Thursday, November 21, 2013

Musical Chairs!

 Here are the chairs, listed in chronological order, that have spent time in my Dining Room in the last week.

This may look familiar.  These chairs have been in this room since we moved in.  Lovely but they are cheap reproductions from Home Decorators Collection.  Compared to the antiques in the house they looked, well, cheap.
I hand painted them.  They were a dark mahogany when we bought them.

This set came next.  They are also reproductions, and as such, are larger than Louis XVI chairs typically are.  Too big for the table.


These actually came before the last set but I am too lazy to delete the photo and move things around.

Cane chairs + Handsome Husband = rubble

Look at those legs, though.  I really liked those chairs!

I also lied about the whole "chronological order" thing.


Here we go!
I do love the rose brocade but it does not work in the Dining Room.

This is where you come in!

I am posting the details in the Dining Room and I hope you can help me choose a color combination for the taffeta drapes and the toile upholstery.
*grins and bats eyelashes*

Jenny's Cabinet, in Annie Sloan Old White.

View out into the hall...

Buffet in Annie Sloan Old White and Dark Wax.

This is the table in the Dining Room...lots of beautiful detail!

The rug is a rich salmon color with many shades of blue.

Louis toile chair (actually a dollhouse miniature)!
I will paint the brocade chairs Annie Sloan Old White with Dark Wax.

Do I want blue toile or grey?  
Blue drapes or orange?

Help me choose a color combination?! 
I actually received the orange drapes from and they are not that orange.  I wanted orange.  The color is more copper, like an old penny.  That's why I chose the blue toile to go with it.  The blue will make the orange pop.
The Robin's Egg Blue Taffeta drapes are on their way.




p.s. Thank you for the well wishes regarding the recent tornado and horrific aftermath we experienced in the Midwest.  My heart breaks for all those affected.  I have never seen anything like this!
The damage incurred by the tornado and high winds is beyond my ability to comprehend.  Sheer horror.  Just utter mayhem.

On a lighter note, the churches who are taking donations have told me that they have more than they need at this time.

People have been helping from every angle, from donating food, clothing, blankets and boxes to helping people clean up the streets and neighborhoods.  There are good people in the world.  Grace and I have had the pleasure to meet many kind souls on this journey.

Please keep them all in your prayers.


  1. I think I vote for the orange since you say they're more coppery color which would be so pretty. I think the blue might be a bit 'much' or seem not to fit the style? And so then I prefer the gray toile which goes so nicely with the orange. Orange and blue seems like a lot of color while the rest of your house is a nice calming, almost Gustavian, feel to it?

  2. I honestly think either would work. The contrast of the copper would be a nice surprise, but, your house seems to have more of a monotone feel to it. I know, no help. lol

  3. I agree with Stefan, Andie. The orange with gray toile would be beautiful with your furnishings! Your dining table is gorgeous!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. I like the orange/copper with the gray toile, soft yet just enough pop of color. I think the combination would look gorgeous in your beautiful home!


  5. In my own home, I avoid using any shade of orange because the color makes my skin tone look jaundiced.

    If your situation is different and you love that shade of orange, go with that color.

  6. I just got down to Fleridia, and I'm too tired to think.
    But you definitely need more dining chairs.

  7. martha stewart living pear cider for the ancient etruscan pottery... if the carpet is salmon and the drapes are coppery...perfect with pale blue and creamy whites...

  8. It's been a while since I visited (I just read all the way into October) Your dining chair dilemma hits home, because I'm going through a similar situation. Windsor chairs (two types) or maple early American ones (no, not those) or Windsor chairs with wing chairs at the head of the table ... and we rarely eat at this table anymore. Right now there's a cat on it taking a nap on my tote bag. Anyway, it's a lovely problem that you have with all of your choices being lovely ones. Whichever speaks to your heart will be perfect!

  9. Why not toile DRAPERIES in the faded blue, and a muted, burnt-orange-antique cinnabar colored fabric for the chairs? As it shows on my computer, that orange is TOO bright. If it really is a more brownish-copper, it's probably fine, but I don't think you'd like large doses of SAFETY-ORANGE (aka prison jumpsuit color ;-) in your dignified surroundings.

    SUGGESTION: Isn't it about time you opened up a SHOP -- or at least an internet MAIL-ORDER business? You have so MUCH. Is there really room for all of it? Or do you buy "on approval?"

    Having a shop is the best way to make continual upgrades or whimsical changes in your surroundings. Even if it doesn't make a profit, you get a great write-off on your losses.

    I once thought of opening a shop called "Write-Off Antiques," but decided to use "Windfalls," instead. It was great fun.

    1. PS: I really like the legs and stretchers on those caned chairs very much, myself. Could they be refashioned with solid upholstered seats? Might really be worth the effort.

  10. I agree with the architect....copper and grey toile. It is most pleasing to my eyes. :-)


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