Thursday, November 8, 2012

You did What?!

...and I am not sorry either!

I painted a very expensive table.  Three thousand dollars expensive.  Well, I didn't pay that much for it. It was $3,000 in the Horchow/Nieman Marcus Catalog.   I never loved it.  You know why?  It was covered in a resin that was painted to simulate wood.  It cracked off a lot.  It had this ginormous iron thing in the center of the base and pressed metal that made it look least to me.
The only reason I bought the table is because it looked a lot like another one I wanted and could not afford.  I figured I could paint it.

Then I found the table I really wanted.

 It is now in the Dining Room.

Then I had two tables.

I decided to use the first one in our Library...

There is just so much going on with this table!  It would be lovely in the right setting.  Just not this setting!  The top and sides are pressed metal.  Brass, I think. Multi- hued.The carvings are gilded. Then there is the 20 pound decorative thing at the base.  It was also very dark. It gave the room a gloomy feeling.  I took this photo with my cell phone last year.  I apologize for the poor quality.

Pressed metal on table surface...

I moved things around in the Library.  I removed the salvaged church podium and donated it to a fledgling church.  Then we brought in the daybed for under the window...

I am painting the daybed soon!  You can see a sneak peek of the painted table...

My newly painted Craigslist "Mora" clock stands opposite the window.

This wall is also a work in progress.  I painted the mantel in Annie Sloan Graphite with Duck Egg Blue details.  I am at a loss as to what color to paint the mirror.  It is far too gold.  I think I am going to trade these sconces for a crystal pair.  Help me decide!  Please?

This is my library inspiration.  I cannot find the source.  I have had this photo in my internet archives for a long time!

I removed the ginormous, ornate metal piece to make more room for books on the bottom.
I painted the entire table in Annie Sloan Old White but it looked too yellow.  I painted one coat of Annie Sloan Pure White, followed by her Clear Wax.
See the Oriental rug waiting to be placed? It has jewel tones...reds, blues, cream...

I then burnished the entire piece with aluminum foil for a subtle grey patina.
I like it a lot better than the original but something is not quite right.  I like how the aluminum foil makes the pressed metal look like carved wood.  I think it needs to go grey with white drybrushing.  I'm not sure.

This is where YOU come in!

The first photo is really blurry.  Ironically, that is what the table started to look like to me after a while...just a big, dark blur!  LOL!

Help me decide, will you?

I didn't start this blog because I knew what I was doing.  




Thank you, friends, for your gracious advice.  I spent some time, last night, coating the table with Annie Sloan Dark Wax.  I figured if I didn't like it I could always paint it grey. I also found a wool tapestry that I forgot I had.  I think it would look great above the mantel.  I have included photos.
This is really beginning to come together!

I think I like this!  I will live with it for a week or two, then decide.

A side by side comparison, before and after Dark Wax.

How did I forget that I had this wool tapestry?  I purchased it this summer from a lovely woman on Craigslist.  I think it is perfect for over the mantel.  I don't have a drapery rod that fits, yet.

The Dark Wax went on pretty heavy.  It was unintentional but I do like the overall look!

Getting closer to my inspiration...thanks to my Blog friends!
I was browsing through one of my all time favorite decorating books, last night, for inspiration, "The New Eighteenth Century Style" I came across the very same photo shown above. I had 
not looked through the pages for a great while.  Now I can give credit to Annie Camille, of La Beauce, Normandy!

I think I can put the rug down..that bare floor absolutely glows in the dark!

Now I will paint the daybed...and I think the shelves need to be grey...


  1. I love this library. Great daybed. I think the large size of the table in white is just too white for a library. French Linen is a gorgeous color. I would try that and then clear wax all over and then dark wax on the details and take it most of it back off.

  2. Your inspiration photo, and your library, seem one and the same! You always floor me, Andie.

    The new library table is beyond gorgeous..agree it's too white. My first thought was to make it ochre, or deep red or green with brown wax. To match the rug?

    What color will the daybed be? And I would never leave the library if this was in my home!

  3. Andie, I'm not one who has any experience with Annie Sloan paints, but Kim's suggestion of the French Linen sounds gorgeous to me. Both of these tables have wonderful lines. You will work your magic, of that I'm certain. Love the idea of your library. Can't wait to see more of this room.........Sarah

  4. Gold painted table looks like something out of "Married to the Mob"

  5. First of all: Thank you for putting the day bed in the library. It will really come in handy, when I sneak in at night through the window to read books and just gawk at this lovely room. Secondly, I think a bit of grey on the table would look good. I love white, but I think the table looks a bit stark now and not "old" enough.

  6. you could place a few or more crystals on your sconces instead of changing them your home : J

  7. That's what I love about you Andie, to boldly go where I for one would be afraid to, your library is fabulous! I could move right in and be very comfortable. Instead of trading in your sconces why don't you simply add soome crystals? String around the lower part of the cherubs. Your table really did need some lightening up and you of course did an amazing job!

    To answer your question Kitty moved into a friends home since I'm allegic to cats and can't have them inside.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. This is what I would try next.....
    Dark wax.
    Dip the brush in light wax, then just add a little dark wax to the brush, then gently apply in a circular motion working the wax in.
    This should take away the "freshness"of the paint and give you the aged white look you're going for.
    Hope this helps.
    I'm enjoying your journey!

  9. I am now your newest follower, so keep your posts as good as this one!

  10. Andie I am so sorry to have not commented lately; I hope you are well. I can see you are very productive.

    The desk is a wonder and I agree that a dark wax lightly in the details or maybe dove grey would get the look you want. The mirror I can see in the tone of the greenish stone piece over your lighter colored bookcase. Then lastly crystal sconces would give an airier feel as well.

    Art by Karena

  11. oh SOOO Much better!!! Is the table too 'white'? Maybe some darker stain or gilding at the details? flakey flakey- you know the stuff.
    Definitely agreed on crystal sconces. And that mirror IS too gold -why not a gray to match a lot of the other pieces you've done?

  12. Andie, your library is beautiful and so very close to your inspiration room! I like the table a little warmer, the white seemed a bit stark for the space. Thank you for stopping by and commenting- it was so nice to see another familiar face since I have been away so long.


  13. You have done a excelent job recreating your inspiration image- which happens to be one of mine too...was ready to tell you where it could be found, then see you discovered it.
    Do you have the follow up of 18th century book- " Lesprit XVIII aujourd' hui- go get it, it is a must have!
    Love to you Colette x

  14. I just left a comment on your victorian mirror transformation post but realized there were actually newer posts after that.
    you are an artist with paint and brush. I love how your table looks now (wow, your waxed it to perfection!) and your clock from the previous post is superb.
    glad to have found your blog. I now now where to go when looking for inspiration.

  15. ANDIE MY DEAR! OH first of all, NAPOLEON IS RIGHT...follow your SENSES!!! AND....I love the idea of you putting in crystal sconces above that super mantle. How about adding some faint gray or robin's egg blue to the gold of the mirror, you know, that Frenchified gray look?

    You have a way with Craig's lists items my dear. Everything looks great and crystal is the ticket here. BRAVO! AND....I have not forgotten about your Etsy request; I have to finish up some things for a show NEXT SATURDAY, but then I will contact you to finalize the process so I can start to draw!


  16. The dark wax really helped. I like it like that. Much better.

  17. Oh the dark wax was just right! It makes it feel more age appropriate, doesn't it? Love your style and musings~much like all of us who stumble along with our latest finds and treasures seeking ways to make them create our imagined interiors. Looking forward to seeing your daybed paint job. I got an antique daybed in the shop now and it is painted with pastoral scenes and floral nosegays~its quite stunning. I love daybeds!

  18. Hi Andie! Love your projects. Dark wax is the business - on just about everything. And once you´ve started, it´s hard to stop.
    Regarding the lovely f**k you link on my blog, thought you might find this one amusing too...didn´t post it on my blog because the English/sarcasm mix is a bit more complex if you don´t have English as a first language. It entertained me anyhow:
    Have a great week.
    //Sarah in Sweden

  19. I think we are kindred spirits. I'm a Craig's List junkie - most of my Living Room was furnished from Craig. I love your Library - truly magnificent.

  20. Hi there. Miss Mustard Seed has a mirror that she made over. I think yours would look lovely like it.

  21. I've just discovered your blog and am your newest follower. I know this is an old post (I'm reading all to see your lovely work), but just thought I'd add 2 cents. Love your day bed, but might be a little low. I have a bench like that and I'm adding wood strips for the legs to sit on (like a trestle table has) to raise it up some. Anyhoo...your room is lovely like it is, just thought I'd add a thought!


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