursuits. I can spend hours on an oil painting or pottering in the garden and I feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated. Tallulah is a doll! x Sharon

  11. Have you tried Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint? It's claim to fame is the flaking it's supposed to do. I haven't used it, I'm chalk paint girl myself and like a little distressing, but not flaking really. Check out her blog if you haven't already.
    p.s. We have 3 rat terriers and my husband would have a little rat terrier farm if he could!

  12. Andie Tallulah is so cute! Congratulations on your new family member! I'm like you when I sew nothing else intrudes when I'm lost in my studio. It's a nice escape and something we all need from time to time. I love your crest and I was going to say try tape but sounds like you've figured it out. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

    Enjoy your week and Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Amazing, you found this on Craig's list! I love the finish Andie. Discovered you by chance today via Anita and I'm hopping aboard.

  14. The unicorn crest is beautiful, and I am very glad that Tallulah's story has a happy ending with her coming to live with you--huzzah! Have a happy Thanksgiving.

  15. Yes, Dante's for you if you touch the piano! I see that it has some loss which is acceptable in a piece that old. There is no doubt that you are very talented as shown in your work on the trumeau. So yummy! I say let the piano be. You are right to leave the lion's nose alone. Everything in the house should not be painted. You never want to lose the beauty of your unique collection. Embrace the imperfections and paint what is beyond repair. That is my vote!


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