Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hey! That's Not What You're Supposed to Be Doing!

It all began with the secretary.
 I think so, anyway.  
I was supposed to be finishing up.
I painted it again.  This time Annie Sloan French Linen. 

I walked into the house after taking the dogs for their daily sashay and I looked at the Library, just to the right of the entrance
That's when it happened!

Something was not right.

The Library table. 
 Too big for the room, I decided.  I pushed and pulled it out into the entryway, took photos and placed an ad on Craigslist.
Then I took the Breakfast Room table and dragged it to the Library.
Then, of course,  I needed a Breakfast Room table.

I applied Dark Wax to two of the drawers of the secretary, as well as the front of the desk part thingy that folds out.  It does look better antiqued, I decided.

Since the secretary now has a Gustavian feel to it, I decided to study Tara Shaw's designs.  Armed with images of her work I headed to Craigslist.

I found the above table less than five miles from my home for TEN DOLLARS!
I bought grey paint at the Home Depot on the way home.  
I'm trying something different.  No Annie Sloan this time!

I am still painting it, hence the tarp.  I bet you thought the tarp was there because we are messy eaters?!
Well, that too.

The chandelier needs to be lowered.
*nods to self*

This is the original Craigslist posting.

The Breakfast Room table didn't really work in the Library so I dragged it back through the house and into the Sunroom.

Then, of course, I rearranged the Sunroom.

I sold the iron Campaign bed that was in there.  Then I dragged a French settee from the Music get the story.
I also removed the lace curtain balloon panels.
They are on Craigslist if you want them!

It's a sunny day here and the room is all windows...yet it's dark.  Go figure!?
The arborvitaes and the fruit trees in the backyard will soon be tall enough to block the neighbors homes.
I cannot find a window treatment I like so I will try to be patient.

Then I dragged the ginormous, heavy library table back into the Library and removed the post from Craigslist.  


I like it here again!  The bed crown fits perfectly!

...rearranged the Library furniture...

I decided I need to paint the bibliotheque grey.

 Instead of the table being centered in the room, it is in the window.  The daybed is under the chandelier.  This forms such a lovely conversation area!
With the table in the center of the room, you could not see the people sitting on either side.

Much better.
For comparison, go here.

I finally chose drapes for the Library!  
Aren't they beautiful?  I just ordered them from Half Price Drapes!
The impetus for this is the crown.  
Well, because it's in the front window of the house and I am worried that it has a leg lamp vibe.  You know which one I am talking about?  From a Christmas Story?
I'd like to be a bit more subtle.
Just a bit.

So, to recap, I have not finished the secretary, nor will I do so today.  I am upholstering the new bench that I bought (on Craigslist) to go with the new table.
Probably not tomorrow, either.
I am painting the bibliotheque.

Am I the only one who flits around my home, rearranging everything like a crack-addled butterfly?



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  1. I told you -it's never done! haha Sounds like you've been doing a lot of heavy lifting.....
    but inquiring minds want to know -when is the painting party for the staircase ;-) You know how to reach me haha.

  2. Hi Andie! You're something else, my little friend! I just can't believe how you do all you do. The secretary is gorgeous and that table. You gave it real life again. I love all of your rearranging and your home is so gorgeous! Maybe you could host a party and we'd all come...well, after you're through flitting all around! :)
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  3. Hi Andie, where have you been?...well, actually I know where, moving around furniture and painting, lol! I love that table, it looks wonderful and for $10, I will find her a home no matter where!!! You have a gorgeous home and it looks regal, I love how elegant, serene and classy it've done an outstanding job.

  4. You are busy! Can't believe the finds you bring home and transform into beautiful additions to your gorgeous abode.

  5. Hard to think of finding treasures like that on Craig's List. Ours is mostly pet crates and moving boxes - tons of moving boxes! I like to quarter turn the furniture for each season and I have to have layers. Love the design choices you made.

  6. I wish you could bring your energy to my house. Your house looks fantastic.

  7. Wow a lot of pretty going on over there!! These pictures look like they are from some old castle in the European countryside. I love how you are constantly perfecting and tweaking...after all that's part of the fun! Love it all......

  8. OK.....
    Here's my two cents again.....
    Get rid of the day bed in the library, put it somewhere else, 'cuz it be purty.....
    Then.....flank the library table with a pair of fauteuils (Frenchy armchairs).
    Then the table makes sense, stack books on it, as if you would sit along side it and read there.
    I always flank library tables with chairs......

  9. Hi Andie,
    Thank you for putting a smile on my face today. You share from your heart and always delight with your incredibly gorgeous and soulful home.
    The secretary and table looks amazing.
    I always search Craigslist in Philly but have never been successful with the hunt. C'est La Vie.

  10. You have a gorgeous home and a wonderful style!

  11. Andie, I am tired just reading about all the moving you did! Your home is gorgeous and you have some amazing pieces.

  12. OMW, Fabulous - all of it! I'm so happy I found your blog! You certainly have a new follower now. I'd love for you to drop by my blog sometime to see what we do! I have a feeling you might like paint.
    Tania from FARRAGOZ

  13. you ware me out just reading what all your doing LOL

    however I can relate to your enthusiasm as I was that way when I bought my first house and second
    You know I love all your craigslist finds


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