Thursday, November 15, 2012

Library Details...

This is how the Library looked a few weeks ago.  I am ashamed.   

Paint, paint and more paint!

I found some hand blocked Medici toile fabric in my closet.  I'm just trying it out here, on the daybed. I wasn't loving the shower curtain I had there!  It would have come in handy if someone left the window open in inclement weather,  though.

Clock painted with Annie Sloan French Linen, followed by Clear and Dark Wax with slight distressing. Mantel painted with Annie Sloan Graphite, Clear Wax, Dark Wax and Annie Sloan Duck Egg Wash. Table painted with one coat Annie Sloan Old White, one coat Pure White, Clear and Dark Wax. Column tables under cherubs are painted solely with Graphite.  I may finish them to resemble zinc.  More on that as it develops. If so, I will do a tutorial...

I need to raise the mantel.  Why, you ask?  Because I had to raise the tapestry to cover a vent  and it looks like it's wearing high waters!  Easy enough fix.  I just have to do it.  Get in line, little task!  Get in line!

Column tables as they appeared on my local Craigslist.

Column table after a few coats of Annie Sloan Graphite. One of a pair flanking the Library entrance.
Please note my favorite chair in the UNIVERSE in the background!

The morning sun is very bright in this window.  It faces the boxwood parterre, which is growing so well!  It also faces the new stamped slate concrete patio.  Things are coming along!  I will show you those photos soon!
I painted the crest again.  See it behind the daybed?

This is what it looked like yesterday...

It will look like this in a few hours.  The other colors were too bold, I think.

I appreciate all the advice and feedback regarding the Library table.  The color change made a huge difference in the way the room feels!  This is now my favorite room in the house!  We still have to lay the oriental rug.  However, I am picking up a new china cabinet/bookcase this weekend, to replace the cheap shelves the books currently wait upon. Then the rug. Then the chandelier!

Empire style elk chandelier from ebay...

Here is the Craigslist photo of the cabinet.  One piece.  If I live through the challenge of getting it into the house I will post photos. If not, I will be buried in it!

Recap...Behold the power of paint! I just have to say I love these Before and After collage thingies!
The first photo was taken on my cell phone but it certainly smacks of artifice, eh?  Like those Before and After weight loss shots where the person is in poor lighting and sticking their tummy out?  It was unintentional, I assure you!  Nonetheless, it does make a pretty impressive statement.  No?  LOL! 



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  1. Gorgeous cozy room. You find the best things on Craig's list. That cabinet is awesome. Hope you can get it in.

  2. Great make over Andie, I wanted to suggest two things, but did not, first one was, please find a higher book case, and the other was to hang the tapestry above the did both!!
    So here goes this time: suggestion: add chrystals to the wall sconces, and if they are electrical,
    Black shades will look nice...? Also, just suggestion: perhaps some Roman writing in old black and gold on top
    Bar of new book case...and huge tassles to the keys...
    Just playing house house with you... Love what you did, love the globe finish as well!
    Colette x

  3. Ha ha. I love Craigslist pictures and have had SO many adventures getting from their house to mine and then IN my house. Worth it in the end but sometimes the journey is quite challenging. Great space and good luck!

  4. well it would make a monumental grave :-) I am so happy you replaced the shower curtain with the toile -much prettier. Can't wait to see how the crest turns out!

  5. OMG! You kill me! It looks fabulous, looking forward to the updates! It's a good thing you have a day bed in there, at any moment you might need a rest;)

  6. Well, you are one awesome lady! This is an amazing transformation. The vision you have for Craiglist finds is incredible. Love the new bookcase. I don't doubt for a second that you will accomplish this task. ;-)
    Can't wait to see more, Andie...........Sarah

  7. What a beautiful room, so many pretty things!! LOVE LOVE that bench in front of your window!!

  8. My, you've been a busy lady. You have so many beautiful pieces. How could the finished room be anything but divine.

  9. Lovely makeover. Impressive gallery style pretty!

  10. "...high waters..." LOL!

    Do you give tours? Can I book one, please? Do your neighbors peek in your windows like Mrs. Kravitz on "Bewitched?"

  11. Because of your obsession with Craig's list, I have now developed a new compulsive behavior.
    I am doing my neices living room, and I am findind the BEST STUFF on craig's list!!!!

  12. Really great. If I had a library like this, nothing would get done around the house, because I would just sit there and read.

  13. could you tell me where you found the chandelier and how much it cost


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