Friday, November 16, 2012

The Archangel

When I have trouble sleeping, I read.  Sometimes I read books, other times blogs and occasionally, I read Craigslist.
I have just about everything I need to decorate the house but it is interesting to see what's out there.
That's how I came upon Armoire Number Eight.  The Archangel.

Three hundred dollars later, it came to live on Yorkshire Street!

This armoire is extremely large, at 8 feet tall, five feet wide and 2 feet deep!  

The carved detail on the front and side panels is extraordinary!

St. Michael and the Serpent?  Not certain.  However, St. Michael is not only the patron saint of police officers, Michael is my husband's name!  We have a collection of Saint Michael paintings.  We just had to have this!  When I say 'we" I mean "I".  I know you understand.

Eight armoires is my limit.  Wait.  Do china cabinets count?  




  1. Is there a Patron Saint of Craigslist?

    This would not be on our Craigslist...nope. If it was, add more digits to the price.

  2. Boy, did you ever get a deal! What a beauty...

  3. are you going to paint it? Where will it live?

  4. Hi Andi,

    Thanks for stopping by my little blog and for being a follower. I can't believe you got that armoire for $300!!!! and I can't wait to sit back with my glass of wine to browse your blog. $300!! really amazing. Are you going to paint it??

  5. You find the best furniture. That is gorgeous. I have never seen anything like it.

  6. Well of course this piece had to come live on Yorkshire Street! It's fabulous. I love all the detail on this one. Wonder what its history is? Do you have any details about it?

  7. Well... more than two constitutes a Collection. So are you certain that 8 will be enough? *Winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. What a gorgeous piece!! Can't wait to see where you place it!

  9. Hum, yeah, no, my craigslist does not have such things! It's all cheap Ikea or melamine junk! Wow, what a gorgeous armoire! Is it an antique? Wow. I said that already. Wow.

    (Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment about the Aubusson server. Yes, great minds indeed, lol!)

    Have a great week-end, my dear!


  10. Too afraid to count my tables & lamps.

    We each seem to have an unknown fetish till all-of-a-sudden .......

    XO T

  11. This armoire is gorgeous, Andie--love the carved detailing, and it must have been meant to be with the "Michael" connection ! Hope you have a lovely Saturday.

  12. Hmmmm... I would have guessed St George and the dragon....

  13. ...if only for him being horseback. Michael usually isn't on horseback when he slays the snake.

  14. Wow what a gorgeous find!! 8 armoires! I bet that is a new record! As long as you have the room for them I think it is great!

    bee blessed

  15. This beauty was clearly meant to land up in your home. There used to be a TV sitcom called "8 is enough" - maybe before your time. But I'm pretty sure we will be hearing a 9th one. Some people collect teapots - just saying! x Sharon

  16. Andie, I have something for your collection .
    Have a lovely Sunday.


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